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  1. how cute is that? OK now get back in the maps.
  2. Majbasil

    OK so I will call you DARTH.
  3. Majbasil

    Yeah, wtf? lol I am trying to figure out why THAT NAME? Theory one = You have microbrewery and your company name/beer is called "Sourtap". Theory two = you did something so bad and outrageous that your old name (the one which we all know and love) has to go away for a different name, hence why not call myself "SOURTAP". Theory three = You like beer, the more sour the better. End of line. 🍋 🍺
  4. Majbasil

    GET IN THE VAN and HAHA it's your birthday. 🎉
  5. Majbasil how is the new battlefield? Been debating about buying but I do miss battlefield action. vehicles an all.

  6. With eight maps set in frozen landscapes, desert heat, and everything in between, eight exciting game modes, single-player War Stories, outstanding gunplay, a wide arsenal of weapons, vehicles, and gadgets, progression, customization, Specializations for weaponsand vehicles, and much more – you’ll have tons to do at the November 20 launch of Battlefield™ V.
  7. Counting the days until the game is afoot again. I'll be there as much as I can get away with (darn life, work, sleep, etc. messing with my gaming fun.) It may not be a perfect game, but imho it is cool enough to play and that is all that matters - YEHAW!
  8. Majbasil

    Apparently we are returning the generator (lol) As for the damage being done by Florence, so so so sad and I do wish folks would just evacuate instead of hunkering down, no worth it! My Uncle lives in Myrtle Beach and gosh darn it, they are hunkering down BOOOOO Worry Worry.
  9. Majbasil

    Since playing that COD4 map (Bastogne) with the loud music, I liked the guitar licks in it and wanted to see what the lyrics were and find out about the song and HOLY COW it is sad Cool song, but too loud in the game, but it is haunting and artfully beautiful too. Lyrics --> https://www.metallica.com/songs/25917/one video --> so sad. WAR SUCKS.
  10. Majbasil

    Here is my take on unfreezing players. DO IT, if someone is in your way, move around, just DO IT! Be a team player, get r done. If points come your way, great, if not, oh well, let's WIN THIS GAME! 2 cents
  11. Majbasil

    OMG... I am going thru BFV withdrawal............ Have to wait till November to play again... boooooo hooooooo
  12. Majbasil

    My kids LOVE this game, and got me playing it, but alas, I go for not cartoonish war games, so I rarely rarely play (unless my kids are playing and they ask me to play too) This is a GREAT GAME! For those who have not yet tried it, TRY IT! It just might knock your socks off. 2 cents
  13. Majbasil

    Wow, I had no idea so many folks here lived in NC too. The storm is headed straight for Raleigh so, hmmm. We received info from our community saying that last storm like that, FRAN, caused some folks to lose 2 weeks of power, etc. etc. etc. [email protected]!!!!!!!!! NO POWER! I CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT GAMING!!! Oh, and be safe folks! I like the advise = Turn Around, Don't Drown - if there is water on the road, don't try it, turn around. For me personally, as it is all about Kayaking imho, I am kinda looking forward to a flooded Falls Lake so I can paddle around in the flooded woods. I assume schools and such will be closed, so folks will probably hunker down like during Matthew a couple of years ago. OK off to run to the store and stock up on beer and wine.
  14. Majbasil

    I like it! It is still a toddler, give it time to grow up a bit. Meanwhile, I like the whole build trenches and snow forts thing, I like the graphics! I find that the more I play the weapons do get better, so be patient. I really like how I get to "be in Europe" granted not as a tourist, but hey. What else? Well, I am disappointed in the tanks and airplanes, but it is supposed to be back during WW2, I do hope they will improve in time as we play more and get upgrade options? So, I play as majbasil2 for now. I may not be the best player, but I do have a gung ho attitude and if possible try to be a good squad member/leader. Don't know how yet, but I am excited to learn how to use the V1 and V2 so I can bomb places, that could quickly change the game. I like the fog that rolls in, and the smoke that happens when there is a lot of action in an area, all and all I find this whole game so far interesting, and I look forward to it's release. Two thumbs up. Oh, but the comments in game shesh annoying. If you don't like the game, don't play, if you want to complain, don't bother the gamers who are trying to have some fun. If you have a lot of questions of how to play, find out later, not during the game. Messages in game should be about the game currently going on imho. Are we a nation of complainers? Maybe anymore. I like wine, not whiners. BACK TO THE MAPS! YEHAW!
  15. I gave BF1 a try, it did not stick, nope didn't do it for me. I have my hopes set high for BFV. Crossing fingers it knocks our socks off.