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  1. DAMN
  3. happy bday fucker!!!
  4. congrats!!! (confetti fallen bottles poppin and herbs in the air) wooooot WOOOOOOOT!!!
  5. when will this be happening? i think alot of people know about server jus they dnt like certain shit so they dnt play it or even try it (rc car mainly) i dnt even know what happen to it on my list jus says cod4host now
  6. happy bday OBAMA i mean bama HAVE A AWESOME DAY BRO!
  7. here kittyyyy kittyyy kitttttyyyyy...happy bday have a great day
  8. happy bday fuckface hope you have a awesome day bro!
  9. Notorious Dinosaurs - Hypnotize this shit too funny! wish i could post video
  10. dnt forget The walking Dead is 2NIGHT!!