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  1. Siphonic Sugar

    Oi, I also agree. Custom maps WOULD be fun. Only problem is, they take a while to load. I guess we would have a server map pack workshop collection?
  2. Siphonic Sugar

    The .dll file error does also have a high chance of being the result of corrupt ram too.
  3. Oh my! Everything just looks so... high quality. I can't wait to play, and luckily I caught the sign up. I was confused because someone told me the signup was months ago.
  4. You could have been hacking beforehand. Also, why would you cheat on your own video that you would distribute to us? Well... whatever you say. Your profile on Steam does have a few people saying "nice aim bot" and similar things. Yeah, I analyzed your game play. Some parts of it were VERY suspicious. Also, that team wasn't even THAT good. I'm sure most people aren't going to say that, including me. However, if someone does say the video is fake.. then they can compare their own video with your video.
  5. What is the purpose of this video? Of course you wouldn't cheat ON camera.. In addition, this is a newer video.. You were most likely wall hacking beforehand. Also, here is proof of you earlier:
  6. Siphonic Sugar

    Hah. Anyway, you guys should also take a look at CK (Colombian Killers)
  7. Siphonic Sugar

    Ay! Perfect chance for all those peeps who were wall hacking to start over with a fresh skin!
  8. Siphonic Sugar

    Haha. I've noticed so many people lately who are wall hackers with VERY little hours.
  9. Siphonic Sugar

    I believe Maga has a flash bang plugin. It detects flashes thrown around spawn.
  10. Siphonic Sugar


    Yes. It is not aligned. There is a workshop item found here that can fix that.
  11. Siphonic Sugar

    Don't do crack...
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