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  1. If you check "perform a clean installation" when installing Nvidia drivers, all control panel settings will be at their defaults.
  2. Check your mouse pointer settings, Windows 10 usually sets some settings to defaults after some updates. Also try switching between windowed mode and full screen mode (alt + enter) and see if it goes away.
  3. Are you sure it's a G602?
  4. Install the Logitech Gaming Software. Look in this guide and start at step 5; Logitech Gaming Software;
  5. That's awesome, love it when a plan comes together!
  6. What mouse do you have? If you have the software installed for your mouse I'm sure you could map the click of the mouse wheel to what ever you want
  7. If you go with the MSI gaming x card, be aware that that card uses embedded profiles for overclocks, (default, gaming and silent), which requires additional software to enable (MSI gaming app). Most of the other Manufacture's cards are "adaptive", meaning they will automatically ramp up to your overclock settings when under load and return to lower clocks when idle (set in the Nvidia control panel)
  8. Be careful with a power supply that costs $40. Power supplies can cause many different problems if they are not stable at delivering power. Some of the cheaper power supplies efficiency is only at 30 degrees which is not high enough. I would not go with anything less than 80+ bronze rated, never skimp on a power supply.
  9. I have the Mossberg 500, one of the few that has double extractors on the bolt as apposed to single one's that sometimes jam.
  10. If your referring to the .exe file to launch the game, you can create a desktop shortcut from the one in your CoD4 folder in Windows explorer.
  11. This is a free tool that I use to "disable driver updates through Windows Update", no more problems after updates now. I update my drivers when I want and with what driver I want. It also lets you turn off a lot of privacy settings too.
  12. For those who would be interested, Cuisine Royale is free on Steam until June 25th;
  13. Excellent choice, love the Nova's. Mines a '74, 283 sbc, turbo 350 with shift kit
  14. For a $200 budget that would be fine for the older CoD games, Kr cards carry a 3 year warranty.
  15. Most graphics cards from EVGA only have a 3year warranty now: