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  1. I am mac user, cause of my work. soo, as there was a downoad button i thought i can do it there? or why does it says about no permission? cause first i didn't have an account here, clicked download and it said i need an account to be able for that.
  2. As well i googled it of course, and i find other posts from different things, where that code gave the same error.
  3. yes. well i am an admin of a Kill the King server from a friend. All running good so far. As said, i can't download the map here. Was collecting 20 to download out of 1/3 of all many maps here, then when clicking download, i get this message. Saying "sorry, you do not have permission or that!"... And: Sorry, there is a problem You are not allowed to download that file. Error code: 1D161/3
  4. Well, as the title says it, i get the Error: 1D161/3 when i try to download a map fo CoD4... however this forum has no post about it yet i see?? And doyou have a possible solution for it? All the best, Patrick



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