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  1. Battlefield 2042 Will Feature a Level Editor !! https://mp1st.com/news/report-battlefield-2042-will-feature-a-level-editor maybe yes?? But i think no. Let us see what is coming.... should we have a BF 2042 Open Club?
  2. Why didnt play BF V ?? There are waepons includet for your age !!!!
  3. Sorry, since I've stopped working at night it's too late or too early for me. How you take it. But at some point I'll see your ass and kick it. I miss you so ...
  4. BF V are not 2 bad. I played over 1000 hr on it and its mutch fun. But i cant wait 2 play BF 2042 2 kick TSW and Cobras Ass......
  5. Woody_Ger

    I am happy to hear this good news. Look forward the live is comming back ....
  6. Woody_Ger

    Happy Birthday
  7. Woody_Ger

    Happy Birthday 2 all
  8. Woody_Ger

    It´s online now. But no new maps and mods at this time. https://veniceunleashed.net/download
  9. Woody_Ger

    Why so few monitors? Hahahaha Nice Gracard RTX 3070 ??
  10. Woody_Ger

    Happy Birthday ! Have a happy day .....
  11. Woody_Ger

    Thanks for all the good wishes. Unfortunately, we learned that my favorite pizzeria is closed today.
  12. BF 3 is alive In the trailer embedded above, you can see what will be possible in Battlefield 3 with the framework called “Venice Unleashed” (VU). Not only can you use it to create your own maps and vehicles, but also modify existing ones or even create completely new game modes. The video shows, among other things, a replica of the Counter-Strike map de_dust2, as well as a bicycle and a modified buggy. But that doesn't stop there: The entire gameplay can also be rebuilt. This is shown, for example, by a top-down shooter in which you shoot waves of AI-controlled opponents. Dedic
  13. Woody_Ger

    Oh no, I confused the game with World War Z .. I'm out.



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