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  1. JKM

    Over the hill now-need more gas:lol
  2. JKM

    You meen good luck wolf PS have fun wolf
  3. I am getting the time out on all three servers
  4. Dam now i cant kill you
  5. JKM

    Thanks everyone for your warm welcome. and here a little info for you . I am just a old fart that likes to play games . played ut ut3 ut2004 cod4 codwaw bfbc2 ok thats about all see you on the battlefield.
  6. My first post . Just like to say you guys are Great Have a ball playing with you all . Some History about my self started playing online games when ut came out . then ut 2003--- ut2004 ---cod 4 ---and codwaw--- bfbc2 . Just Quit my old clan today and looking to become a >XI< Clan Member. Been playing with you guys for a long time now
  7. See you guys in about a week i hope . my video card just went out. Dam now i cant kill Beers
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