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  1. kiwi

    Welcome Scarlett. Have fun with the cars!
  2. kiwi

    Steetcleaner I believe you are the reason we have to make dumb rules. Look at the tone of your posts compared to most others and you will see why we limit the use of or resources
  3. kiwi

    omg its been so long i missed this! thanks all
  4. What would happen if xi joined a real war
  5. Sorry to hear this cobra. Let me know if there's anything u need
  6. kiwi

    Sorry for the slow reply. Great to see you here Keres
  7. if they are boomer maps they will be camper maps! just for u boomer...just for u!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. kiwi

    Boomer will be missed. God must like cod to. I guess boomers teaching him to play!
  9. kiwi

    Welcome yogi. About time
  10. kiwi

    Welcome. Now I have to learn how to say your name properly.
  11. kiwi

    Welcome truck. About time u got here.
  12. kiwi

    Happy bday roxy. Make a wish!
  13. kiwi

    You should see where she put the "kiwi" tattoo terra!
  14. kiwi

    Welcome friend