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  1. Raven

    \really nice mic perhaps use it ???
  2. Raven

    Congrats Mrs's
  3. I have been asked by a lot of players what I have been doing for the last year.. Well I have started going fishing again which I love! I have attached a couple of pictures of some of the larger Carp I have caught for your info.. There are a number of Yanks that fish for Carp in Houston and the numbers are growing but many consider them "trash" fish. They are huge fun to catch and they were ALL returned to the water
  4. Thx fella.. I have used that one before... Could not remember the name
  5. @Ruggerxi... This is a bit of a pain to do and doesn't (if I remember correctly) provide a standard file format output. Are there other tools that we can use that give a direct AVI or MP4 output that you could recommend please?
  6. Happy Birthday

  7. Raven

    Man get on the server!! you are missed........ But I will get more ammunition
  8. Raven

    LOL ... 2nd times a charm YACCIE Good luck to the pair of you.... You will need it... ROFL
  9. I would FAR prefer Sammie's valuable time development time was spent in preventing "legal" hacks used by some sad fuckers (and we all know who you people are) on the >XI< MW2 server. For example seeing through foliage, reducing max packets so you cannot be hit by a bullet, fixing an FPS for everybody on the server at one level, anti stick commands typed into console during a game play for all to see, disabling binds for anything outer than text insults to one another, reducing the hit box, etc ,etc ,etc.. In summary leveling the playing field for EVERYBODY who plays... IF that cannot be achieved then publish the known "legal" hacks for ALL to use The most interesting one I have see recently was the player who started to lag as soon as I started to shoot at them! Now that must have taken some work! I think these things have cost >XI< many more players than messing with an already EXCELLENT Mod.. Thank you very much for that Sammy.. If it isn't broke why fix it?
  10. Raven

    Fuck the rest of the clan must have been shit... ROFL...
  11. Raven

    Have a great day fella
  12. Raven

    have a great day fella
  13. Raven

    Well done fella... See you soon
  14. Oh no!!!......... LOL joke... Good news
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