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  1. Crack

    i give it a month lol ...good to see assholes still get picked!..good luck fucker
  2. Crack

    if u come by me lemme know on fb..if i aint wrkin i def gonna smoke ur ass out
  3. Crack

    fuck u more fucker
  4. Crack

    FUCKIT LOL... the same happens to me in real life so im wit ya there
  5. Crack

    i bet u moved a shit ton of hx political threads lol
  6. Crack

    no hes thinkin bout quittin >XI< ...MAYB ADD HIM TO THE GUEST LIST
  7. Crack

    im confused by the MIXED part..im mixed i dnt add a er for fun.. i dnt even use the slang in server..SMH @FUNky could u plz "bye felicia" this dumb fuck
  8. becuz cod5 sucks lol come to the darkside fuckers..robmc has cod4 for life bitchesssssssssssssssssssss!
  9. Crack

    now how the fuck did this map get into rotation a week after bein removed from rotation for same reason..smh
  10. Crack

  11. i remember that ...u could thaw a guy then drop ur pred
  12. i was thinkin the same then i wondered if there would be a prequel series
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