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  1. thats right, some of us who are 40+ rank cannot knife now since the speed was added. maybe something broke when you adjusted the prop speed?
  2. I had to give Darth Reven the file for the HNS_OW and he was able to get in, he tried to get in before this and CI happened. Hiders on the other server can no longer knife the seekers when they are rank 40 and higher. 😡
  3. When I joined I clicked auto join then ci
  4. so far after trying to play on it, it disconnected all of us, crashed Darth Reven's COD4 game. I was set as a seeker yet when timer was done, i showed up as dead.
  5. HNS-OW keeps crashing guessing you guys are workin on it?
  6. Here is my stream of the game... you can see the timing we are dealing with when its 1v1
  7. hide n seek - prop hunt.... you turn into object and a single player starts off finding you and once found you turn into a hunter finding objects gotta blend in with the area surrounding ya
  8. 1 min is not enough to find people, can it be changed to maybe 5 mins?
  9. LilAcorn

    Not sure where to post this but maybe you can place it in right location Anyways I would love to see this back on the servers... i miss this game mod soooo much and a lot of us want this back as well.
  10. LilAcorn

    tater2sacks and his son finally have their own headstone... may they forever rest in peace... the mom of the boy who tater2sacks is the dad of finally got one. she is also trying to raise awareness to those who are falling victim of stuff like how her son ended up killing himself. case is still being investigated too.
  11. LilAcorn

    woohoo welcome back!!!!! good to have you back!
  12. LilAcorn

    THANK YOU! ❤️
  13. LilAcorn

    here is my little fella... he is now 6 months old! he has come long ways for sure from being here 1 1/2 months before his due date in Jan to now.
  14. LilAcorn

    The force is not strong with this post....
  15. LilAcorn

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