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  1. Essssieeee

    Cool, congrats!
  2. Essssieeee

    But you need to put that shotgun down lazy! speedy recovery @b1n0gHo5t
  3. Essssieeee

    This is so true Morgan, you and your shotgun
  4. Essssieeee

    Good to see you! best of luck and a speedy recovery
  5. Essssieeee

    Ok. I will stay with @Draygunnar now. And bring @Fatzi-Sgt with me for making breakfast. And @Striker you will be safe. Dray can’t put you back in the basement
  6. Essssieeee

    @Biotech let’s go!
  7. Essssieeee

    Welcome Hog
  8. Essssieeee

    Welcome to the forum
  9. Essssieeee

    Welcome to the forum, Venux
  10. pretty lady! nice pic... sucks i gotta pic that head off in my crosshairs....lol

  11. Essssieeee

    Welcome to the forum! neem ook maar een keer een kijkje bij cod 5!
  12. wel hallo daar.

    hebben u gemist in spel vandaag.

    tot volgende week dan maar hé.


  13. Essssieeee

    Aah coool!! Have funnn!
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