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  1. DramaLlama

    Maggie. She is between 11 -14 years old. She didn't want my dad and I to go fishing, so she blocked us from loading the car. She doesn't really like having her picture taken, so she tends to look/turn away from the camera.
  2. DramaLlama

    I would like to give it a try if a key is still available.
  3. DramaLlama

    Slay the spire and Styx Please 🙂
  4. DramaLlama

    !fu @Roxy! !fu @StormCrow
  5. DramaLlama

    Wasn't he banned for like the 10th time recently? Come to think of it, isn't it time to let him back into the clan for the 20th time?
  6. I am going to click "I have read this post" on every Ayaq post I come across from now on.
  7. Somebody said drama, so I came running
  8. DramaLlama

    been closed for months
  9. DramaLlama

    So scientists geoengineered the Appalachian Mountains?
  10. DramaLlama

    LMAO I was watching that when it happened. What a loser lol.
  11. DramaLlama

    If this is a direct hit, it will be nothing like Matthew, which stayed in the water. It is shaping up to be more like the wind damage of Fran in 1996 and the flooding damage of Floyd in 1999. Given that it keeps raining every day this week, the flooding will be terrible since the ground will be overly saturated before Florence gets here. Plus with Falls Lake and Jordan Lake are already over capacity, the dams will have to release a ton of water to protect the dams, causing more flooding. We are definitely in for a fucked up time in NC.
  12. DramaLlama

    Sounds good to me Didn't know so many idiots lived in NC until the hurricane post
  13. DramaLlama

    With severe storms like hurricanes and tornadoes, school gyms or community centers are typically used as shelters. or people drive inland and find a hotel or stay with friends.
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