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  2. Don't forget to go online to each credit bureau (Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax), and turn on the credit freeze to help prevent people from opening accounts in your name. Doesn't help if they already have any existing account information, but it can stop things from getting really bad
  3. In the past, that has resulted in a permanent ban. Should be a permanent ban in this situation, too.
  4. Went hiking with my dad in the mountains of South Carolina this weekend. It rained almost the entire time. Hike 8 hours on Saturday, and it rained for 7. And 3 of those it was a torrential downpour that never let up. Hiked 3 hours Sunday, and it rained for 1.5 hours Managed to get some decent pictures.
  5. I did that hike a couple years ago. Couldn't see a damn thing for the fog. I could see maybe 25-30 feet in front of the me the whole time, and I was the only person on the trail. All I could hear was the moisture dripping off the plants and occasionally the sound of a small animal moving. It was like the start of a horror movie. Very eerie.
  6. I recently completed the South Beyond 600 hiking challenge, and I am now working on the waterfall challenge here: https://www.carolinamountainclub.org/index.cfm/do/pages.view/id/49/page/Challenges Thank god I live in North Carolina. Such a beautiful place.
  7. not a damn clue who you are ? ?
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