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    Genealogy research in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the rest of the world.

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  1. Woody_Ger

    Welcome, see you on battlefield
  2. To be or not to be. I think we would thinking in the wrong dimensions. For a fish ist the ocean endless. We are know the Ocean has an end. We are thinking that the Universe are endless. Some other species know that there are has an end. The video below is only a movie, but there is one way what can to be wie the universe. Maybe not 1:1.😉 Man in black - ending HD (356p_25fps_H264-128kbit_AAC).mp4
  3. Woody_Ger

    Who 2 hell is Gatorgirl 😱 Congrats
  4. Woody_Ger

    Congratulations to all new Admins. Have fun !!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Woody_Ger

    Maybe it comes from bunny hopping? hahahaha No, sorry. Maybe the link will help https://www.partitionwizard.com/partitionmagic/windows-10-reboot-loop.html Or install Win 10 new with the MediaCreationTool Version 18362.207. Hope you have your Windows key or the digital license.
  6. Woody_Ger

    Bunny hoppers are never allowed to drink beer !!!! 😘
  7. Woody_Ger

    The story is that i was send in 2012 2_MANY_BEERS and Johnny DOS a bottle of original german wheat beer and the original german wheat beer glass. Only for fun and to say thanks for two good guys to play with me. 2_MANY_BEERS say thanks in this video. And NO !!!! 2_MANY_BEERS Grandson don't drink beer ..... 😉
  8. I found this video from 2012 Beers i miss you in the Clan.... 😥 😣 Video from Beers.mp4
  9. Woody_Ger

    Welcome back Idiot😜
  10. Woody_Ger

    Hi, I understand that correctly that your son is cured? I'm glad that he won the fight against cancer. My brother died of cancer at the age of 42, my father was 57, my uncle was 63, and my grandmother 58 years old. That's bad. If I think that a little boy has cancer, that's horror. I wish you continued strength and joy in life. Enjoy it, because it can be very short .....
  11. Woody_Ger

    Mother's Day Is Mother's Day an invention of the Nazis? Clearly no. The Encyclopædia Britannica (1959, vol. 15, p. 849) already locates the origin of today's mothers' days in antiquity at a feast "derived from the tradition of the cult of the ancients in ancient Greece". Another religious forerunner of modern Mother's Day: At the time of the English King Henry III. (1216-1239) Sunday Laetare, also the fourth Sunday in Lent, was celebrated as a so-called "Mother's Sunday". Although the "Mother Church" was celebrating on this date above all itself. Nevertheless, it was quickly naturalized that the faithful on this day also did something good to their birth mother. Let flowers speak In 1905, the American Anna Jarvis discovered the idea for a "Mother's Day". That they have calculated this plan was mentioned only marginally. After all, the Mother's Day in 1914 for the US State Day and came across England, Norway and Sweden in the 20s also to Austria and Germany. Here it was - unsurprisingly - the "Association of German flower shop owners", the propagation of the festival propelled. However, the florists attached the greatest importance to the fact that they were exclusively concerned with the "honoring of the mother". But it was not until the Nazis, especially the Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Volksgesundung, used the age-old idea for their own purposes. In the mothers they saw above all the "births, Aryan national comrades", devoted themselves to the Mütterweihespielen and rewarded their "services" by the award of the Mother Cross. After 1945, the spook was over and Mother's Day slowly took on those forms in which even today is still celebrated.
  12. Woody_Ger

    Yup, that was great. Thanks TSW for that server.
  13. Woody_Ger

    change your key from OEM to a full retail license key . Look the internet for Win7 key, i found the cheapest for 3,19 Euro. No fake look here https://www.rakuten.de/produkt/microsoft-win-7-professional-pro-3264-bit-1-pc-key-anleitung-vollversion-aktion-2693252945?cid=adwords&sclid=a_google_de_pla_empty_m140270_DE_2693252945_&portaldv=6&sclid=a_google_de_pla_empty_broad_379-526-3455_2693252945_c&gclid=Cj0KCQjwh6XmBRDRARIsAKNInDFnQN8DHyCKW5636a8zDAxwy0AbcA-w00ODiANnEIFQ4DweT4xJb84aAsZUEALw_wcB I think the same you can buy in the US than change the key, look here https://smallbusiness.chron.com/convert-oem-windows-7-retail-license-56959.html
  14. Woody_Ger

    Yes, take a look https://kb.vmware.com/s/article/2005129 use the free Vcenter Converter from vmware
  15. Woody_Ger

    Hi, dual boot sucks. Install a fresh Win10 on your better SSD and then use the free VM ware player and make a virtual PC (Win 7) on your Win10 System. You can use both OS at the same time. https://vmware-player.en.softonic.com/
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