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  1. SirThunder

    you guys have some skillz
  2. i missed all you guys got my system running again so you will see me around again
  3. SirThunder

    riding and beard comps. the beard comps raise money for kids my club has donated to date about 100k in 6 years to a childrens hospital
  4. SirThunder

    looks like a good fucking time
  5. SirThunder

    congratz man i lost my mom to cancer cancer sucks man
  6. SirThunder

    welcome to the family
  7. SirThunder

    this was my pure white female boxer Spirit i had her for 12 years before cancer got her. she rode in my semi with me every day.
  8. SirThunder

    U.S. Army for a year army national guard from 85 to 90 1461st trans co
  9. SirThunder


    dude that sucks we will still be here when you heal up
  10. SirThunder

    welcome to the family
  11. SirThunder

    welcome to the family
  12. SirThunder

    welcome to the family
  13. SirThunder

    welcome to the family
  14. SirThunder

    welcome to the family
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