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  1. Majbasil

    LOOKS YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Majbasil

    Oh My God BLESS YOUR HEART!!! A good friend of mine, her dad had that cancer in stomach and similar surgery to you, he did change his eating style and habits afterwards, then kept on being the doctor he was before like nothing different. Still kept playing tennis, still kept doing his normal stuff. He did die but not of cancer, I think he had a stroke/bad heart issues - it was sudden and unexpected and I did not ask questions, only listened, pretty sure he had a bad, unfixable heart. Hell of a thing, I am so so sorry! You are such a sweet heart. OK now. Cancer meds have made such progress, they are in the process of making, evidently, a pill that cancer patients can take every day and that will keep the T-Cells (thyroid blood cells) up to date on what type of cells they should be seeking out to stomp out, so modern day beefing up of the immune system to fight the good fight. Have you been told yet that this is treatable, doable, and that you should, with monitoring, be able to get on with your life? The key is getting diagnosed so that treatments can begin and those stupid cancer cells can be zapped and outta here. Apparently, cancer cells or cancer like cells run around in our bodies all the time and it is the T-Cells that find em and kill em for most of the time. (Disclaimer, I am not a doctor, but I did sleep on a great mattress last night and do think I know what I am talking about.) Here is a link for and example of that new T-Cell type of treatment being worked on and some folks can use now, lots and lots more to come soon too, apparently. https://www.envita.com/conditions/integrative-oncologists-providing-holistic-cancer-treatment-options You wanna message me, I give good advice - I help out with survival groups, some of them cancer survivors, I hear all sorts of stuff like - great breakthrough news for cancer patients, major breakthroughs happening now, great success on this and that trial, for example. One thing about surgeries, don't forget to be proactive with pain meds, I would always tend to take half of whatever they prescribed pain wise, but at least 30 minutes early, that way the pain would not settle in and become a problem, then by using only half of the pill at a time, I would not have any risk of getting addicted or needing pain meds later on, that is just what I have done has worked OK for me, everyone is different though with different pain tolerances and healing processes. (I tend to get hurt and need surgery alot oops.) TAKE CARE and hopefully we will see you in the maps soon!
  3. Majbasil

    OK two words...... MONEY PIT Buyer beware, just sayin... If it looks too good to be true, it probably isn't. And lastly, WHY SO CHEAP IF IT IS THAT BIG, etc? Lordy lordy. 2 cents
  4. Majbasil

  5. Majbasil

    I was honestly totally surprised that you have only been gaming with XI for two years~~~ I thought it was a lot longer than that! YOU FIT RIGHT IN! Well, I say HOWDY formally. Now, off to get back in those maps.
  6. Majbasil

    oh dear... bless your heart. As one who (skiing crash 4 years ago) went thru the whole knee reattach all ligaments fix up situation, and going thru rehab, I saw lots and lots of folk who needed a knee or hip replacement. I was astonished really about how many folks end up needing hips and/or knees replaced. Apparently, arthritis and wear and tear does it's damage over time. OK. For me surgery easy peasy (I have had so many misc. surgeries to repair this and that) now that we have modern pain meds, this is all no problem, don't worry about the surgery, they got this! ... Get the best surgeon you can find, bingo presto, ta da fixed. The problem is rehab. You have to do the exercises they say, you have to move and walk and follow instructions. NO PAIN, NO GAIN. 2 cents... get your knee /s looked at asap. Once you are fixed up again, like many have said when I ask was it worth it, they say YES, WHY DID I WAIT SO LONG? Good luck there buddy.
  7. Majbasil

    Indeed. I could comment more, but this is an example of why being aware and active politically is so important. We need to try to see thru propaganda and "alternative facts" aka made up nonsense for misleading and distraction purposes. We need to be a good society, have only wars of necessity and not ego, greed and obsession (Putin and Ukraine for example), and work as a world order to prevent wars, meanwhile helping to stomp out those evil doers (like dictators - see above), and root for democracy and freedom and basic civil rights for all, not just the rich or lucky. Bless all our hearts.
  8. Majbasil

    OK so tell TEKI that this is why I typed OLAY instead of OLE or OLEY https://www.olay.com/regenerist-vitamin-c-peptide-24-hydrating-moisturizer-with-sunscreen-spf-30 OLAY OLAY OLAY OLAY OLAY now get back in those maps soldier!
  9. Majbasil

    ole ole ole ole
  10. Majbasil

    Woot! Now get back in those maps soldier!
  11. Majbasil

    Sparky is my vote (but how about applesauce? lol no that would be too long...) Sparky is an adorable name, easy to say, and your pup looks like a bundle of energy, name fits. HAPPY FOR YOU!
  12. Majbasil

    Hello! My husband used to be in the Navy and for awhile was stationed at San Diego (and San Fran. Treasure Island while recovering before medical discharge) and he LOVED California, the food, the lifestyle, the climate. HAVE A GREAT TIME! On your days off, go traveling and see the state - it is glorious! If you ski, LAKE TAHOE O M G awesome! If you love zoos, San Diego (both of them are excellent), love wine? SONOMA As for not being able to play COD4, there is a thread about how to get the correct file to call up the game to play with this group. Go to the forums in the COD4 area and look for Yack's post with the link for the file you need. Put that on your desktop, and do not go to steam to call up the game, use the shortcut link, as it is an older file version.
  13. Majbasil

    There was a game I used to play freeze tag on, I am thinking it was a MOH game? Anyhow, it was about Vietnam, it was OK map wise. Looked it up, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Medal_of_Honor:_Rising_Sun If this game is as good as that one, I'll play, let me know please.
  14. Majbasil

    Here is what he typed: Hello, My name is Samet I am 18 years old and I come from Turkey. You know me by the nickname Morlash, I've been playing on your server for a long time. In this clan, my big brother is a clan member and the player's name is @Teki, so I wanted to introduce myself to have a good time with you guys. WELL HELLO Teki's little brother!
  15. Majbasil

    I was thinking about Elon Musk, and his behavior reminds me of someone... I saw a movie about him, he got crazier and crazier the older he got... Used to be the richest person on earth for awhile... caused quite a stir from time to time... HOWARD HUGHES... so, I googled "Howard Hughes Elon Musk", and sure enough, articles have already been written comparing them. https://www.forbes.com/sites/antoinegara/2019/04/04/earth-to-elon-billionaire-howard-hughes-fought-the-law-and-financial-gravity-first/?sh=5f7d3779c2e2 well, at least so far he isn't running for President... And, he hasn't written a love letter to Kim Jong-Un, or been best buddies with Putin SO FAR... But, looking at his companies and such, he could be involved with causing World War 3. Just tossing that into this silly salad of a thread. Why cannot we have just one normal, level headed genius with world power to get us out of this 21st century mess we find ourselves in. Humans, very dangerous.
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