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  1. Daemon

    The Day of Infamy server got shut down, Rugger must have confused it for Insurgency due to the gametracker page.
  2. Daemon

    Hi, you were temp banned for spawnkilling multiple times. It's a 2 hour ban as it is your first offense.
  3. Daemon

    Malwarebytes is also good. Finds and deletes every infected folder.
  4. Daemon

    You already appealed once here. Your ban has been discussed and we decided it stays permanent.
  5. Daemon

  6. Daemon

    I'll get it when issues are fixed and game is playable
  7. Daemon

    I hope they can fix this in the next week or so, otherwise people will lose interest in it.
  8. Daemon

    Good luck finding a match, game is a disaster at the moment
  9. Daemon

    As mentioned you were banned for screaming racial slurs in chat
  10. Daemon

    Who vote kicked you?
  11. Daemon

    Nice one!