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  1. BurnnBright

    I saw him in concert a few years back. He was on tour this year (opening for Rick Springfield) but had to cancel due to health reasons. He announced shortly thereafter that he had cancer. He will be missed in the music world. 😥
  2. BurnnBright

    I only took random pics. Here's a few. More to come.
  3. BurnnBright

    This was posted in a Walmart ad on Facebook. Bama said I'm wrong for thinking that it's wrong. What do you think?
  4. BurnnBright

    You're the ultimate Idiot!!! Welcome back!
  5. BurnnBright

    I LOVE the music at the one minute mark!!!!! Woo hoooo!!!!
  6. BurnnBright

    My Sexy Beast
  7. BurnnBright

    Rugger, Duc, Bama
  8. BurnnBright

    Overkill's Male Friend Mike (aka Lord Loftin), Mrs. Rugger, Mrs. Overkill's Male Friend Mike, Overkill
  9. BurnnBright

    GatorGirl and Wild Penguin
  10. BurnnBright

  11. BurnnBright

    Overkill, Roxy and Ruso
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