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  1. Me and @Jeroen v.2 are both comming as far it works out with jeroens work. If you ill be there alone.
  2. hiyaaaaa my hands are good, thanks for asking.
  3. So, i was wondering, does it burn ?
  4. I also found a picture of @Ruggerxi
  5. First picture ever of @Jeroen v.2
  6. Sorry to hear so man, Prayers being send out. Hope he recover soon again. Stay strong.
  7. Fuck you to who ever helped him comming back. it was so peacefull.
  8. Cum at me brooooh!
  9. So funny how i was playing with you @Jeroen v.2 and they started rage on me to. I was named as FatBunny and no one knew who i was in the morning then Mule started raging on me like big times wich made me laugh so fucking hard, me and jeroen will loose our tags said the other one's so we even laughed alot harder. Then i changed my name back to Dukoo in the game and as soon i did that i hear, heeeeey Dukoo my friend, hows your hands doing, and one second before when i was still named fat bunny the same guy raged all over on me and me and jeroen pissed our self laughing.
  10. Pretty impressive also for an >XI< Admin. Great example to others also.
  11. Yeah, i guess you shud indeed!. Just like Iboomboom who said i am comming to kill you all because he did not loose any match before. He just forgot one thing, he did not remember how to open his cod4.exe on his desktop to be on time. Thank god the rest of the world doenst relay on words only, otherwise it would have been a pretty mess.
  12. loosers.
  13. My 4 year old daughter love's that game, ill add her to your musketeer list.
  14. In the Netherlands you call the mafia "Maffia" The Mafia spelling has nothing to do with English as it is a italian word. Also is our maffia spelled in Dutch as it is the "DUTCH Maffia" So, please don't try explain me how to fucking write it. Oh yes and also, Please see this. Now grab your books and go back to school please.