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  1. jointz

    Welcome aboard the idiot ship
  2. jointz

    Still a win bro!! Looks like ur running super low on chips
  3. jointz

    Congratulations man!!
  4. jointz

  5. jointz

    Sweet setup my friend. That explains all the head shots recently lol
  6. jointz

    Good job!! Be sure to share more I always like some creativity being a stoner and all
  7. jointz

    Just checked it on steam still 80-100 bucks for it. Looks intense tho. Wish I could run it to try it
  8. jointz

    Try the rice truck. Too late now but once it's full dry u should be back to normal maybe not the lighted keys but lit or not my fingers kinda memorized which buttons need to be hit .. do u really need to look at keyboard while u play? It would explain a lot
  9. jointz

    They are just new. But very tasty
  10. jointz

    Those are awesome Doritos.. they also have ketchup Cheetos right now.. friggin awesome
  11. A few ppl this afternoon had a handler error that makes u have to restart the game or log into the server. They said it's becoming more common lately
  12. jointz

    Looks like a fun time to me!! Drink a few for us
  13. jointz

    SLAP ....... I'm my best will smith and Mike Tyson mixed impression
  14. jointz

    He's lucky Tyson didn't have enough space to really wind up and crack him
  15. jointz

    Hey welcome to the forums, I'm jointz and canbe found stirring up some trouble on the freezetag servers on-call of duty. Hope to see ya around
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