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  1. jointz

    Would love to go but I'm Canadian and I'm an idiot with a criminal record lol
  2. jointz

  3. it was alll cats fault last night.... those draws were brutal.... he was is a hurry to make it home to his prize... hahahah
  4. As having to kiss mine or eletric cats sister.. I was in map during this problem tonight and got a snap shot of where he does it behind their barn.. caught him giving himself the stranger in front of her pic... Cat cat cat... Meow
  5. That would be a good idea. Like and dislike or vote would work
  6. That is a good idea could keep more ppl on instead of leaving cuz of the same few maps everyday. I noticed ppl take off cuz the maps are too big for the amount of players. And once they leave and get into different game. Or server they don't tend to come back.
  7. Koshiki has the bad roof spawn. Makes it hard for one team..
  8. jointz

    I think they plan on doing this or a knife event again. Can count me in for it next time
  9. jointz

    Wasn't bad shootout we had. Thanks to those that were there. I like that mod pretty awesome detail on the dead and the throwing knives was a great added touch. If u do it again u can count me in.
  10. i have been waiting for this for the last few days.... thaw yas all soon
  11. jointz

  12. jointz

    See us idiots are good for experience.. good job duc!! And you guys are doing great here. Keep up the good work!!
  13. jointz

    oh ok. and i love those topics... lol



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