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  1. I don't think it's under program files, look under AppData/Activision. It depends how you have your user account control set up weather it will be under virtual store or not.
  2. Usermaps, mods and player profile.
  3. Reinstall the game; get patches here; Hopefully you have a backup of your profile and maps so you wont have to start over.
  4. Everyone of my PC's I had to reset Windows update and repair the image before the update would install.
  5. Run the Windows update troubleshooter;
  6. Hackers in the Beta;
  7. I wouldn't expect any dedicated server support until after they soak you for the 4 map packs.
  8. All 64 bit machines were clean, had one 32 bit laptop that had the CCleaner malware. Malwarebytes removed threat easily.
  9. Look up your exact motherboard model on Asus support sight and see if Asus AI Suite 3 is available for your motherboard under utilities. If so you can use Asus Fan Expert 2 to control your fans.
  10. I used to get that whenever the server would disconnect.
  11. That is correct, you will not notice a performance difference. The difference is that the Pro version has the better nand flash and should last 2x the data written on the Evo. The Pro has a 10 year warranty where as the Evo is 5 years. I don't think there is any other manufacturer that offers a 10 year warranty other than Plextor.
  12. Samsung 850 pro 512g, no promlems ever. Samsung magician always keeps firmware up to date.
  13. When I was running CoD2 on Windows 10, only way I could get it to launch was in XP compatibility mode. Nothing else, not run as admin, just XP compatibility. I've since switched my CoD2 to my W7 box because sound in W10 blows. If you know which files are missing, I'm sure someone could upload them for you or unpack the cd and grab them from there.
  14. Takes time to load all those awesome maps
  15. "High Definition Audio Device Ready" is your onboard sound disabled in the bios?