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  1. Daemon

    Thank you all for the support! (fu @Chips Ahoy❤️ )
  2. Daemon

    Hi, unfortunately we can't do anything about this as our plugin prevents any VAC banned player from joining our servers. Sorry.
  3. Daemon

    Well it's almost 2019 here in Greece, so I'm wishing ya all idiots a happy new year! Stay safe
  4. I didn't know I wasn't allowed to say my opinion here but ok.
  5. My thoughts exactly, you can't balance the shit map layout with the no team switching. That's why there is server 1 out there, if folks like sinjar or station, they can go play them there.
  6. Welcome to the team boys! @unagi_pie @Pingfuzzboi
  7. Daemon

    Welcome buddy!
  8. Servers have been restarted, should be good to go now.
  9. Daemon

    Our servers have an anti-VAC plug-in actually, that's why you can't join.
  10. We run both. The 10$ one goes on sale often for less than 2$ and we have the most popular servers around. The other one is on free weekend right now, you can come and check it (if you have a powerfull pc)
  11. Daemon

    That includes you too, doesn't it
  12. Daemon

    The Day of Infamy server got shut down, Rugger must have confused it for Insurgency due to the gametracker page.
  13. Daemon

    Hi, you were temp banned for spawnkilling multiple times. It's a 2 hour ban as it is your first offense.
  14. Daemon

    Malwarebytes is also good. Finds and deletes every infected folder.
  15. Daemon

    You already appealed once here. Your ban has been discussed and we decided it stays permanent.