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    We playing tonight?
  2. [PUNKS]CuteFuzzyBunny

    I figured out a little more of what was going on, That Fifi, zombie user on our team, that was never in game, was either specing someone on the other team, or using an ap that shows all the "Friendlies" on the team map. And the other guy, with the no ping, was the one running that empty user. Most likely speccing on that fifi account. He indeed had no ping for a reason, cuz if the both users had the idtentical Ping, that would have been obvious. They both Quit at exactly the same time so, that make it obvious. I seriously say we need any non players on a team kicked . No reason for players to be in game and not there. and again there are no ligit reason to have no ping in game. that the Server reporting the ping, NOT the end user client reporting the ping.. So you can not ligit hide your ping from the server. Thanks.
  3. [PUNKS]CuteFuzzyBunny

  4. [PUNKS]CuteFuzzyBunny

    I havent heard the new stuff yet. Actually i bought the Endzeit bunkertracks 8 recently and i still haven't listened to those even. I got that a Stuidio-x cd, and the last few Matrix Comp cd's as well. I still need to rip and put in my car.
  5. [PUNKS]CuteFuzzyBunny

    Hello. I have a few names.. On steam, I'm Clan Punks leader, and i use CuteFuzzyBunny there. I use it here Cutefuzzybunny44. But actual ID's on almost all games is Punk4evr. Hotmail, and all other email I'm punk4ever. Most game actual ID's are Punk4evr. I was using and do use My primary name at times, but for May stupid reasons ( Especially thanks to Punkbuster nomenclature) May Idiots fucking kickme when I join with the Punk4evr Tag, so thats why i switch it up. The cute fuzzy bunny is actually a Nod to the Rabbit in Monty Pythons Quest for the holy Grail. So i though that death by a cute fuzzy bunny would be funny. So thats it. Nice to meet everyone. and any other questions ask.
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