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  1. Majbasil

    oh HA HA, very funny, very funny... Harumph. You can laugh at us blondes all you want, but to that I always respond - "Blondes have more fun", we may be silly, we may be airhead-like, but we tend to have more fun. Just sayin.
  2. Majbasil

    Gosh! I did not know, I hope your hearing returns via that implant STAT I hope it works great for you so you can get back into the maps and shoot at us soon! So sorry that you had to have surgery and all those worries.
  3. Majbasil

    OMG what a bunch of Xtreme Idiots. No NO NO, what you do, see, is very simple... Lookie here. . . To avoid getting Covid, you go outside after a nice pretty snow, and look, search far and wide. When you see yellow snow, well, there it is, the cure all... Scoop it up and then just eat it up.
  4. Majbasil

    omg wimps....
  5. Majbasil

    Thanks for the info, let's add to this discussion the dangers of pesticides and herbicides that are like... everywhere. Organic foods are best, avoid junk food, and for the love of life, do NOT use roundup! Cave man days we humans lived to about 30 if we were lucky. But if we take good care of ourselves, eat right, get exercise, so on and so forth, we just might live to 100! STAY AWAY FROM JUNK FOOD as much as possible, you go to a grocery story and it is everwhere, tempting us to buy it, eat it, serve it to our kids... no wonder so many folks have diabetes, cancer, get strokes... Now off to eat my chocolate bar and drink my wine oops...
  6. OMG what a bunch of Extreme Idiots ... Get in the maps STAT
  7. Majbasil

    Wow, thanks for sharing, most of the time masses turn out to be benign, please don't worry. Modern medicine is wonderful, able to fix up folks. In the meantime, be happy, don't worry, pamper yourself - you deserve to be pampered.
  8. Hammer, bless your heart dude... about this subject of fake news/mis information ...
  9. Majbasil

    YES, such a problem, these monster storms! And with climate change (the earth warming up) more and more and worse and worse storms (and droughts) to come, bless our hearts. Amazing that at one time there were crocodiles in the Arctic, for example. And then there are those other times when the earth has frozen... aren't we lucky to be alive during a Goldilocks time on earth? Not too hot, not too cold, just right. I am a big believer in shelters - bomb shelters, tornado shelters, even just a beefed up room in the house with tornado proof structure as a safe room to run to.
  10. Majbasil

    It took me along time to not be sad over Thanksgiving, similar story. Over time, it gets so much easier. I like the idea of honoring those we've lost who we love, like when a beloved dog dies and they make a paw print ornament for me, put that on the tree, ornaments that have particular meaning for lost loved ones, and have photos and remembrances on display. I feel like it kinda includes lost loved ones, if there is such a thing as an afterlife, spirits, maybe this helps include them to our living celebrations. I tend to make a room in my house for ancestor photos and hung up documents, I think it helps. Life is bittersweet but thank goodness we are alive and living!
  11. I am so sorry for your loss, so very sad.
  12. lol I like it. It is fun, just gotta play and the stuff/awards get better, I am finding the more I play the more I like it. (People are so jaded anymore. 2 cents) If a free beta comes out, play it then, see if you like it alot, if not, don't buy it. Do what rocks your boat. Which is why I play COD4 Freeze Tag alot too, it is fun, it is funny and you idiots are so so silly. Judge, I play as majbasil2, come play with me
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