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  1. It was a shame my connection broke up at midnight but i had a really blast seeing some of you people. Definitely coming back for more.
  2. Dukoo

    Just change the boot device in Bios. When start up keep pressing del. One's you see the screen search for the option to change the boot device. Just don't change anything else and you shut be fine. Its not rocket science at all. As long you don't change anything else then the boot device you will be fine man. The best way to learn it is to do it. Fuck the people who are little pussy's and say, no no no don't go there if you don't know what you are doing. How do you think other people have learn how to do it? Exactly, just by doing it. If you are unsure, go to youtube and type in change boot device in bios and there's a ton of video's show you what to do, and what not to do.
  3. Dukoo

    We do have an regiment for >XI< trough battlenet indeed. Its for Warzone, Blackops coldwar, Blackops 4 and MW2
  4. Dukoo

    yeah when i am in you seem like to ragequit all the time.
  5. Dukoo

    Well that's not to hard is it mr trash ?
  6. Dukoo

    Well, I know from when i had admin rights still that there's always a way to get the chat history from a game back. IF... you never have said it Thunder, then i guess its the admin that needs to proof that with a screenshot of the chat history from that day because if you are being pointed out that you did then i guess the admin needs to proof it also just like any other. If other people call someone a hacker, it needs video proof, when an admin says you called someone hacker, then how easy would it be to get the chat's history and show it here and proof you said it. My guess is that, you are innocent until it is showed by the admin that you said it. And if they can't proof it, well then that would be really really stupid to type in this tread anyways. And until that time, you can ALL suck my hairy balls for taking my time needing to write this while i could have shot someone in game. Woomp... there it is!!!
  7. Oh, in that case your smell has been left behind on it then. My bad.
  8. * Ducky and p!nk are Dutch, not U.K. * Killer kitty left the clan to fuck predator>XI< in Germany * Ice queen thing is from the states. * SOB is everyday on teamspeak, if you just give that more attention you would have known. * Jay had personal issue's with his boyfriend / husband i believe * The rambo's are desperate waiting for a new battlefield i think together with Ed the duck to start a new breakfast club. How would you not know this, your our main hacker there, I think that's about it right? Not sure if they want you to visit teamspeak, but like many other clan members, people don't seem to know anymore what that is. Witch is a shame because it gets fucking paid for, but no one really is using it anymore so often. Drop by one's in a while! The i.p number is still on the frontpage even after all these years.
  9. Being worried about these fucking idiots in the cod4 server is the last thing that would come trough my mind tbh. Most of them are in this server since 1866, you can't blame them for being so stupidly bad.
  10. Dukoo

    Your words means the world to me. Proud to have a family like this behind me. Love you guys, thank you so much for everything. ❤
  11. Dukoo

    Thank you all for your kind and warm words. Dad's funeral will be held this Friday the 13th at 11:00 Its's a double feeling this day as, my little sister passed exactly on this same date. Me and my Family would like to thank you all for your support. We will take all your sweet words with us Friday and let it guide us trough this horrible situation and hard times. Thank you one's again, Bless you all Mano, Aka Dukoo
  12. Dukoo

    With pain in my heart i am writing you all to inform you that at my dad has passed away at 02:30. Dad was fighting lung cancer. Today the ambulance picket him up in the early evening to give him better care in a hospice where he would get all the attention and help he needed to give him the best possible last days of his life. Unfortunately his body was so weak and he became so skinny that he did not had the power anymore to fight back against this horrible disease. Rest in piece We will miss you so so much
  13. Dukoo

    It doenst let me swap back to the gun, when the ammo is gone, and you have no bullet left, i cant swap back to another gun. Perhap its a setting i need to set ?
  14. Dukoo

    but......... so far its looking good, its a good start, Kudos to the ones who worked on this!
  15. Dukoo

    Fun, but... 1st, when you finish your ammo, it swaps back to a pistol, when you buy new ammo you cannot swap back to your machine gun. 2nd, game play is a little to slow, walking is slow, this is zombies, not ft server 1 i prefer if its easier to kill the zombies, in change for bigger waves and what about kill streaks, i know its possible to drop nukes on zombies for example, and thunderstorms on skill streaks, not sure if they have it in in this mod, but it would be cool right. You need to get it a little more exciting to play, otherwise i see it die out in no time. Specially for morning players, when you play alone or with 2 man it will get boring soon like this. You need make it somehow exciting for players to play it.
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