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  1. Majbasil

    I CANNOT WAIT!!!!! yehaw
  2. Majbasil

    l lived in Ashburn, Virginia for many years, and those DC Fourth of July fireworks were GREAT!!! I cannot remember what year it was, but one time I was flying into Regan National Airport right when the fireworks were going off, that was crazy cool seeing them up close and personal. (We don't live in Virginia anymore, but cool cool that so many of you still live in the metro DC area.)
  3. Majbasil

    lol Good idea OK now what you going to do? She just saw this post you made...
  4. Majbasil

    Heck toss in photos of burley Scottish men with those hairy muscly legs wearing those fine tartan skirts and I am in... (disclaimer, my husband has Scottish Armstrong blood - and American Indian Cherokee blood, no wonder I married him.) Hello...
  5. Majbasil

    Here is my take on this. He was a scumbag, karma did it's job. About that condo that collapsed, so far my take on that is that the HOA found out about the issues and kept postponing recommended repairs to 1. prevent astronomic condo fee increases and 2. no inconvenience themselves and the condo owners of the mess, noise and disruption. ERGO, is the HOA liable? Maybe. Either way, horrible tragedy, but looks like it could have been prevented/postponed. Look. Nothing lasts forever, dams, bridges, buildings sooner or later "break". We humans are smart enough to make these things, bu
  6. Majbasil

    Pitbullpete lives in the suburbs of Boston, about 30 - 45 minutes west, I think, so ask him. https://www.tripadvisor.com/Attraction_Products-g60745-Boston_Massachusetts.html# My daughter has been telling me about and wanting us all to go to the Halloween/October in Salem, Massachusetts activities, might be fun - scary too maybe? https://www.hauntedhappenings.org/ I was actually just up around Boston myself a week or so ago, and so far my favorite "dining experience" this year in the Boston area was at this restaurant - yummy, adorable and fun --> https://thehavenjp.com/
  7. Majbasil

    My daughter wants us to go there for that Salem Halloween thingie in Mass, so who knows? We might just be there too. AS FOR WDW, as the kid still I am, I make sure to go there about every 2 years as soon as we could afford it, here are my two cents... If you don't do the night life stuff, for example, have kids to get to sleep, stay in a Disney off site condo with a kitchen, washer dryer, multiple bath rooms... if you do it right you still get the Disney perks like early entry, maybe even cut lines, and so on. Not sure what the details are now post covid, so many thin
  8. IT BETTER KNOCK OUR SOCKS OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! https://www.techradar.com/news/battlefield-6-release-date-trailer-news-and-rumors
  9. Well, Sourtap has a lovely daughter! Who Knew? No wonder you haven't been gaming as much, you have an adorable cutie to run around and watch over! CONGRATS!!! ENJOY!!! (They grow up super fast, so cherish every moment.)
  10. 2 cents. Obviously for me, I do not tend to take advantage of the game imperfections like the super duper hop/or hopping like a bunny everywhere all the time, or the medic invisible run and kill other team from the back sorts of things (or managing to get on impossible roofs/ledges, hiding in water or things that are solid looking but oops can hide in there... I just play the game, whatever set up it is. I rather do like this particular server for the adorable cars, all the killstreaks of this and that and like that you can pick your own goodies. Plus alot of you guys are plai
  11. Go for it Rugger, let's give it a go! 2 secs invisibility... and only 3 seconds for the medics... sounds like a plan.
  12. Majbasil

    LOL ROB, getting off the floor now, and wiping laughter tears off my eyes. Yes, believe it or not, I on occasion do kill successfully with my little three shot wonder, just got lucky hehe. NOW ABOUT DEPRESSION: Yes, I think most of us know at least one person who has killed himself/herself. We are complicated we really, really are. How many of us from time to time get super depressed and so on? I think this modern society of ours is not super great for us. Too many folks live alone, especially the older generation! They are super lonely. Just driving to and fro everywhere st
  13. Majbasil

    I think the title Socialist Country is misused for the most part. Some countries, like China, (see the bottom quote) might be worded as a Socialist Country, but in my mind it is plain and simple Communist / Dictatorship - like. When I think of real, working, functioning well Socialist Countries, I think of ones that are based on Capitalism yet with a wide range of social programs. The list below of countries, THOSE are what I think of as the real McCoy of Socialist Countries. These countries below are the best examples of what some folks think of by the term Socialist Countries, wh
  14. Majbasil

    Dude, "Socialism" isn't the problem, bad management is. From my research about British Healthcare, it seems that it is quite simply vastly underfunded. What the world needs is great leaders, with compassion, intelligence, education, wisdom and common sense. Kids need to be raised with the education of different societies and governments and hash out the pros and cons of each, the dangers and past mistakes, history is so very important to understand as tragically, it does repeat itself over and over and over again. Greed and selfishness and all those "evil" traits in an ideology/leader are



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