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  1. becuz cod5 sucks lol come to the darkside fuckers..robmc has cod4 for life bitchesssssssssssssssssssss!
  2. Crack

    now how the fuck did this map get into rotation a week after bein removed from rotation for same reason..smh
  3. Crack

  4. i remember that ...u could thaw a guy then drop ur pred
  5. i was thinkin the same then i wondered if there would be a prequel series
  6. ive done this but it was a accident and i wasnt holding thaw key i drop pred on a guy next to my frozen teammate and thawed teammate like 75 % thought it was weird lol but peeps knew about it when i said somethin
  7. SAMMY.. P.S. im pretty sure(100%) that nuke defroster was my idea ..soooo anyway u can name it 420 bitchessssssss? lol..or even spam 420 bitchessssssss when bein used? lol that be sweet fucker :)
  8. Crack

    i took the tree one
  9. if some of this shit gets thru im so glad ive already bought insurgency :)
  10. actually i have and took great pride in stoppin his nukes...betta ask his ass about me lol
  11. i dnt snipe at all...but i dnt think we should put a target on anyones back..i dnt mind dyin 2 3 4 5 times til i finally realize where ur campin ass is... i dnt stop comin after ya til ur dead.. kinda fun removing campers who dnt think ya know where they r...plus people actin like we got real pros at snipin..rarely do u see 2 tactical nukes in the same map let alone 1..jus dosent happen like that.. AMMO CPS would be sweet if we could keep the goodies until they are gone no matter if round ends or u die..more smaws more c4 more bettys should be in ammo cp like the explosive arrow is set up (10 rounds for a ammo pack) an option for more inventory in trade for ur side arm would be awesome smaw/tube stats at end of round a perk for SELF DEFROST for us run and gunners..mayb able to use a car u get frm a killstreak to thaw urself and only urself(car blows up as u respawn)
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