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    I've never gotten very far in Thaumcraft, just enough to make thaumium for use in Tinker's Construct, but playing through this and other modded servers I have to say one thing: the content of mods are worth the effort you put into them, even if they have an inherent risk. Sometimes it can feel like a bit much I know, but it's a universal axiom that can be applied for everyone, regardless of their stage of play. It makes no sense to provide something like your proposal that's pretty much just for endgame achievers, on the basis that it can only provide benefit for a small group instead of all members. The re-implementation of /market I do agree with, though with what I know of the admin and mod staff it's probably already in the works. If it's anything like the last server iteration, features we had before will be introduced in stages as the staff working on it finds the time, and we're not to the stage of fully setting up /market and shops yet.
  2. Adviser69

    Oh trust me, I'm used to being the wise adviser in a room full of idiots. I'm often the cleric in my D&D group. You know, the one who usually says "That's probably not a good idea"? And then often having to facepalm and drag them out of whatever sticky mess they leapt into.
  3. Adviser69

    Thank you everyone. This should be interesting... ?
  4. I looked up his username, and it seems he's already been banned, so it looks like the mods/admins are on top of things. But now you see why I'm so guarded about letting people build on my base. In your case it just happened to be a worst case scenario player who took advantage of your trust. Too bad I couldn't have warned you about this idiot beforehand though. He was starting to garner a rather unsavory reputation. Constantly annoying other players, ignoring set boundaries, setting warp pages at other players bases without permission, etc. The fool actually attacked me next to my base because apparently I got too close when he was mining out what was left of a skystone meteor, then proceeded to tell me that I had no say in the matter because it wasn't claimed. The whole thing struck me as incredibly rude because A: It was RIGHT ON THE EDGE OF MY CURRENT CLAIM, and B: it was in an area I was waiting just another hour at the time to claim when I had enough blocks to do so. iExo was with him, and he got out of there quick, didn't want anything to do with this altercation. I stayed online a few hours more than I had intended, because I watched him set a warp page and then tp away. I already dealt with thieves and trolls and a stolen ME before, and I sure as hell wasn't going to again.
  5. Adviser69

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