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  1. BurnnBright

    I don't even know what year I'm on .... since I got deleted by Rugger.
  2. BurnnBright

    It's been way too long and I'm not sure I remember how to play. So much has changed! I barely recognize the website and I don't know what some of the features are. Weird! But.....I'm really looking forward to hanging out with a bunch of Idiots! ?
  3. BurnnBright

    It has been a few years since we've been around because we couldn't get decent internet at our current house. We finally bit the bullet and ordered cable. Stupid expensive!!! These guys are running cable to our house. Since it's a build out for a business line, they're running it from a mile away and going past homes that already have service. Supposedly, the line runs only to us. They have put giant cable under the other wires on the poles. Life is super busy these days but we hope to shoot you all sometime.
  4. BurnnBright

    Yeah ..... I think I screwed it up. LOL
  5. BurnnBright

    I just submitted my resignation at work. I want to delete my email from Outlook on the work computer but still be able to access it remotely for a while. I also don't want that computer to have access to my One Drive. The Microsoft account belongs to the employer but I access it from home all the time. Any help is appreciated.
  6. BurnnBright

    I saw him in concert a few years back. He was on tour this year (opening for Rick Springfield) but had to cancel due to health reasons. He announced shortly thereafter that he had cancer. He will be missed in the music world. ?
  7. BurnnBright

    I only took random pics. Here's a few. More to come.
  8. BurnnBright

    This was posted in a Walmart ad on Facebook. Bama said I'm wrong for thinking that it's wrong. What do you think?
  9. BurnnBright

    You're the ultimate Idiot!!! Welcome back!
  10. BurnnBright

    I LOVE the music at the one minute mark!!!!! Woo hoooo!!!!
  11. BurnnBright

    My Sexy Beast
  12. BurnnBright

    Rugger, Duc, Bama
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