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  1. BF 3 is alive In the trailer embedded above, you can see what will be possible in Battlefield 3 with the framework called “Venice Unleashed” (VU). Not only can you use it to create your own maps and vehicles, but also modify existing ones or even create completely new game modes. The video shows, among other things, a replica of the Counter-Strike map de_dust2, as well as a bicycle and a modified buggy. But that doesn't stop there: The entire gameplay can also be rebuilt. This is shown, for example, by a top-down shooter in which you shoot waves of AI-controlled opponents. Dedicated servers and more: At the same time, with VU you can also host private dedicated servers with a higher tick rate than the official ones. You can also customize other simple gameplay elements such as the suppression fire. https://veniceunleashed.net Hope that works too ..... greetings from the darkness Woody
  2. Woody_Ger

    Oh no, I confused the game with World War Z .. I'm out.
  3. Woody_Ger

    Hope you doesn´t see this ... This starlink satellites sucks.
  4. Woody_Ger

    Can you send me an link ??
  5. Woody_Ger

    I ´am in. If you kill Zombies, i stay on your side ....?‍♂️
  6. Woody_Ger

    After you have Covid 19 you lost one of your 7 toes... no problem ... Sorry, i am an Idiot, hope all the best for you and your wife ....
  7. Woody_Ger

    Oh Boy, what have you done? Don´t lost the next level of this fucking game. We wait for you to play Battlefield 99 with us .... Stay save an good look. And watch the cake that i send to you .... DONT EAT IT .... use the tool inside...
  8. Woody_Ger

    I play BF V from day to day. My Origin Name are WoodyGer_XI
  9. Woody_Ger

    Happy Birthday Sorry I'm too late. Is there any cake left ???
  10. Woody_Ger

    I lost the button 2 ?
  11. Woody_Ger

    I am very, very sad.... Johnny was one of the first contacts at XI. I spent many hours with Johnny in COD5. I have to laugh today when he played PUBG with me for the first time. I tried to explain to him with my german english how the game works. My stomach ached with laughter. I miss you, my friend. Without Johnny Dos the world turns a little slower ..... RIP Johnny
  12. Woody_Ger

    How do you get it that nobody cares? I have severe back problems myself and take pain relievers almost every day. Two of my cervical vertebrae grow together .... I wish you good luck with your treatment and less pain.
  13. Woody_Ger

    Since I repainted my BMW, all pedestrians go out of my way. The question is why ??? ?



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