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  1. azzkikr

    Happy Birthday Ediota...
  2. azzkikr

    My thoughts exactly. Also anyone who kills me is a hacker. So the whole XI is hacking. Even with my "God Mode" hack, people are killing me. What does that say? Hmmmmmm
  3. azzkikr

    Damn. Thanks for the update
  4. azzkikr

    Can you put up the links for our info? 3 more. SHIT....
  5. azzkikr

    Heppy birthday fellow idiots...
  6. azzkikr

    $9 here in Southern california. Northern california is more expensive.
  7. azzkikr

    To the top 😱 Oh oh. @Ruggerxi better watch out 😃
  8. azzkikr

    Congrats Admin team and hats off to all admins who take time out of fun and play to keep everything running smooth
  9. azzkikr

    Congrats GG and thank you for dealing with us IDIOTS...
  10. azzkikr

    Happy Birthday Idiots
  11. azzkikr

    Thanks all for the bday wishes
  12. RIP Brother. You will certainly be missed....
  13. azzkikr

    Wao, hope your hand is better now Giggles. You were playing awesome today...
  14. azzkikr

    Thank you all for the lovely wishes and lovelier FUs
  15. azzkikr

    Need some help. My PC restarts randomly when I am playing COD4. Some background is that I had AMD 7870HD and switched it out with GTX 1080 TI. Thats when I started noticing that my system would restart once in 30 mins in COD4. I attributed that to legacy drivers from AMD or some crap in registry. I did a clean install of windows last week (formatted the drive) and now I have a restart in COD for once in 5-10 mins. Not sure what the issue is. I am not overclocking, CPU or GPU. They are running in stock config. CPU is on liquid cooling and case has 4 fans so plenty of cooling. GPU is Asus strix 1080TI (has 3 fans) so shouldnt be heating up. I am running memory on XMP so there is some overclocking there but I tried disabling XMP but no change. Power-wise, I have a single GPU system with one NVME drive (Samsung 960PRO) and two HDDs 2TB each. My PSU is Corsair HX850 so should be ample power. Another data point is that I have run GPU stress test FurMark and no restarts. I also tried playing Battlefield 4 (1 hr+) and no restart. Max GPU temp seen was 68C. The restart only happens in COD4. I have attached a snapshot of HWMonitor outpu Any advice on how to debug this issue? HWMonitor.txt Below is the HWMonitor readings after 1 Hr of BF4 HWMonitor_BF4.txt
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