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  1. Crack

    damn man... rip star havent seen him in yrs
  2. Crack

    i dont..but i do remember Caper, HornyHeather, Adork, Chimes , Generals Daughter , ipBudweiserSR and ipBudweiserJR not to sure what happen to them all.
  3. Crack

    happy 420 BITCHESSSSSSSS!
  4. Crack

    i know killa was one of the first to get his tags but im pretty sure kilroy bags and rug started clan..i think they were at work (together)...and had the idea...but i could be wrong. RIP KILLA man i miss him he was our first member lost..i remember saying good bye to him while his wife held laptop for us to say our final good bye the night he passed
  5. Crack

    i was the 25th member ... the good old days that proved the vision Rugger Kilroy and Cbags had.. actually fuckin came to life.. been a fuckin great time being in this clan..only clan ive ever been apart of btw what happen to slowfry?
  6. Crack

    im sorry to hear this bro condolences to u and ur fam
  7. Crack

    sorry bro
  8. hope all is well fucker i see negative so good
  9. Crack

    damn i dnt have cod2 installed
  10. Crack

    sprint jump side step jump sprint side step jump sprint jump double jump bamm ...dodging mutha fuckin bullets
  11. noooooooooo rip bart love ya bro ...thnx for the laughs the chats and the games thnx for havin my back!..man this stings im gonna miss ya.
  12. Crack

    sry to hear this ausi and misty....not here for the points!!
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