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  1. LilAcorn

    damn it another good XI member gone...... *cries* farewell 7Toes, cause havock wherever you may be
  2. LilAcorn

    lol we dont own any tents.... too poor... as for our RV, its damaged by a fallen tree branch
  3. LilAcorn

    My husband said yes we can go! so it will be just my Hubby, my 2 yr old and myself... We will probably just stay a few hrs or maybe a night at a nearby hotel depending on the funds he can scrounge up doing Uber Eats which is his one and only job.
  4. LilAcorn

    farewell friend, may you be a peace wherever you may be. untill next time we meet.
  5. LilAcorn

    i would be intrested, depends on where and time frame. might have the boys with me.
  6. LilAcorn

    i knew it was a word for chocolate coco beans n etc but wasnt sure what he really ment like could it be someone else who goes by that name LOL
  7. LilAcorn

    who is cocoa?
  8. LilAcorn

    reason i made the switch from YouTube to Twitch, is because there is a bunch of bots and trolls making duplicated accounts and spamming the crap out in chats. I have ZERO tollerance to trolls and spam n etc like that.
  9. LilAcorn

    thats awesome hammer! maybe he can help me LOL JK
  10. LilAcorn

    I posted my twitch channel in thev videos, hopefully i posted it right. I have been streaming for quite some time. started on YT but YT have no fake account control like Twitch does plus far more better streamter-viewer interactions on twitch too. If you want to, look me up on twitch LilAcorn_Gaming incase the post i did in Videos section at the top didnt work right. its confusing....
  11. LilAcorn

    LilAcorn Gaming

    I stream various of games so be sure to follow me so you can get notified of my next live stream! If the embed doesnt display properly, feel free to go to   
  12. View this video Description I stream various of games so be sure to follow me so you can get notified of my next live stream!  
  13. LilAcorn

  14. LilAcorn

    thank you all in advance
  15. LilAcorn

    What happens for those who dont follow #6? i dont even touch my config files, never have... but wondering what happens to those who tweek their shit out.
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