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  1. Happy birthday Dray!!!
  2. Supremo!!! Very fun setting ppl on fire..
  3. Thanks for the review, you make a good salesman.. the cockfighting might be a good sales point for some.. lol gonna grab it this weekend and I'll join ya sometimes for a bloodbath
  4. Haven't been on to play too often lately because of the warmer weather. But wanted to say hi and leave this pic for all of ya..
  5. Good read!! I suppose you learned the hard way for teasing the nurses!! Lol
  6. Greatly appreciate the use of your maps, after playing the same ones for so long it's great to try a few new ones, hope to catch you in game!!
  7. Not to you that are butthurt... Drink another bud light hahaahah
  8. You would have to be up around 4-5 am your time for that my friend lol
  9. Welcome aboard soldier!! The world can handle a few more idiots!!
  10. glad your back up and running... hopefully you can get fully back to normal!!!
  11. @Merlin007 this map qcame up tonight. Would be a great map with spawns on the right side like the Vietnam version. But spawns mixed isn't as fun
  12. That sound awesome man!! Great work!!!
  13. Hope all goes well and a speedy recovery
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