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  1. Raven

    Well about time!!! Welcome to >XI<
  2. Raven

    Hi fella, miss you on the servers.. Hope you and your family are outstandingly well
  3. Other issues on this map are 1) You cannot defrost through some of the open windows, that have no glass in them 2) If you are behind some of the boxes and try to throw a nade it bounce's back at you. Obviously it would if you threw it at the box but it shouldn't if you throw it over it (loco) 3) Again some of the windows with no glass in will no allow you to shoot inside the room to freeze folk Just trying to help I like the map a lot but we need a less glitchier version if possible please
  4. Raven

    Thanks to all of you
  5. Raven

    Hey Bamm.... You NEED XI tags girl... Great playing with you... You would be a great addition to the Clan... WELCOME
  6. Raven

    \really nice mic perhaps use it ???
  7. Raven

    Congrats Mrs's
  8. I have been asked by a lot of players what I have been doing for the last year.. Well I have started going fishing again which I love! I have attached a couple of pictures of some of the larger Carp I have caught for your info.. There are a number of Yanks that fish for Carp in Houston and the numbers are growing but many consider them "trash" fish. They are huge fun to catch and they were ALL returned to the water
  9. Thx fella.. I have used that one before... Could not remember the name
  10. @Ruggerxi... This is a bit of a pain to do and doesn't (if I remember correctly) provide a standard file format output. Are there other tools that we can use that give a direct AVI or MP4 output that you could recommend please?
  11. Happy Birthday

  12. Raven

    Man get on the server!! you are missed........ But I will get more ammunition
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