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  1. i have my XI tag in all of COD games some of my other friends asking me to change tags in game, told em sorry my heart bleeds XI LMAO so they said oh its okay, you are still loved we will make an acceptation.
  2. almost had no go on the 50cal after yaccster broke the 1st 50 cal gun LOL
  3. OMG that hungry hungry hippo game looks awesome like that!
  4. My pictures that I am sharing with you guys that I took of everyone and myself. Enjoy and thank you all for the wonderful journey. VID_20230908_132129824.mp4 VID_20230908_132000351.mp4 VID_20230908_142106193.mp4 VID_20230907_194237969.mp4
  5. sorry i keep getting caught up in family stuff or live stream or some game with friends LOL
  6. You continue to do what you need to do weednfeed. Hugs
  7. One clip shows @wildthing killing me on the rooftop and I got him back.... the other clip shows me snuck up on wildthing and stabbed him. Muahaha loved it AT-cm_jqd7mET6F5FrQzDkXIPKRg.mp4 AT-cm_x9dHXfqbUMdnMD9H41wYbw.mp4
  8. oooo i hope we get to see a bunch of wild life there when we are there!
  9. so sorry to hear about her having to use hospice.
  10. yeah thats how some rage at me when i go knifing em on cold war free for all
  11. what i have done to fix my problem make sure windows is updated network stuff is up to date directx up to date download cod4X and follow the directions. then everything should work like charm. steam uses a stupid version.
  12. 1st clip where you see babyback doing the pred glide attack, i cheered on cause not often we get to catch that and people have often wished that was recorded or whatever. rest of the clips bloopers or pefect shots or perfect timing of the killings or whatever... we were basically picking on babyback in these clips.
  13. no but you did do a confusion one LOL
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