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  1. sure HXTR ill get the boys to work. ill PM you when its done. sorry to ask, but whats the title of it
  2. This is what i do in my spare time, hobby starting to get real. also made so that you can download the songs if you wish and there is coming new songs often. hope ya like it my brothers and sisters. Any questions just send me a PM. hope you love it all // Tim /Swessex) aka RustyRifle
  3. here it goes. press the orange button to listen. hope you like it!!!! klick on the blie link below and when you get there pless play ion the orange button https://soundcloud.com/timjavros/guns-and-roses-cover-by-my //Rusty
  4. RustyRifle

    glad to hear Harry!
  5. RustyRifle

  6. RustyRifle

    didnt know gowbad you feel after an cardiac stopper i was dead but the heroes btough me bacj, i was ewlwased hoke just to let you know. i do not remomment to prove it at home, im still feeling very weak, if there are any spellos oys i see all blirry- take care brithers and sisters. love to you all.
  7. RustyRifle

    in sweden it doesnt matter if you smoke or not for insurance companies. however i wont start again anyways since it was so hard at the beginning.
  8. RustyRifle

    yee Onyx it wasnt easy, think it was the hardest thing iw ever done.
  9. RustyRifle

    well widowmaker just give me a fair suggestion and we take it from there, im not trying to rob anyone but just want a fair deal.
  10. RustyRifle

    LMAO Sammy
  11. RustyRifle

    i fully understand you. im glad my wife dont smoke because if she did it would have driven me crazy lol
  12. RustyRifle

    Hey all!!! im glad to announce that i have quit smoking (think i deserve a medal for it) it wasnt easy but i managed to do it against all ods. now i have lots of vape stuff here just lying around. i have 15 1100mAh batteries, 7 refill bottles and 41 drip tips that are brand new. now i wonder if there is any intrest of buing these vape stuff. give me a decent bid and ill send it to you. all stuff is unused and fully functionable. //RustyRifle
  13. RustyRifle

    just want you all to know that my life is kinda hectic at the moment since i finniched my studies as a paramedics and it takes a lot of my time and also takes alot of my family time. i will try to og in atleast within 30 days but if i get WAY too busy working long hours its possible that i miss the 30 day period and it would be a pitty if i lost the privilege as being a fyll member of this clan. i just ask that you email me or let me know that "HAY IDIOT LOG IN ASAP! now im not saying that it would happen but just giving the admins a heads up and hope that you can be humble and understand my situation. i like the clan and would want to stay in it but i have just a hard time for a period of time now. love ya all // Rusty
  14. RustyRifle

  15. when and what time...sign me on with a small maybe
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