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  1. jointz

    After his fantastic voyage he's heading to gangsters paradise...
  2. jointz

    Headset in my opinion. I got a RAZR and works great
  3. jointz

    Nice place man!!!
  4. jointz

    Awesome to hear mark. May you have extra good game nights and shall the winters be filled with nothing but the best streaming of movies for you and the fam!!
  5. jointz

    happy birthday guys!!
  6. jointz

    I've been a member since my uncle viprz got me playing freezetag back in 2012. Been very loyal to the world at war group. Great group of idiots playing there these days. Also played cod4 freezetag but found some of the servers were too fast for me.. maybe I'm just too slow... Hold your comments back to that one crusher and Elvis... Finally have a newer computer capable of playing some of the newer games.. kinda looking forward to reuniting with a few playing world of warships... I'm from the great handgun free Canada!! That's right eh.. get your poutines while u can before the government bans then for some reason. Anyways I'm jointz!!
  7. jointz

    They are using your money to fund a proxy war that will lead to the extinction of our kind.. my country is no better
  8. jointz

    Not sure why but I'm downloading to try out warzone. Is there a group of idiots that get together to play this at all during the day? I seen some on teamspeak some days but not sure if u guys are playing warzone or something else
  9. jointz

    Oh no ive offended someone. Geez sadly I don't apologize.. but I won't throw salt in the wound..
  10. jointz

    Welcome to the forums, always some good competition in the world at war freezetag.. catch ya in game man.
  11. jointz

    Hope you don't spend half a day milking a bull.. might take a while to get it started but I'm sure if you keep at it u will get a bunch in the end..
  12. jointz

    No glue required. Saliva only.. covid free but puff at your own risk
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