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  1. recoiillz

    Can someone get a handle on this please. Tonight while playing I was stealing a package from Messi and he went to spec as soon as I started taking it. When he came back I called him out on it and Chris also warned him. After that he decided to call me a racist and say I made racist comments yesterday and that it's in the logs. Well that's far from the truth and this needs to be handled, he even stated Roxys name that I called her something.
  2. recoiillz

    I will be, and the 4K is amazing
  3. recoiillz

    It was already wiped.
  4. recoiillz

    looks like I have to download all the maps again.
  5. recoiillz

    Yes I did.
  6. recoiillz

    haha I'm wiping my old computer now to give to my Daughter, I'll be on tonight!!
  7. recoiillz

    I got a new/old rig, its my sons old one but here are the specs, what do you think? MSI GTX 1060 6GB i7 4790k OC 4.7 16 GB RAM 1 tb SSD
  8. recoiillz

    I know most of the time I can be a pain in the ass to play with, but I think, and this is my opinion, that I'm a great teammate to have, I live on communication, because I'm a cop of course, I am very vocal, as everyone knows, yes I can be overwhelming at times yelling or talking a lot, and yes the social discussions bug me but I have been better I think and like I said after my talk with Roxy and Pen I did have a different outlook on playing with and against you.
  9. recoiillz

    I wasn't going to respond to this but after reading comments from both sides I felt the need to respond accordingly. I'll try my best to keep the sarcasm down. After having a talk with Roxy and Penguin about you Gothic, I wasn't aware of anything about you, so after they broke it down to me I told them that I would do better, and I feel I have but apparently you said I accused you of getting me frozen? well yeah I guess I did and if that makes me insensitive than I'm sorry for that, and if I get banned for that well then so be it, but like most have said about me, yes I'm aggressive, yes I play hardcore, yes I do this and yes I do that, but one thing that Roxy and Penguin drilled into my head is, the good old mute option. If I sound snarky or insensitive the way I'm saying this well I'm sorry again, I'll make sure to stay clear of you whether I'm on your team or not. Did I leave anything out? oh and I'm sorry again. I actually like playing against you Gothic, you know why? I love stealing your shit lol
  10. recoiillz

    Yes I'll be there I thought is was 3pm my time but I see it's 3:30 pm my time.
  11. recoiillz

    WOW I just realized this was 3:30 PM my time.
  12. recoiillz

    I never played S&D before but I'll give it a shot.
  13. recoiillz

    My Daughter says "Olivia"
  14. recoiillz

    maybe lol
  15. recoiillz

    haha nope lol
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