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  1. Majbasil

    WTF, find the money, get a new PC and get back in the game soldier!
  2. Majbasil

    Yes, Putin has alot to do with the current situation. Who's dear friend is Putin? HMMMMMM (you know, the asshole who tried a coup when he did not win the election) Let's not blame the current President for the mess that the previous seditious one (who, I might add should be in jail for treason, bribery, scam-ism, on and on and on) caused. https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/trump-scammed-supporters-250-million-171618280.html Why some folks think letting a con man, a b.s. master running things was a good thing for the country is beyond me... so we have a crappy situation, as happened after George W. Bush had 8 years to wreak havoc and then a mess was to be cleaned up. See a pattern? I sure do. For today, I am going to say Fuck Putin. May he rot in hell. As for American politics, lord help us, cause we are going to need it, half the country is crazy foolish. Dangerous times, and for what? As for the oil companies, if we had a moral, wise Congress that would actually work for the good of the people instead of their own pockets, laws would be passed to prevent such situations like we have today. https://www.businessinsider.com/gas-prices-oil-company-profits-skyrocketing-energy-sector-earnings-charts-2022-5
  3. Majbasil

    About crypto currencies, I believe they are fake, so SELL SELL SELL asap. 2 cents and you are welcome. IF you own crypto "money", please read this article. ---> https://www.smithsonianmag.com/innovation/founding-fathers-money-problems-bitcoin-180968393/
  4. Majbasil

    This has been the longest running bull market ever... imho this bull market ending time, yes things get bumpy and to be honest, if you need some cash from investments, do it asap, should have done it sooner, but hold on to your remaining investments, what goes down will go up again and then some... Choose wisely though. I am actually relived that this bull run is ending, and after all the bumps and jumps, cannot wait for another bull run to start up again. Here are my rules. 1. buy low 2 sell high 3. invest, invest, invest 4. don't panic (Wanna be well off as an old person? Save, invest DO IT NOW.) https://investor.vanguard.com/investor-resources-education/how-to-invest
  5. Majbasil

  6. Majbasil

    ya mon... https://www.pinterest.com/FamousSmokeShop/cigar-memes/ love the meme below, hubba hubba, just sayin lol (see guys, girls can do it too - be sexist and drool over a body)
  7. Majbasil

    Maybe sometime when the freeze-tag server is full full full someone says, let's go to the other server with all the fun mods and a bunch go off to play that server? Otherwise it'll not get used. 2 cents (Or plan a specific time/day for gameplay on that server.)
  8. Majbasil


    sigh... mankind is doomed... off to play freeze tag.
  9. Majbasil

  10. Majbasil

    Here is my take on Monkeypox... (I am NOT a physician.) Since this Monkeypox is related to Smallpox, and most of us have been vaccinated as a child of Smallpox, we are covered against getting Monkeypox for the most part. For those who are severely immune compromised, and for those younger who may not have been given a Smallpox vaccination, well, chances are you 1. won't get it 2. if you get it won't show any symptoms 3. if you get it and show symptoms, your chances of dying of it are 1%... So yes, it looks awful and omg another possible global pandemic yikes, so they work on a booster for those of us who have had a Smallpox vaccination and a 1st vaccine shot for everyone else. So what I am saying is, let's not worry about this. Keep wearing masks if necessary in areas of COVID outbreaks and do whatever the experts say normally. I mean heck wash hand, keep stuff clean, basic hygine stuff. But don't worry about this one. 2 cents Meanwhile, the memes are funny, the name of the disease is funny, but to anyone who gets it and those horrible Dark Ages type of poxes BLESS YOUR HEART!!! Hopefully it's not too painful, won't leave horrible scars, and that it won't kill you. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2022/may/23/what-is-monkeypox-source-cases-infections-spread-experts
  11. Majbasil

  12. Majbasil

  13. so funny, I read bendy wings, and I go there --- YOGA (thought this post was about Yoga) lol Read further, then OH.
  14. Majbasil

    OK you want to know why a nice liberal like me plays FPS games, well I will tell you. Growing up in the country, we ran around playing war. USA is always in some sort of war, parents tend to be veterans, kids (at least kids used to) play run around make believe. That is what I would play, when I wasn't doing all sorts of other stuff, so gaming FPS is like me as a kid running around pew pew. As for who I imagine I am fighting, it is mostly the WW2 Nazis, today it is the Russians and saving the Ukrainians in my mind, good guy vs bad guy stuff. As for real guns, they SUCK. Live by the gun, die by the gun in my mind. And omg video games / gaming / play acting is completely completely different from real life (DUH.) https://www.cbsnews.com/news/texas-school-shooting-ar15-gun-laws/
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