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  1. Most time i dont agree with people, but i got to be honest, that is a bloody good one.
  2. Now this would be nice to have on a dedicated box init. Something complete new and different from anything els earlyer made.
  3. the stroopwafel ( cookie waffel made of caramel sirup ) tompoes ( tom's pussy ) roze koeken ( pink cookies )
  4. Its simple, Dutch people are perfect. End of story.
  5. Nice video, i like you being arround with us. Thanks for sharing this with us. Merci grande Cul
  6. What he realy is saying is that he would like the same outfit because that old man also feels a little bit woman inside him.
  7. Sad shit that this happend in your live bro. I am realy sorry for your loss. Remember to at least log on the website once a month or so to remain your tags, dont wanna loose another friend in >XI< Love you, take care and do what you think is best for your self. You will allways have my support and i will allways have your back buddy.
  8. cod ww2 and destiny2 + battlefront 2 for the win. These game's will help me trough this rough winter time.
  9. That is what i mean, Its a "MOD" that make's it possible, i am talking only about the cod game's now. Most cod game's where you can hop like a fool in is in a modded server, not in the regulair one's. if you make a MW2 server without bunnyhopping most people, still dont wanna play it. They just dont like the game, otherwise people shud have played already on another clan or gaming community where bunnyhopping was not allowed if that realy was the issue. The quake game's are made to do so they are so intense fast gameplay that if you would not be able to jump like that the game why have died on the day of release.
  10. And that is most people's problem here in >XI< COD is never ever been a game where you can bunny hop in. It is the MW2 FT MOD here that make's it possible to do so. You can jump in any kind of game, but the bunny hopping thing is a mw2 ft thing here within >XI<. I have no clue why you think every cod game is a bunnyhopping game. The double jumping was only in the cod space edition. Try to jump in real live with a gun in your hand, i am 100% sure that this is possible. If not, it meens you have old knees haha You know what the problem with this shit is, some people take gaming way to serious. A game is a game, to have fun with and to have a laugh with. Some people take gaming way to seriously.
  11. Absolute not, if they make bigger maps you get a battlefield effect. They only thing why you have bigger maps in 2,4 and 5 is because the maps are custom made by players that are in love with the game. All of the original maps are not sized for 30+ players. And yes you shud buy it, but if you dislike mw2 and cod2 you shud not even think about it. It has the old cod2 looks and it runs like mw2 but better and more modern in a Arcade style. And indeed, i still play cod4 sometimes, you know why? because its fun to fuck arround in it, but thats all. it is by far not my favorite game, but its a good blast to shoot dessy and preditor and all the other idiots haha nothing more, nothing less.
  12. Aint it about the game instead about dedicated servers. Why would you care about dedicated servers, cod is a run and gun game its not made for big sniper maps like battlefield. I would cry if they made it dedicated and let 30 people in such small maps. 6v6 is fine, untill now we already have 6man teams each evening and its much fun.
  13. All done with love for him. He was a great, kind, loveable, funny guy. Will miss the crap out of him. Never ever forgotten!!!
  14. lol edit edit edit edit