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  1. Dedman

    I was thinking more in the way of skelettons instead of zombies Always welcome to pass by Twitch
  2. Dedman

    Hello everyone, recently got my life back on the track. I found an awesome job and because of that I was able to buy some new parts for my pc and found the time to game again. These upgrades made it possible for me to start streaming again (but now without trouble). Now my question is if there is someone out here who enjoys making banners, avatars etc to help me out. Before I want to start with streaming consistently I want my channel to be enjoyable when visiting. Meaning having a banner, a nice avatar, info below the stream. So I was wondering if you guys/girls have any suggestions on how my avatar should look like and what coloring my name/channel should have. I am terrible at figuring this out. Been thinking about this the past nights without getting any idea. So I thought why not ask the best clan of the world for suggestions J I want everything to be linked around my name (dedman: a man that is dead who is still running around. The spelling error in the name is because I made it up when I was around 10 years old (my native language isn’t English)). Greetings Dedman
  3. Dedman

    Seems nice
  4. Just bought the game, will try it out later. I've received a couple of guest passes. If there are people who want to try it out first hit me up
  5. Dedman

    Happy Birthday sir!
  6. Dedman

    Hello, welcome
  7. Dedman

    Yea, I most of the time play at low pop servers
  8. Dedman

    Hey everyone, I lately play a lot of rust. I was wondering if there were any people around here who know/play this game? Was wondering what you guys think about it greets
  9. Dedman

    indeed. thank you very much
  10. Dedman

    Thank you sir. I only received 500mb, but i am glad you helped me
  11. Dedman

    hello everyone, I was wondering if there are people here who to help me get more space on my dropbox account. I use dropbox alot, especially for school and for some other stuff. I almost reached my limit. If you don't have a dropbox account and you're willing to make one to use it or try it out: can you please use this link? https://db.tt/Zw7CXLCS it will give both of us 500mb of extra space. Greetings Dedman
  12. Dedman

    invite requested, name is Dedmankiller. I am not able to change my name for a year :/
  13. Dedman

  14. Dedman




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