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  1. Captain Dave

    So you're listening to a little bit of Tom Petty, then?
  2. Captain Dave

    GameTracker ended support for their GTLite product as of 5/21. Might be your problem https://www.gametracker.com/forums/forum.php?site=1&thread=148600
  3. Captain Dave

    I had no idea people still did this. I camp a bunch in Texas; I'll have to give this a go. Probably more likely to pan out a 5.56 brass casing than gold on any given day out here though
  4. Captain Dave

    It's a chill and work kind of day. Goldfish has some great fade into the back and be productive tracks.
  5. Captain Dave

  6. Captain Dave

  7. Captain Dave

    I found your spawn
  8. Captain Dave

    Indeed. Pops the players name up in chat, but only around the spawn AFAIK
  9. Haven't been this excited for a FPS game in a while
  10. Captain Dave

    Thanks for the welcome.
  11. Captain Dave

    Been debating picking this up. Anyone around here still playing? I've got a couple pals, but this really seems like the kind of game that would be better with a squad.
  12. Captain Dave

    I've had the pleasure of being killed by a few of you on your insurgency servers. Thought I'd stop in and see what it was all about. From Austin,TX. Work as a consultant so my playtime varies widely in both scope and schedule.



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