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  1. i would love to see the XI downloader back in action... anyways TS is down which means the redirect is down too. even the website is acting a bit funky too.
  2. yeah the screen shot shows which ones are needed.... we are in TS almost all the time... if not in TS we are in Discord for sure...
  3. LilAcorn

    I need mine too. been here and never left the clan either
  4. LilAcorn

    I am still waiting to get my hands on this game... money is super tight since hubby has been trying to get our car fixed from a gas station fucking up their gas tanks and had a leak or in their tanks. anyways I want to get this for my PC.... my brother has been BEGGING me to get this game so we can kill each other LOL he plays on his xbox 1. LilAcorn#1127 is my battle.net xbox live account is LilAcorn6169 my activision ID is LilAcorn
  5. LilAcorn

    yes as well as discord and teamspeak. we are always on teamspeak. we use discord for backup voice chat for when TS goes down. but we are on pretty much anywhere you can probably possibly think of heh
  6. when the steam box pops up, click okay... and yes like Josh said, verify your files
  7. LilAcorn

    did you follow the steps for Arma 2 post?
  8. I would like to know who really plays Arma 2 in this club? I know River rat, chicken finger, darth Reaven and a few others but who else of XI plays?
  9. For those who are wanting the guide to ArmA 3 DayZ, FunkyJosh has posted the guide to that. If an admin can edit the 1st post on this to fix the title that would be great. Thanks in advance!
  10. feel free to add that or someone else who is admin can do step by step guide for arma 3 dayz since i do not have arma 3
  11. LilAcorn

    When Teamspeak is down and/or website is down make sure you join us on discord during downtimes... https://discord.gg/etft4Mf
  12. Step by step guides for ArmA 2 Dayz Epoch... Hopefully a full step by step guide for ArmA 3 Dayz will come quick for those who want to play on the ArmA 3 1) You will need the ArmA 2 and ArmA 2 Operations Arrowhead: 2) Download Arma 2 DayZ Launcher Install to desired location for example it does not need to be on your main HD or steam location 3) Once installed launch your Arma game not the DayZ Launcher go to Player Profile, New make a player name to your gamer name, if you are XI members you know the drill add >XI< tag then save then exit out of the game 4) Launch your DayZ Launcher of your Arma 2 go to your settings at the top right and look for your setting for the profile to choose from your game to display: 5) Here is our servers to look for depending on your Arma version and click the "play/join" button on far right to download and join: 6) If you by any chance you cannot join click the mods section and download what you see in this picture. You will want to "verify" the mods once installed. ---------- ArmA 3 DayZ guide coming soon ---------- If any questions please don't hesitate to join us in Teamspeak to ask for help. **Check back often as updates to this will probably happen a lot**
  13. LilAcorn

    head admins and senior admins will be with you soon, good luck.
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