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  1. All I am so very sad, really sad. MacDaddy rest in peace. You made COD2 really enjoyable. Mike
  2. SamIam

    I pray for Macdaddy twice a day. I miss him in our games....................he is such good guy..............why does bad shit always happy to good people...............................not fair.
  3. SamIam

    I just put a GTX 1050 in my old PC. It is 10 years old. I reinstallwd Windows 7 and turned off all updates. Cod2 runs great. SamIam
  4. SamIam

    i did a lot of research about COD2 vs. Windows 7/10 vs. DirectX9/10/11 issues. So I am going to get a new Windows 10 PC. I am going to strip down my current PC and use it as a COD2 gaming PC. That is if I cannot get COD2 to work on a Windows 10 box. I have read a lot of blogs and read a lot of technical docs. I have about a 50% confidence level. So at least I have a backup plan. Micro Center here in St. Louis is having a huge sale on PC parts. So I have a list and I am making a trip soon. Should be back getting killed by all of you soon. Sam
  5. SamIam

    All For those who I play COD2 with my PCis down and cannot read the Windows 7 updates that I downloaded to my PC. COD2 has a DirectX issue. Working on it but I think it is time for a now PC as this one is 10 years old. I heard COD2 works fine in Windows 10. So look for me in a few weeks. Happy Holidays SamIa,m
  6. SamIam

    Went online and found the hacks. The best one is walking through walls. Another favorite seems to be the capability to turn the enemy players red and you can see them through walls so as they walk out from behind the wall you can have your cross hairs on them. But the best has to be God mode or no gravity. I will never use them but at least now I know when to call someone out if I see it. SAMIAM
  7. SamIam

    All, I have been playing COD2 for since it came out. I have played all the others through Black Ops. I hated the others as all it was about was who had the best hack of the day. These servers seem to have the hacks under control at least that is what I believe. I have a 10 year old PC that I play COD2 on, I get killed a lot and I do not care. For me it is all about having fun and laughing with the others online as I know, with my current machine, i will never win when I am up against the newer systems and that is ok with me. I just want to say to all the guys and gals that play COD2 on these servers that you all are great. MacDaddy, BlownbyLa........, Pain, Bart, Grumpy, ROCKETMAN, Rosa, Starfire, BDS1961, Logan and all the others, and as my mind is going and I cannot remember right now. I look forward to getting online when I can to relax and enjoy the game. Thank you SAMIAM
  8. SamIam

    Thanks and that makes sense.
  9. Is there anyway to get more sniper maps that involve very long distance shots. There are some but they really do not test true long distance shooting consider no ballistics is involved, bullet drop, bullet spin, etc.
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