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  1. sorry i missed it, i tend to get caught up in other stuff lol
  2. LilAcorn

    people need to leave the family alone, let them have their life, privacy and all that.
  3. i saw ya and i told you i be right back.... you left before i could even sat back down.i had to let my dog out, budman and you said in chat youre watching terminal list
  4. ill be hopping in after i make sure my kids are good with dinner.
  5. LilAcorn

    thank you all for the birthday wishes!
  6. LilAcorn

    so sorry.... farewell....
  7. LilAcorn

    i am in west TN!
  8. k so i just need a room to share with that has 2 beds... no offense i dont share a bed with strangers LOL. so if anyone wants to save money and share a bedroom that has 2 beds let me know.
  9. cottage sounds great! if anyone wants to share a room hit me up! I am trying to save $. @YACCster what sizes of the beds are in the cottage? any twins I dont need a huge bed since i know some people will bring their spouse/so with em on this trip.
  10. do you guys have me marked down for a twin bed and i dont mind sharing... i do snore LOL I will need to driven around though. i dont drive and will need a ride to n from the airport n etc
  11. My husband said I can get a shared room. however I will need a to get a carpool ride from and to the airport and events.
  12. is that per night? i might be going by myself this time if my hubby lets me and can meet the $ quote. if not i might stay at a nearby hotel which will most likely cheaper and would need a ride to n from both places. Money will be tight/hard for me.
  13. LilAcorn

    the live video link dont like twitch.... boooo
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