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  1. lol that baby boy will have one cool momma
  2. why did you reduce the points?!?!?! hider kill seeker is down to 2 pts
  3. if loco updates the server HIDE n SEEK to a newer version, we would lose ranks... how would you guys feel about this? I wouldnt mind and a couple others wouldnt mind. Reason for updating is to fix a few broken things like certain weapons n etc that are not showing properly that is fixed in recent version. So I am up for updating the mod.
  4. i am sure you can add some
  5. chicken, kage wacky and i are playing right now
  6. we pretty much go at this every night. dont hesitate to ask on TS... chicken, kage, loco, few others and I pop in the game and we are pretty much always on TS
  7. Lightning and I would like to see if you can get Toybox to work
  8. my 9 yr old just suggested a farm map and have animals like Chicken to be a prop and everyone be like chickens to hide. he wants me to kill chicken finger over n over pretty much LOL
  9. thats right, some of us who are 40+ rank cannot knife now since the speed was added. maybe something broke when you adjusted the prop speed?
  10. I had to give Darth Reven the file for the HNS_OW and he was able to get in, he tried to get in before this and CI happened. Hiders on the other server can no longer knife the seekers when they are rank 40 and higher. ?
  11. When I joined I clicked auto join then ci
  12. so far after trying to play on it, it disconnected all of us, crashed Darth Reven's COD4 game. I was set as a seeker yet when timer was done, i showed up as dead.
  13. HNS-OW keeps crashing guessing you guys are workin on it?
  14. Here is my stream of the game... you can see the timing we are dealing with when its 1v1
  15. hide n seek - prop hunt.... you turn into object and a single player starts off finding you and once found you turn into a hunter finding objects gotta blend in with the area surrounding ya
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