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  1. azzkikr

    Timmy, I suck at BBQing but do love eating BBQ ? especially the ribs.
  2. azzkikr

    Thanks @babyback for the wonderful wishes. I just got done with the first Eid day. It was nice (not as much fun as a usual Eid but we did make the best of it). Good food, family time, drove around to distribute Eid Goodie Bags for kids, tried to get some Eid day charity done. Had our usual prayers for peace and prosperity for all. Especially protection for all from this Corona menace. Also prayed for more idiocy among our XI family. Not sure if it was the right thing ?
  3. azzkikr

    Also thanks to @Roxy! for all the birthday thaws
  4. azzkikr

    Thank you all for the birthday wishes.... And special thanks to @Ruggerxi for remembering the birthday people every day besides all his other tasks...
  5. Hahahaaha. You dick. This is too good. Where do you find these
  6. Seems like a reasonable question to me. "what to do in this case?" and he is being respectful too. @Quint, like others answered: Go to TS to find an admin or I sometimes use the shoutbox on website. All admins are very helpful except a couple but I am not going to name names. On a side note: !fu @J3st3rpenis $fu @LOCO
  7. azzkikr

    Hahahahahaha. Good one
  8. I think Jester meant the mini-nuke. I never used it but I have noticed that a lot of times that mini-nuke getting 2-4 kills. Certainly feels underpowered.
  9. Thanks Pengi, Loco (and other organizers) for making this happen...... It certainly was fun playing new rotations.
  10. azzkikr

    RIP brother. "You will be missed" would be an understatement but not sure how to put emotions to words. You loss will continue to be felt deeply by all of us especially your family. Praying for strength to bear this tragic loss....
  11. azzkikr

    Wao, thats informative. I have no experience with AMD. I always assumed that Intel ran hot and used more power. Interesting....
  12. Wao. Such a loss for the family and XI. An absolute Gem of a person. May you get more joy and happiness now than you brought to everyone around you. RIP brother. Loads of prayers for @dadda2 and his family to bear that tragic loss. You will be missed....
  13. azzkikr

    Lol too good. Happy birthday @wildthing as well as a hearty FU. Hope you have a great day...
  14. azzkikr

    Happy Birthday @AthenA. Hope you have a great one
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