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  1. Have you updated your LAN driver? You could try a wireless adapter to rule out a failing LAN card. If you have the Asus AP on your phone you can monitor your connection while gaming to troubleshoot.
  2. I like the kill beers perk, very satisfying
  3. Keep in mind that along with the Windows update, to be totally protected, a motherboard firmware update is also required. Then comes the real slow down. Gigabyte currently offering firmware updates for 6th, 7th and 8th generation platforms and x99, x299 platforms.
  4. From Microsoft; "Microsoft will temporarily pause Windows OS updates to devices with impacted AMD processors at this time."
  5. I've had this problem when Windows 10 updates to a newer version and corrupts my video drivers. A clean out of the drivers and installation of new ones fixes it. As Barron has said I would try a different browser 1st to rule that out.
  6. Response from AMD;
  7. Can't seem to download the mod, server keeps disconnecting (CoD4 Aabsolute) Problem sorted, grabbed the mod from my other machine.
  8. "leadfoot" and beer, oh my!
  9. Netgear Orbi Mesh - excellent speed and coverage, expensive but is the best mesh system available right now. It's one of the only systems that uses a separate channel to communicate between Nodes.
  10. I don't think it's under program files, look under AppData/Activision. It depends how you have your user account control set up weather it will be under virtual store or not.
  11. Usermaps, mods and player profile.
  12. Reinstall the game; get patches here; Hopefully you have a backup of your profile and maps so you wont have to start over.
  13. Everyone of my PC's I had to reset Windows update and repair the image before the update would install.
  14. Run the Windows update troubleshooter;
  15. Hackers in the Beta;