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  1. Brans plan is to wipe out all humans. The three eyed raven in the cave took over bran and wants to restart the human race. He’s said it multiple times. The only one who has figured it out is Tyrion, but he doesn’t believe himself. Everything he has done so far is to create conflict so he will eventually get to the last man/woman standing and then take them out. Everyone dies. Bran wins. There my prediction.
  2. kiwi


    This is what happens when your afk @cuteboobies @jester. @Timmah! 9275BD1C-177E-469C-AF41-C84E6361EF2D.MOV
  3. kiwi

    Like I said...I doubt it
  4. kiwi

    @Dewalt just one of the members who plays on the server you have now come over to. The fact that someone you don’t even know apparently but already has a strong dislike for you should be a wake up call in itself. But I doubt it.
  5. kiwi

    I’ll tell you what the difference between sharpe and you is if you like @Dewalt a)sharpe is a lot better b) sharpe doesn’t at like a genuine fucktard when he owns you c) instead of acting like an arrogant fucktard he genuinely tries to help those less fortunate with their game. Therefore unlike the cockmunch who got booted from cod5 (who sounds remarkably like you I might add) we all just deal with his skill. Maybe that guy could stop being an arrogant asshole and learn from sharpe. ALthough I highly doubt it. @JFF echo the reason the pro server would fail is very clear. It wouldn’t stroke anyone’s ego. It would be sparsely populated for that reason exactly
  6. kiwi

    I agree with rob mc for the most part. I get get sick of getting my ass handed to me when I just come in to enjoy a beer and hang with friends. To all out there the like to put down people with “wipe your tears” and other high school insults, this is a social clan. I didn’t read anywhere that we are a professional gaming clan. If you are a “professional” why are you playing on here? What purpose does it serve? I have had a paid professional team myself and run my own clan servers. The one thing I learned very quickly Usb if you don’t look after the little people you will not survive. Instead of lose The average joe why don’t you set up a server where the “professionals” can play and let us enjoy our beer and chit chat. That’s what I did and it turned out great. The only reason “great players” wouldn’t want to play on there is they enjoy beating up on average people. You’ll figure it out quIck. It also gives those that want to test themselves against the best a place to do it. When average joes get sick of it they quit or go to another clan or sever. When enough follow you have a major problem just my thoughts
  7. kiwi

    Welcome Scarlett. Have fun with the cars!
  8. kiwi

    Steetcleaner I believe you are the reason we have to make dumb rules. Look at the tone of your posts compared to most others and you will see why we limit the use of or resources
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