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  1. II'm from Buffalo NY too . thats cool i didn't know you were from there .
  2. what kind of dogs are they? they are cute
  3. thank you. i had a good day and a good birthday.
  4. I hate to hear this. I'll keep black bart and his family in my thoughts and prayers ❤ ❤. Keep fighting black bart.
  5. If you fly in to paducah ky dark and I could pick you up and take u up there because it's only a hour away from us .
  6. there is some activities we can do in paducah ky there is atomic city family fun center which has go karts, Lazer tag and some more fun stuff . there is vertical jump. they are about 45 minutes away from cardz ky.
  7. well that is a about a hour a way from dark and i . we will be there.
  8. would be interested just depends on where it's at and where in September
  9. I'm sorry for your loss Your family are in my thoughts and prayers ❤ ❤❤
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