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  1. Lady Asylumn

    Thank you
  2. Lady Asylumn

    You can put it in a Instant pot and it would taste the same but it would cook faster. Dark and I have one and we love it. If u don't have one u need to get one it is worth the money and its nice if u get home from work late u can throw something in it and within minutes its done. The picture one the bottom is what I made in the Instant pot.
  3. Lady Asylumn

    So pretty. It looks peaceful. I would love to go there.
  4. Lady Asylumn

    Pink aleast I am not the only one thinking that. Wtf hxtr
  5. Lady Asylumn

    I am sorry we couldn't make it this year. Little man and I was sick and I know dark wasn't feeling the greatest. Maybe next year we will be able to make it.
  6. Lady Asylumn

    Thank u everyone.
  7. Lady Asylumn

    Our little man is 10 months old. Here soon we are going to have 1 year old I can't believe it is going by too fast. This mommy don't like it.
  8. Lady Asylumn

    I am happy it is in Nashville. Dark and me only live two in half hours away. We will probably be bring our little man. He is 8 months all ready. I can't believe it all. He is getting so big. It won't let me upload a newer picture.
  9. Lady Asylumn

    I thought it was in Nashville.
  10. Lady Asylumn

    I vote for Nashville there is a lot to do there.
  11. Lady Asylumn

    I hope y'all have a fun time. Dark and I couldn't make it this time. Maybe next year.
  12. Lady Asylumn

    He is going to be 6 months on Friday.
  13. Lady Asylumn

    Thank you everyone. Hanging out with my little man. It's a good birthday.
  14. Lady Asylumn

    Thank you
  15. Lady Asylumn

    Awww you were 20 minutes away from dark and me.
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