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  1. I had that Panorama Prenatal Test that detects syndromes n etc along with gender... so DNA doesnt lie. that test is required since i am advance maternal age and etc. I was hoping for another girl to balance out my family heh but oh well, happy that this little one is very healthy so far.
  2. Here is an update!
  3. Lmfao yes it’s my hubbys. The only man I’ve ever been around
  4. awwww sweet lovable cat. i do have videos of my boys kinda... one is audio since hubby snuck the camera recording in the delivery operating room during c-section and the 3rd one i have on youtube and my daughter cried when she heard she has another baby brother. her curls are all natural lol. she takes after the daddy's side of the family. though i did have curls when i was little but they went away to wavy hair.
  5. Every time there is a sniper map and there was just one on a few mins ago and everyone was saying keep in voice and in chat and in TS and a few said yes to skip.... i havent had the damn chance to play on it and it gets skipped. Skipping maps causes a lot of player's games crash therefore not wanting to play. I quit after they skipped this map, i have said it if they skip it again i will quit the server. i have already vented to wildpenguin in TS yesterday or day before yesterday that it is dumb to skip maps. so her and pigdog skipped the map. this makes people not want to play period, you start losing players when they really wanted to play such map just because some cry baby dont like the map because of snipers or its to dark or this or that. just sit in spec or leave the server for a few mins then come back when map is over. let those who want to have fun no matter what the map is to enjoy their fun. vent over... sick of this shit.
  6. no my internet is not down n etc.... ping has improved and like i said i didnt do anything to make it better. its back to hangin around 70-76.... there has been a moment or two where it skyrocketed, so i just close the game down for the day and play some other game without any lags or so.
  7. ive been in my house for 2 months and playing for nearly a month and ping was steady for 70-75, never changed anything in my house in modem n etc wise or running any norton or any related programs, never changed any software settings n etc. it is the server location or redirect location crapping out. im not the only one who is suffering from this.
  8. cant judge by being on for a couple of mins, gotta play a few rounds give or take situation in order to see the crappy ping take affect.
  9. Yesterday or day before the ping was perfect 70-75 now its jumping to 600 which is bull crap and i cant play for shits... players are there then they are gone the next second. I thought maybe i needed to restart my PC and modem but no that wasn't the issue cause it still existed after reset. was on freeze tag 2 then restarted then joined freeze tag 1 same shit. please find a solution so everyone can play happily without their pings jumping up n down. heard that the server was moved back and the ping appears better for uk folks and crappy for us folks. before that move it was fine for the us and crappy for the uk....until next time.... sorry to sound like a bitch...just seem like a bitch it just seems like no one really truly fixing this.
  10. May you have a wonderful day today and that you get spoiled by your family and friends.
  11. well its running fine now.... after trying a neighbor's geforce graphics card and kickstarting some of the updates... reseeding his graphics card it will last till windows logo and no source several times so i said fuck it and used my graphics card again and its doing just fine. its a typical bitch on PMS i guess LMFAO. but yeah i did replace the north bridge with some thermo paste applied after taking the old one off and cleaning the flip chip free from previous thermo paste n etc... it was a bitch to do and it even cut my fingers up a bit while doing so... so thats why i call it "Bitch" now... lol
  12. Update on this. I dunno what to think now. I have a neighbor and he is into hardcore gaming. Let me use some thermo paste to put the northbridge on. So that is done and replaced. He let me barrow his GeForce graphics pcie card. It worked for a while till drivers update. And restarted the pc. Now no source going to the monitors again. I dunno what the fuck is going on and I am extremely pissed now. I know it was working and was doing stuff online by updating a few programs n shit and I had to get the drivers for this graphics card and now it won’t “work”.
  13. well i cant afford to replace everything. might as well toss this out and who the hell knows when i will be able to play. i have already replaced the south bridge nvidia fan, CPU fan, other fans on this, as well as power supply and graphics card in the past, added memory to it as well. parts i need to replace is the north bridge and graphics card. just sick n tired of shit breaking one after another here in my house left n right no break at all whatsoever. fridge breaks, okay... now dryer is broken, car radiator broke, vacuum stopped working out of the blue. Now the fucken computer decides to take a shit on me. my son's desktop and my husband's desktop are fine but not fit for COD n WoW gaming level...
  14. graphics card i have now is Nvidia GeForce GTX 760 pcie