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  1. TheCheeseyCrusader

  2. TheCheeseyCrusader

    If only i can make out what you're saying? You a fellow tin foil hat guy??
  3. TheCheeseyCrusader

    Honestly mate.... Dont know if you've realised but every time you post we're expecting a comedy show. I'd just give up.. on the other hand. Jab me up!! 10 days in greece and not lifting a hand
  4. TheCheeseyCrusader

    next week i'll have my first jab
  5. You going to get it??
  6. TheCheeseyCrusader

    Yeah ill come too mate VID-20180309-WA0025.mp4
  7. TheCheeseyCrusader

    Cant help but post this here. Some of the pics ive seen have been funny as fuck. Heres mine!
  8. TheCheeseyCrusader

    Been listening to Creedence ClearWater revival since i was 14
  9. TheCheeseyCrusader

    Holy shit
  10. TheCheeseyCrusader

    Have to wait 10 days to get a result from activision
  11. TheCheeseyCrusader

    I wont be able to join. My warzone account has been hacked. So now i have to wait 10 days to get a reply from activision
  12. TheCheeseyCrusader

    Watched it last night. IMO it was good.A few easter eggs in the film. I wont say too much
  13. TheCheeseyCrusader

    I'll give it another week and we'll set something up
  14. TheCheeseyCrusader

  15. TheCheeseyCrusader

    And maybe set up a betting system on the website
  16. TheCheeseyCrusader

    I didnt until i went to custom.warzone games
  17. TheCheeseyCrusader

    Hello people. Would anyone be interested in doing a warzone battle? Depending on numbers we could do duos,trios and quads.
  18. TheCheeseyCrusader

    didnt realise you could do private warzone games. would be cool if we all got together and had a mini royal
  19. TheCheeseyCrusader

  20. TheCheeseyCrusader

    Happy Birthday @EDD THE DUCK have a gooden
  21. TheCheeseyCrusader

    His deep trance is on point
  22. TheCheeseyCrusader

    Ok ok. Ill buy some when i get online tonight. Ill get the £60 a month premium
  23. TheCheeseyCrusader

    Shit... @EDD THE DUCK @El Presidente @ChillyDogg i need to find to find another supplier for this helpful software they provide



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