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  1. LilAcorn

    how the hell can you forget me! SHAME ON YOU!
  2. LilAcorn

    yeah same here hoping someone got a picture of the shirt. btw thats how i hear most of the time in person.
  3. LilAcorn

    yes the video captured most of what she said since she read it outloud... lol great video! caught me and kim busting our kids too
  4. LilAcorn

    sittng only knows how to break stuff.... he dont know how to dance LOL
  5. LilAcorn

    I am sure his ass is sore from all the ass kicking LOL
  6. LilAcorn

    Everyone gathering up for pics then food. SGT Scotty My 2 boys having fun with their stuffed animals that they just got. Michael Jr (TriCars) and Mitchell (LightningMcBlue) My daughter Mickayla NovaShrugs/FairyPixie and my husband Mike (they dont like their pictures to be taken so you gotta be sneaky) Wildthing and his wife Angus Duck Porn
  7. LilAcorn

    Most of you know who he is, Tater2Sacks. Those who dont, he used to be an XI member, loved to play battlefield, tanks and minecraft. At the time he was with his ex GF, her sons and their one son they had together. 4 yrs ago he died in a house fire leaving behind his teenage daughters(previous relationship) and son. Last sunday his son had passed away from doing a Blue Whale challenge and hung himself. This is what I was told by one of Tater2Sacks friend who is still in contact with me from time to time. He was 12 yrs old when he passed away. His obit will be in the NY news paper this sunday. I HIGHLY suggest parents to talk about these all sorts of challenges, they start off small and they are challenged to do even much more worse and some of them are; "if you dont do this we will go after your family." My daughter was challenged to do the salt and ice which was small but did injure her hand. i gave her a B I G lecture about doing stuff like that and she is now spreading the awareness to her friends not do do such stuff now. So if I can talk to my kids and knock that sense into my kids, so can you.
  8. LilAcorn

    well got that resolved then discovered my sound was gone yet it was saying it was going, so i had to move it to another USB slot cause couple of em wouldnt work and the jacks. (flips the desktop off) LOL.... think ill crawl back into bed for a nap... running on about almost 3 hrs of sleep. got too hot upstairs last night. *begs for rain*
  9. LilAcorn

    Well the graphics card could be taking a shit. Had to downgrade from analog cord to hdmi and it’s also doing another windows update. Forced some wi Dow’s updates and ran repair scan. Guess my desktop is being a hormonal bitch lol just like my pregnancy hormones going up the wall. Btw analog is suppose to be better than hdmi according to reviews for gaming n etc
  10. LilAcorn

    Lovyan he won’t do shit can’t afford it. we just make sure bills, insurance, food, kids stuff and pet stuff is taken care of. Gotta have internet cause it’s my only source of communication to family and friends and hubby. No phone at all.
  11. LilAcorn

    Goofaloop aka licklotapus built this for me and he knows the motherboard very well. Not sure when he gets on. I took very good care of this system. Cleaned it as much as I can, made sure it had fresh goo stuff for the heat sinks, drivers and all that. All I know is that my mother board is a nvidia GeForce and he said it’s a really damn good motherboard
  12. LilAcorn

    I. Sticking with windoes 10, my daughter is gunna be using my old windows because she has vista. She needs to upgrade badly.
  13. LilAcorn

    That’s the other thing no matter how many times I reformat n etc same ol crap.
  14. LilAcorn

    I’m fucked either way. In a major pits of all and can’t afford to fix this computer at all. Been struggling with car fixing, utilities, food, fixing the house and more and we can even afford to get me a freak working cell phone. That’s how bad it is here and this shit happens. I’m fed up that this computer keeps breaking down and I’ve been taking care of it by keeping it cleaned and all. It restarts itself when it freezes, black screen or whenever the fuck it feels like. A few times I have to cold shut down cause it can’t kick the restart from whatever. I have ran repair scans and nothing is wrong, always on top of the drivers too. things I have replaced or upgraded cpu fan n heat sink north and south bridges graphics card 2x hard drives 1t & 2t powersupply 3x 2 fans so yeah this computer has eaten a lot of my money for the past 8 yrs
  15. LilAcorn

    I had that Panorama Prenatal Test that detects syndromes n etc along with gender... so DNA doesnt lie. that test is required since i am advance maternal age and etc. I was hoping for another girl to balance out my family heh but oh well, happy that this little one is very healthy so far.