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  1. Version 1803 issues with Intel ssd's; Just received a cumulative update for version 1803 and in the description of the update the Intel ssd's are identified as Intel Pro 6000p Series and Intel 600p series. There are some reporting same issue with other ssd's such as Samsung, Plextor and Corsair.
  2. Here is an update on the fixes coming;
  3. For those who use 7-zip file archiver, a vulnerability was discovered. Update to version 18.05 to fix;
  4. Eight new Spectre Variant Vulnerabilities have been discovered;
  5. Windows 10 version 1803 has released again, now called "Windows 10 April 2018 Update". Updated 4 pc's with windows 10 upgrade advisor and all went smooth. Seems like the easiest update so far.
  6. If the bios update does not help, run Display Driver Uninstaller and reinstall your current driver. DDU will completely uninstall the graphics driver and leave no leftover files and will let you start with a fresh driver. DDU DDU info
  7. It's not always drivers, bad memory can cause this too.
  8. Have you run memtest to check your memory?
  9. Have used this for a long time, great tool
  10. DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller) will uninstall drivers and clean everything. No need to search for leftovers, and it's free.
  11. I would start with a driver reinstall. I've always used this program to reinstall drivers and never had a problem. No need to use add remove programs as this tool will do it all, has solved a lot of problems for lots of people;
  12. I always pick Custom Installation and never install GeFarce Experience
  13. After you straighten the joist,if the floor is questionable and you don't want to get into footer work, you could take advantage of the alcove for support and bolt a piece of steel and gluelamb to the existing joist bearing on the alcove block walls thus not requiring any jack posts.
  14. Agree with jester. If the floor isn't good enough to support the jack posts, cut a section out and poor a footer.
  15. Have something similar for my Henry 22mag, works well