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  1. my mother in law is coming out to visit next week, so hopefully after she visits we will move into the house from my dad's house. gunna be a lot of repairs needed to the house before we can buy beds to sleep inside the house. we still have our RV and will sleep in the RV while we stay at the house. if anyone wants to help that would be great since it would be just be mostly me working on the house during the day while kids are in school and after they are done with their homework they will be my little helpers. got some carpet out of the house and hubby found more leaks that the repair man missed. he has been trying to get a hold of that guy to get him to come back out and work some more on it. along with so much more crap that needs to be done. while we had our RV at my step sisters house, it was shot at by some asshole with a bb pistol so we gotta get the windshields patched up. we got it moved to our house. we cant wait till the big day till we are all over there and my kids have a bit more freedom compared to here at my dad's. i myself is holding my breath, I am also having major withdraws of playing COD games and WoW. my laptop cant handle it plus stuck on wifi. gaming on wifi blows chunks big time especially my dad's wifi router setup.
  2. i am going to try to convince my hubby to take us there. wont have room in the car since i will be bringing my kids with us. this is 3 hrs from us as well. just south of kentucky state line and north of Memphis. IF we take the RV then i will have room to take others with us LOL but i doubt it, but if we do take the RV and camp somewhere there for the weekend. if we do stat there in nash for the weekend we will need a pet friendly place that will allow us to have our two dogs.
  3. cool pics especially the one with you shooting from the heli. perfect timing and all. all ready to retire?
  4. awwww i miss you too! one of my many fav and sometimes easy to snipe at.
  5. Tenn. west side... Nash will be 3 hrs away. Hey girl whats up?
  6. Checking in and letting yall know that things are slowly progressing. Might move into our home during Christmas break/vacation for the kids this way they are done for the semester and all other paperwork sorted. Hopefully we get the water heater n pipes around the water heater fixed, beds for the kids and couple of appliances then. Hubby focuses on that and i focus on tending to my dad since he just had a repair done on his triple a stent that popped open at work doing pallet work. not the proper job for an old man who has health issues like that. All three of my kids are FINALLY in public school, no more home school since they finished all that up too. They are enjoying these school, less stress for a fact compared to their old school student teacher ratio to here. it will be even more smaller once we move into our new home and transferred to their new school.
  7. did you break something duc? lol
  8. i will not do any cruse line or distance traveling unless thousands of money saved up. we are family of 5 with 2 dogs and and cats. so traveling far is limited even though we have an RV that can be extremely expensive. hubby doesnt have a real job just yet so budget is limited. That is why I say NASHVILLE! If I was still in Colorado, I would have voted Denver... but then again thats a pothead city and it fucks up my sinus and asthma and i end up with a massive headache and sick the next day.
  9. those who are paranoid about hurricanes here in the south.... it just rains in TN if it goes our direction... so it would just rain light or med depending on your location and direction and days for TN
  11. cant login with facebook and I get this: when you login the other way with name and pw, I get this error: only way to see if you're fully logged in after name n pw is to click the xi name to go home and you're logged in and do whatever ya needing to do.
  12. lol if I become admin for xi minecraft I would love it... people just need to show more respect towards admins and follow the rules that is obviously posted on the site to follow. if they follow the damn rules they wouldn't be banned and there wouldn't be ban appeals.
  13. you keep thinking that... its fun for all ages... I used to think the same and now its to much fun. and yes being an admin is very frustrating because you have to deal with those causing grief, harassments and fixes when something breaks.
  14. I play on it but not lately due to I am on a craptop right now. I am mostly in favor in "vanilla" kind though.
  15. another great member gone.... seems like it was a few days ago you guys shared them pics of having a great time. farewell friend.