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  1. azzkikr

    Thanks all for the bday wishes
  2. RIP Brother. You will certainly be missed....
  3. azzkikr

    Wao, hope your hand is better now Giggles. You were playing awesome today...
  4. azzkikr

    Thank you all for the lovely wishes and lovelier FUs
  5. azzkikr

    Need some help. My PC restarts randomly when I am playing COD4. Some background is that I had AMD 7870HD and switched it out with GTX 1080 TI. Thats when I started noticing that my system would restart once in 30 mins in COD4. I attributed that to legacy drivers from AMD or some crap in registry. I did a clean install of windows last week (formatted the drive) and now I have a restart in COD for once in 5-10 mins. Not sure what the issue is. I am not overclocking, CPU or GPU. They are running in stock config. CPU is on liquid cooling and case has 4 fans so plenty of cooling. GPU is Asus strix 1080TI (has 3 fans) so shouldnt be heating up. I am running memory on XMP so there is some overclocking there but I tried disabling XMP but no change. Power-wise, I have a single GPU system with one NVME drive (Samsung 960PRO) and two HDDs 2TB each. My PSU is Corsair HX850 so should be ample power. Another data point is that I have run GPU stress test FurMark and no restarts. I also tried playing Battlefield 4 (1 hr+) and no restart. Max GPU temp seen was 68C. The restart only happens in COD4. I have attached a snapshot of HWMonitor outpu Any advice on how to debug this issue? HWMonitor.txt Below is the HWMonitor readings after 1 Hr of BF4 HWMonitor_BF4.txt
  6. azzkikr

    RIP cobra. A great man and a friend. He sponsored me into the XI family. You will certainly be missed brother. Lots of prayers for Cobra and may your family be blessed with strength to bear the tragic loss.
  7. Oh my bad brother. fu fu fu bosom
  8. Yes, we have to learn from Wishbone. He is among the chillest guys on the server. Just hearing him calms me down lol Rob, you are a good player and like you said, game performance and scores go up and down based on a lot of factors. Could we (as FT146 players) be more chill and cordial with each other? Absolutely. However, what works for me is that I got to know some great people those are the people I curse and shit on and they know I dont mean it. I would give it some time and I would talk more as that helps. TS would also be good. Rest of the people, I try to be respectful and not engage too much. I hope we continue to see you in game. Oh and that reminds me, fu wishbone fu pengi fu giggles fu jester penis fu posidon pos Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh. Feels better
  9. azzkikr

    FU Bullets with your Boots. You fucker. Leave me alone in game. LOL Always fun to spar in-game with you brother. Welcome to the forums.
  10. azzkikr

    EDD, I would suggest that you also check the Samsung 960 EVO M.2 500GB. Added cost is £88 (including VAT based on the PCSPECIALIST link) but you see a 6x increase in read speed and 4x increase in write speed. I/O speed makes enormous difference in my opinion. Just a thought.
  11. Played the map while LandShark was there. MOD looks good. One issue that we saw was that when both players had been infected and turned to zombies, the game should have ended but it didnt. The remaining zombies were running and the meatgrinder came out. Us two players were still zombies and the next wave came as well. Thanks Sammy for keeping things fresh for all of us.
  12. azzkikr

    Congrats to you and your family Giggles
  13. azzkikr

    Congratulations to you and family Giggles. And its a beautiful name
  14. azzkikr

    Oh man, such a tragic loss. Thoughts and prayers for your family...
  15. azzkikr

    Happy Birthday Pete. Hope you have a great one
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