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  1. jointz

    Think I'm going to invest in a full out gasmask
  2. jointz

  3. Logged in yesterday for first time in a month or so and I liked the 3 rounds. Seemed to hear the same from my teammates while we were playing.
  4. jointz

  5. jointz

    Good run crusher!!
  6. Through steam it should have saved your player profile but you would still have to earn your attachment all again. If you have to make a new profile like I had to I just added an underscore to my regular profile. jointz_ and everyone still knows it's the easiest target online
  7. jointz

  8. jointz

  9. jointz

  10. jointz

  11. jointz

  12. jointz

  13. jointz

  14. jointz

  15. jointz

    So dad is this how baby mushrooms are made??
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