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  1. Hi, today there is a new update for BF 2042. I load it and would play, but i can´t look left or right with my mouse. Here you can fix it (found on reddit) That's how I fixed it here - Close the game. - Open the ...\Documents\Battlefield 2042\settings\PROFSAVE_profile file - Delete all lines starting with GstKeyBinding.infantry (should be the first 200 or something) - Start the game Here are the link to the original post. I fix my game with this! Greetings Woody
  2. I am ready, i am ready, i am ready, i am ready, i am ready, i am ready
  3. Woody_Ger

    I have it Core I7 8700K @5GHZ 32 GB RAM Win10 64 bit RTX 3070 and all watercooled BF 2042 where you are - I am here. Come out and fight .....
  4. Woody_Ger

    I know preload is the 8. November. Beta somewhere in the first October week.
  5. The Battlefield 2042 beta will only start on September 22nd, not September 4th. Allegedly !!!!! We will see
  6. Battlefield 2042 starts earlier! The "Battlefield 2042 - Beta will have two start dates: Early Access: from September 4th - for all pre-orderers of “Battlefield 2042” as well as for EA-Play subscribers Open Beta: from September 6th - for all players. Preload appointment The Battlefield 2042 preload will begin on October 11, 2021 at 7:00 p.m. German time. Battlefield 2042 release date (Gold & Ultimate Edition) Pre-orderers of the Battlefield 2042 Gold or Ultimate Version can start and play Battlefield 2042 for the first time on October 15, 2021 at 9:00 a.m. German time. Battlefield 2042 release date (Standard Edition) Pre-orderers of the Battlefield 2042 Standard Edition can start and play Battlefield 2042 for the first time on October 22, 2021 at 9:00 a.m. German time. See you on Battlefield
  7. Woody_Ger

    Oh no ... no more 7 toes. Fuck cancer and Covid. I'll miss you !!!!!!
  8. I bought the Super duper Special Edition yesterday. 109.99 Euros at Origin . I'm looking forward to the beta on September 4th.
  9. OK, THX. I buy it over Origin. See you all on Battlefield.
  10. From which online platform will you buy Battlefield 2042? Origin or Steam?
  11. Battlefield 2042 Will Feature a Level Editor !! https://mp1st.com/news/report-battlefield-2042-will-feature-a-level-editor maybe yes?? But i think no. Let us see what is coming.... should we have a BF 2042 Open Club?
  12. Why didnt play BF V ?? There are waepons includet for your age !!!!
  13. Sorry, since I've stopped working at night it's too late or too early for me. How you take it. But at some point I'll see your ass and kick it. I miss you so ...
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