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  1. I'm sure we'll see him soon again! Hello ALL
  2. Cool , thanks Beers ! You keep it rockin man !!
  3. Hello everyone,I will be on & off but mostly offline as I am spending time with family from out of the country until feb 1st thanks & oh yeah you may see a small 3 year old playing zombies from time to time. Thanks   




    1. MikeB


      Enjoy the family time !!!

  4. Oh F...just delete the thread already.....................Enough. I wasn't trying to get anything like this going. Kill it ASAP. Thanks Everyone ! Fuckin Idiots
  5. https://www.pcsteps.com/1107-create-torrent-files-upload-qbittorrent/
  6. Precisely ! I could not have said it any better. Thanks
  7. I just found my old dvd and ripped it,,it fuckin worked man! Pissy is back just not via steam.although I do have cod2 and cod4 via steam now,lol. Those are cool games too. Thanks fellas.
  8. I cant use my Old Name with a new key though is why I ask.
  9. Hey guys, I need a clean dvd rip of cod waw,,,don't wory about mounting it I can mount it as an iso NP , just need Clean Files all the Shit on torrent Sites are terribly contaminated. Sure hope someone has the ability to hook me UP. Thanks in Advance Sincerely Pissy Lol
  10. Ok so I bout a new guid from steam cuz I lost my damn iso file that I used to use for for PissySocks guid. My only problem is , now I can't use my PissySocks name , unless someone is willing to release it for me on a non steam setup,someone that would never use that key,,,,that key has a fuck ton of memory with it. I dont think I can do that on steam because the original old school key is not a steam key, as I cannot enter it in, to temp change it, and release that profile name to use with steam. So for now I will just use my alias LucianKillZ unless someone wants to help a brother out,,,,thanks!
  11. I did read it of course , and I suppose I'm blind maybe, because I see no mention of it as Modern Weapons , but as a change over to T.D.M. . I suppose that's where I got confused. This is what I see. Anyways thanks.
  12. This i.p. just doesn't work for me as dm, it hits as modern weapons with hlsw I even tried adding 28960 still nothing..............of course Im tired as fuck too right now
  13. PissySocks

    BTW this is the route in windows 10 via regedit. Does that look normal lol ? Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Activision\Call of Duty 4
  14. PissySocks

    The XIDownloader Rocks !