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  1. That was the theme song of the clan Stormcrow and I used to be in
  2. His big head was an easy target for the enemy
  3. It is the continuation of the chimney into my basement. Basement has an 8ft ceiling
  4. My question is about the sill plate in the picture below: On the right side, there is about a 1/2 inch of the plate on the foundation, so it is barely hanging on (No idea what idiot thought this was a good idea). It is kinda hard to see, but the plate is bowing a bit, and there is a crack starting to form in the plate under the rightmost joist hanger and follows the grain. On the floor above, there is a brick hearth, so there is quite a bit of weight on this area. My first thought was to frame in a header since it is a 40 inch opening. However, the floor directly under the plate is some patchwork concrete that is very rough and not level, so it would be difficult to frame. What can I do to fix this problem with the sill plate?
  5. Relaxed after walk with this.
  6. Woke up today with 10 inches of snow. Went for a walk and it was 10 deg F. Up to 1 inch of ice on roads and walkways
  7. Pictures during the snowfall yesterday in Durham
  8. If only you could shoot that well in game