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  1. Hello everyone. Taking advantage of this date to wish ALL of my friends from this server the best in these celebrations. My love for each one. Merry Christmas. Blessings.

    Ty my friend,. I am in servers now. I hope see u soon there. Hugs.

    Thanks a lot bds.

    Gracias Unchileno. God Bless too.

    Gracias Unchileno. God bless too.

    Venezuela. Ty a lot.

    Hello everyone. An update of my status: I am much better health, thanks to each and every one because I know they are outstanding in one way or another. What if this is bad enough is the country where I live, my country due to the lousy government that we have, thing that you already know. The food is overly expensive and there is not everything you are looking for. We also lack such basic things as toothpaste, toilet paper among other things. There is no work for many reasons, at least in my field that is music and stop counting. That is roughly what happens, a very hard life that we treat my wife and I not to think about it. Again thanks to all of you for your love and attention and forgive me if I have not lived up to your love for me but the situation is so hard for all here. Hugs.

    The same for you my dear brothers. Thank you once again.
  9. Hello everyone. I'm gonna use a translator because I have many things to say. Many thanks again to ALL who were concerned about my health and all who collaborated in one way or another to achieve the objectives in order to accomplish what was needed to get out of the great trance in which I was. And I have good news, after a surgical operation in February and a time after undergoing 39 sessions of radiotherapy is now, only a few months ago that I have been feeling really good. I notified Loader at the time and I hope everyone already knows. Even though I do not often come here, it does not mean that you are not in my heart and mind permanently. You are part of my family, that is something that has happened for some time and I am glad that it is so. All the blessings of God for you and your families on these dates and always be so. I love you so much. Happiness.

    Thank you TheLastColdBear. Regards.

    Thank you bds.

    Thank you Painponge. Keep in touch, excuse if I didn't read your post before. Regards.

    Disculpa que no había leído tu post de la comunicación Joe. Ya te agregué al Whatsapp pero necesito el código de area de tu zona para poder llamarte. Muchas gracias por traducirles mis inquietudes a los muchachos. Estamos en contacto. Abrazos mil.

    Hello my friends again. Loader; I would like to live there, but how come? Thank you anyway. Thank you for your words ghostouned. Joe, mi No. es +58412 992 62 02, llámame, preferiblemente al mediodía. Se que cuento contigo y con los demás, no se si les tradujiste a todos lo que te escribí en español. Gracias, un abrazo. Thank you very much Logan for those words too. Please read this, about my country, thanks again to all of you: