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  1. LilAcorn

    i play! I have been playing with my youtube friends lol
  2. LilAcorn

    i love your new name. i miss seeing ya guys in game and voice chatting.
  3. LilAcorn

  4. LilAcorn

    My daughter says Maya
  5. LilAcorn

    hope your dad is doing better today.
  6. LilAcorn

    lol what man does not like a cute pretty nurse? and no i did not mean "do it" kind of way... just ment like he will probably need to cool himself down.
  7. LilAcorn

    uh oh. a hot nurse? LOL your dad might need cold showers after the hot nurse is done for the day LOL
  8. LilAcorn

    what why change your name?!?! Marley suited you well FU! LOL
  9. LilAcorn

    hope you have some way to see him like video convo to "see" your dad while he is being cared for in the hospital. best wishes for your dad. as for stubbornness i know all too well because my dad is just like how you described your dad LOL.
  10. LilAcorn

    damn randall.... another fun person leaving the clan. i really hope you stick around even if you dont have your tags anymore. just dont go in when you see certain people who is trying to pull you down to their level. just play on another XI server to have fun with us.
  11. LilAcorn

  12. LilAcorn

    im not trying to argue or anything, just trying to help people be aware and all... all there was, was a mod menu to help spawn cars and GTA sniffed that and boom, they got banned. i myself never went on GTA online, just fivem and never got the banned message. that mod spawn did something to the GTA files, they didnt know it did such thing and thats what happened.
  13. LilAcorn

    i watch polecat and seen him play i even socialize with him on his twitch stream and in his discord from time to time. maybe they are just lucky, but fivem and its mods have been known to modify GTAV files and once the servers sniffs that, youre gone.
  14. LilAcorn

    still best not to have the fivem at all if you are gunna play online with rockstar social launcher to play GTAV online Kage was not able to play at all even he whiled his previous PC clean from GTA and fivem or so... only way he was able to play again was a whole new system then he was able to play again on his account.
  15. LilAcorn

    https://qaisjp.com/misc/2015/08/08/bannedrgsc.html do i need to explain more with proof that you can get banned from rockstar?!



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