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  1. DrBartFratze

    Wow. Congratulations
  2. DrBartFratze

    welcome =) have fun with the gang
  3. DrBartFratze

    i would love to get in on this one, but we will see how well the rockstar servers will manage xD -cheers
  4. DrBartFratze

    WELCOME =) =) =)
  5. DrBartFratze

    this one was even on the german news haha i liked how casually he still waves people as if nothing was going on -cheers
  6. DrBartFratze

  7. DrBartFratze

    I also wish I could go there one day...before the oceon takes it xD
  8. DrBartFratze

    welcome, see you on the battlefield =)
  9. Hey guys, for those who have not yet unlocked these assignments and they still show a "?" when clicking on them...here is how you do it: 1. YOU NEED TO HAVE PREMIUM! 2. Go to the leaderboards and press the small skull icon on the bottom 3. This console will pop up: 4. Now enter the 3 passwords, one by one. 1st phase "bumpinthenight". 2nd phase- "epic dream worlds". 3rd phase- "24344241893" 5. and now start doing the assignments 6. there will be a 4th phase once the last DLC for BF4 is available. -Cheers the doctor
  10. but they are gone...too bad. maybe you can upload them to the youtubes?!
  11. nice, i didnt know you were recording...Im featured in there ^^
  12. well, it is AWESOME!! good vid
  13. DrBartFratze

    On Kill;If %v% contains DrBartFratze;Weapon Melee;Say %p% STABBED %v% , SCHEISSE! Now I can't get to the CHOPPER.



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