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    there is more then jus queens..
  3. Crack

    yea i was on there and i was lookin at quite a few profiles..u can add ur alias to them..i seen the i98centyo on queenies and i knew i seen the name jus chopped it up as her kid...funny part is jus 2 days ago @FUNky couple others was laughin about HUNTER KILLER i even asked what his other name was becuz i couldnt remember nobody else did either..then i seen ur post @Angelz and then i remember seein that name on game tracker under queen.. BUT is that really queens profile at 47 rank? or is that hunter killer? somethin aint right!
  4. Crack

    CHECK THIS OUT! seen this not to long ago
  5. Crack

    i didnt know that
  6. Crack

    jus un ignore then re ignore with the checks
  7. Crack

    Joyner Lucas - I'm Not Racist this song is so deep!
  8. Crack

    i think genuine...and mgk cant hang..no way collab but who knows..thnx for bringin hip hop back
  9. Crack

    the response u heard it? i luv it! @Timmah!