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  1. Hi TSW, you have fix your problems? Whats your OS on your PC? I run with Win10 very good. Maybe help a newinstall from Win ..... Miss you on battlefield 😭😂
  2. Woody_Ger

    Happy Birthday ?
  3. Woody_Ger

    Hello guys, we have just come back from our holiday in Rome. For my 50th birthday, we made Rome insecure. I think I even broke the Colosseum .....
  4. Woody_Ger

    Happy Birthday Ghostlupus
  5. Woody_Ger

    Hey my friend, i hope you and your family have celebrated your birthday nicely. See you !
  6. Woody_Ger

    I had to google what the Blue Whale Challenge is. That shocks me. Who can be so ill and put a child tasks that end with death. They should play their stupid game with themselves. Children need a family home that masters everyday life together. With rules, duties and responsibilities, children can only laugh at such idiots and tell them to fuck off. If my son told me something like that (and he definitely would), someone would have given him such a task, I would buy a baseball bat for the first time in my life.
  7. Woody_Ger

    Its work now !!!
  8. Woody_Ger

    You got a blackscreen if you spawn after a friend !!!!
  9. Woody_Ger

    Maybe Grandpa
  10. Woody_Ger

    I think that the game has more potential to become good. If the tank runs out of ammo, you have to get ammo at different points on the map. So Cobranss can not shoot me down with the tank all the time. The same goes for airplanes. If the ammo is over you have to fly through a gate to get new ammunition.
  11. Woody_Ger

    Origin hid the button. Go to the Origin Store and look to BF V . There must be a button "Play first" or something like that . After you click it, you get a downloadbutton on your own game Library . Now you can download it!
  12. Woody_Ger

    Hi Beers, ich wünsche Dir alles Gute zum Geburtstag. Viel Gesundheit und mehr Glück bei COD 5 ;-) You want know what i have written? Learn german. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  13. You have the new Win 10 update taken. It´s Version 1709.