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  1. DramaLlama

    LMAO I was watching that when it happened. What a loser lol.
  2. DramaLlama

    If this is a direct hit, it will be nothing like Matthew, which stayed in the water. It is shaping up to be more like the wind damage of Fran in 1996 and the flooding damage of Floyd in 1999. Given that it keeps raining every day this week, the flooding will be terrible since the ground will be overly saturated before Florence gets here. Plus with Falls Lake and Jordan Lake are already over capacity, the dams will have to release a ton of water to protect the dams, causing more flooding. We are definitely in for a fucked up time in NC.
  3. DramaLlama

    Sounds good to me Didn't know so many idiots lived in NC until the hurricane post
  4. DramaLlama

    With severe storms like hurricanes and tornadoes, school gyms or community centers are typically used as shelters. or people drive inland and find a hotel or stay with friends.
  5. DramaLlama

    Im in Durham, NC. I am far enough inland that the storm shouldn't be too bad as long as it weakens quickly after landfall, although they are saying it is going to slow down when it makes landfall. Right now it is on the same track as Fran in 1996 and the same strength, and that tore us apart even 140 miles inland.
  6. DramaLlama

    There is no dry rot, just staining. It didn't pull in the sheeting.
  7. DramaLlama

    Water had gotten inside the wall due to a window not having proper caulking, but I took care of that issue. The stud does have some water stains.
  8. DramaLlama

    I am hanging drywall in my basement, and I have come across a stud that bows in towards the basement about 3/4". It is an exterior wall. The stud is a 2x4. I don't really want to plane that much off a stud. Replacing the stud doesn't seem like an option either since it has plywood and house wrap attached to it. Could I sister another stud to it, then plane it? Or is there another option?
  9. DramaLlama

    That was the theme song of the clan Stormcrow and I used to be in
  10. His big head was an easy target for the enemy
  11. DramaLlama

    It is the continuation of the chimney into my basement. Basement has an 8ft ceiling
  12. DramaLlama

    My question is about the sill plate in the picture below: On the right side, there is about a 1/2 inch of the plate on the foundation, so it is barely hanging on (No idea what idiot thought this was a good idea). It is kinda hard to see, but the plate is bowing a bit, and there is a crack starting to form in the plate under the rightmost joist hanger and follows the grain. On the floor above, there is a brick hearth, so there is quite a bit of weight on this area. My first thought was to frame in a header since it is a 40 inch opening. However, the floor directly under the plate is some patchwork concrete that is very rough and not level, so it would be difficult to frame. What can I do to fix this problem with the sill plate?