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  2. FIXED I updated drivers and verified game files, all seems ok now. Thanks guys
  3. Hi I have an issue with lots of in game freeze up on windows 10 to the point that I have to reboot my pc just to recover. I do use Norton AV and I am suspect of it being the cause. Also I am wondering if anyone knows where I may need to allow an exception for WAW ?
  4. Thanks Labob, all is downloaded now. My user maps folder is 19 GB holy smokes
  5. Okay Labob I have downloaded the first 3 links and am now ready for the 2nd set. Thank ya Sir
  6. Ok so this game is going back in now. Just curious how to get all the maps back the fastest these days thanks guys
  7. Yes Mine is also on Steam
  8. Cool! Thanks & I play mainly at night so it might work out ok.
  9. Hi, I may be moving to Japan later this year after at least six months of work in the Texas Oil fields. Just wondering if we have any Japan based players in this click? I have an awesome little yum yum over there & may be spending a big part of each year to come in Japan after Im done with work here in the states.
  10. Play on you fucking idiots bahahaha !!!
  11. PissySocks

    Welcome aboard .
  12. I'm sure we'll see him soon again! Hello ALL
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