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  1. Majbasil

  2. Majbasil

    SWEET!!! OK here you go -->
  3. Majbasil

    HELLO!!!! ? ?
  4. Majbasil

    And the TV show "STRANGER THINGS"... O M G if you haven't seen any of that, well, perfect for OCTOBER SPOOKY SCARY over the top , well, I will not say anything more cause, SPOILERS.... but gotta watch that!
  5. Majbasil

    Well.......... imho every October a silly movie night option (must be old enough as it is over the top) is the music Rocky Horror Picture Show.
  6. Majbasil

    I had a chance to be in a little plane, and we flew around and around low over a tiny volcanic island being formed. I was young enough to kinda freaked out about that at any second the volcano could explode up debris and lava to kill us and be worried about that. Otherwise, it was awesome, thrilling and on the top 10 experiences of my lifetime. Iceland, the only time in my life when sleet and a windstorm about froze me to death - in JUNE. Going back to Iceland is on my bucket list. ?
  7. Majbasil

    wow, babyback, really? ... Thanks for letting me know, didn't before.
  8. Majbasil

    Amazing how Rob can insult and verbally punch oh so many in the forums. lol ANYHOW, NG, I still laugh when I think about the game we played and you were killing everyone, you were invincible, it was amazing and you said "Somebody Stop Me!". Funny stuff.
  9. Majbasil

    OUCH!!!! That photo hurt just looking at it. I sympathize, I had a snow skiing accident a few years back and all my right leg ligaments had to be hammered back to the bones, and knee put back together (and they removed my torn to shreds ACL), I did everything the doctors and nurses said, took the pain meds as they said to, took the PT seriously, lots of exercises, and it is amazing how quickly the knee area heals! In no time at all you will be up and about, back to normal. I am even (shhhh don't tell anyone, especially my doctor) contemplating another ski vacation out West maybe Steamboat this time hehe cause my kids love it there so much (nice mountain runs.) Who am I kidding, I gotta ski I wanna ski! MEANWHILE, come game! (Ibuprophen really helps keep the swelling down) btw, every time you play in my head I am singing "Janie's got a gun" song ?
  10. Majbasil

    OK ?
  11. Majbasil

    Funky dear, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! ?
  12. Majbasil

    SWEET ?
  13. Please, please, please record this Scary Scrim!!! Then post it for us to watch and laugh and enjoy!!! I would prepare popcorn, get some wine, and watch with delight. (I cannot commit to any specific times/dates this Fall - busy time on call on a moments notice until Nov for me otherwise I would consider joining you all.) HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Majbasil

    So, I just assume that the super great gamers who slaughter me so easily in game are ... bots made by the game as fillers while more and more folks buy the game, load the game, start playing the game, so that from the get go the game is fully happening. I have been dealing with this situation, as I learn what the heck is happening, what to do, where to go, how to kill/stay alive and get those bounties filled, balloon up my money, etc, by avoiding the most populated areas and be able to focus better on learning the game vs dying quickly, which really sucks... Now as for this game, I do like it, it is fun running around grabbing all sorts of goodies and cash, I like the maps, they are well laid out and fun terrain, BUT... will I play it 8 hours a day? Nope, after about 30 to 60 minutes, I am ready to stop with this game... so, for me it is not a "keeper". 2 cents (just a "nower" for a little while)
  15. Majbasil

    So you are BACK IN THE GAME -->



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