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  1. recoiillz

    I myself at times have played against better skilled players, and at times I got very competitive but if they have a bigger advantage such as ping, or better computer than I really can't complain. They have the right to be here just as much as the next guy, and if the admins catch them cheating then they know what to do. I love playing against great players.
  2. recoiillz

    Waiting for my son to do it, I'll let you know if it works, thanks.
  3. When I load the game it says server is a different version 1.7???? any help would be great.
  4. recoiillz

    I got that part but now the version is saying 1.7
  5. recoiillz

    wow so now i tried to play using the game itself and now the game says its version 1.7
  6. recoiillz

    All of a sudden my game tracker pops up with the command GT Lite unable to communicate with the game tracker service, any ideas?
  7. Map is corrupt for some reason.
  8. recoiillz

    No allergies, but I got out this afternoon with a clean bill of health, hopefully back to gaming after a relaxing day at Disney tomorrow.
  9. recoiillz

    Thank you to everyone for thinking of me during Gameplay I am about to get my catherization, and also I just received my shot of Benadryl and will be knocked out in a minute, thanks again and Godspeed to everyone
  10. recoiillz

    Thanks for your responses, an admin has PM'ed me.
  11. recoiillz

    I've having a little trouble lately with a certain admin, and I won't mention the name but almost every map I join or have been in before him he takes the liberty of saying right off the bat, as soon as I kill him, come on with the spawn kill recoiillz really. I'm begging, asking, requesting, on my knees for some help, iv'e even went as far as leaving or not joining a game if hes there, he always singles me out and its getting a little old, please spectate me, watch me under whatever you can but please all im trying to do is kill some guys and have fun doing it. Thanks in advance.
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