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  1. My 4 year old daughter love's that game, ill add her to your musketeer list.
  2. In the Netherlands you call the mafia "Maffia" The Mafia spelling has nothing to do with English as it is a italian word. Also is our maffia spelled in Dutch as it is the "DUTCH Maffia" So, please don't try explain me how to fucking write it. Oh yes and also, Please see this. Now grab your books and go back to school please.
  3. there's nothing wrong with maffia
  4. so now we know who we need to blame for getting back this C4 morron. Welcome back buddy, We missed you.
  5. happy birthday darling, hope you had a good one. cheers xxx
  6. happy birthday bro, hope you have a good one
  7. Everything for the fame baby Yeah, you have been here also for ages, you shud have been 90 by now right? xxx luve ya
  8. i am allmost in my 7th already, next year i need another medal for 8 years lol
  9. Time goes so fast. I remember when i became a member here allmost 7 years ago that i had allmost a instant bann for posting 2 girls one cup ( wich i still don't understand ) so it started back 8 years ago when i left my old mohaa clan ( The hellboys ) a UK/EU clan. We had a scrim every evening, loads of fun but when cod4 came out it all died slowly. I played serveral years in different servers and found >XI< in the server list and joined the mw2 freezetag server how it was back in the days. I started playing with >XI< and never leaved again ( yep sorry ur stuck with me ) I played as a regulair player for allmost one year without tags, and trust me people complaining being kicked for making room for members was back in the days much much much worst as we had a huge group of members playing starting from 07:30 europe time zone till the next morning 04:00 05:00. Epic time's with full servers on and on and on. I remember recruiting back in the days was alot harder as it is now, you needed so much in that time and when the admins did not like you, then entering the clan was no option. After a year playing and making new friends with regulairs and members i got recruited by sob, chile, and cobrabite's who became my buddy forever in >XI< untill he left us to heaven. And believe me when i say that i miss that guy to the moon and back. . I got my application in march wich is now allmost 7 years ago, and i play 8 years now with >XI<. I have lost some good friends here, and i will realy miss them, but i am also proud that our family grows on and that we are able to make new friends and recruit the people who we love to play with and become friends. In the end we are all reponsible about how our clan / community is doing. If you are new to >XI< then you must understand that we are not just idiots, but we are still one big family, and members may never ever forget this!!! Thanks to you all for 8 great years and yet much more years to come.
  10. fuck you asshole, i love justin bieber.
  11. Pffffff no voting doenst work anymore these days i see.
  12. haha nice welcome to xi