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  1. Sax

    gonna need more chips me thinks
  2. Sax

    caught this in my pond !!
  3. Sorry i thought it said Rob chubby brown . Was thinking hello he's been at the burgers and beer again . But as you know Rob we gotta bow down to the minority pc brigade who always get there way . My view is if you dont like it dont go watch it but dont stop others enjoying it .
  4. https://housesforsaletorent.co.uk/houses/to-rent/lincolnshire/new-york.html yeah we got 1 aswel
  5. Sax

    Sry guys not moaning about being removed have no problem with that what was asking is why to the ffa and not the other ft server i mean who in thier right minds plays ffa !
  6. Hi guys and girls just got arse k when i get kicked from the cod 4 ft server because a member needs my slot why do you send me to the ffa server and not the other ft server ? O and why is it always me thats kicked my theory is its because im amazing ! the real theory behind my being moved is admin Yacc gets upset when i smash his back doors in with my nades .
  7. Sax

    No its Sax Machine !!! ( not according to the wife )
  8. Sax

    Hi all thought id better come on after finding the site and say hi to you all . Just started playing cod4 after being away from computering for what seems like forever was a big mohaa fan back in the day when it first appeared and worked for the Jolt servers as an admin and now im hooked on ft cod4 ( been playing it for a month now ) which makes the wife soooo happy lol . Anywho im 25 +++++ English and work for my local council when im let out from the mental facility that is .
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