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  1. Purrlicious

    I can hear the people crying already about the shooting through the walls. They will call everyone a hacker.
  2. Purrlicious

    Welcome back
  3. Purrlicious

    It looks really good. But it takes a bit to get used to it.
  4. Sweet, which mods are on the server?
  5. Purrlicious

    Thx for remembering me. Still got it installed. I played Quake Champions when it was in Alpha or Beta. Was fun.
  6. Purrlicious

    Happy Birthday Crankster!
  7. Purrlicious

    Happy Birthday Chiefy!
  8. Hey Jog, the server is up and running. I'm sorry to hear you have problems to join. You are welcome to add me on Steam. Just give me notice when you are ready and we try if it works when you join on me.
  9. The server got upgraded and should be stable now. XtremeIdiots.com Ragnarok CrossArk PvE XtremeIdiots.com Aberration CrossArk PvE
  10. That are some good news to wake up in the morning. Thank you!
  11. Purrlicious

    Hey Pollard, you forgot to mention that you raise gamer girls. Your "bam bam" daughter is so cute. Good to see you here.
  12. Purrlicious

    Happy Birthday Tyntje!
  13. Purrlicious

    Gefeliciteerd Smurf! Have a wonderful day!