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  1. Cobranss

    did have some great games with some new players thanks to all that played
  2. Cobranss

    I have the skill to use it properly as you can see with my last photo i posted but i built this basically just to sit and collect dust
  3. Cobranss

    pc finally finished had a few setbacks never use an old power supply in a new build
  4. Cobranss

    So far so good running at 5ghz stable at 70 c
  5. Cobranss

    Finished build
  6. Cobranss

    I have a samsung evo 960 500 gb main boot drive 1 samsung evo 860 2tb game drive and 1 samsung evo 860 1 Tb dump drive
  7. Cobranss

    I think the Russians did it
  8. Cobranss

    I got two of them on eBay one new one used for 2100.00 put the used one back on eBay and it sold for 2600.00
  9. Cobranss

    GTX 1080 Ti kingpin stabilizing bracket
  10. Cobranss

  11. Cobranss

    More pic will be uploaded soon
  12. Cobranss

    GTX 1080 Ti kingpin 12 gb
  13. Cobranss

    Corsair's airflow motherboard ram cooler
  14. Cobranss

    I'll be posting more pic when I can rest of my CPU parts should be here today and tomorrow hoping to be on line and bullshiting with you all soon any question feel free to ask as well as sudjestions
  15. Cobranss

    Well my motherboard got fried in the last storm I had here so I've been working on a new rig still waiting on my i7 8700x 6 core CPU and my corsair's extremely ddr4 4000 MHz ram already have the Roswell case Asus extremely hero x mB and the gtx 1080 ti kingpin video card 1000w total modular power supply eco 960 500mb onboard me ssd 2tb evo 860 ssd and a 1 Tb evo 860 ssd red cable management nzxt water cooled sealed unit processor cooler
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