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I've played with Realestufa many times.   And he does kick ass and he gets a lot of shit talk because of the winning.  I mean a lot of shit talk !!!   And yet with all the shit slinging others give him, he has always been respectful of others in game.  Only recently a week ago did I hear him give someone shit back and it struck me as uncharacteristic of him.  Someone was saying "your a hack" and "kick him", and Realestufa replied, "Learn to play better" !!  I cracked up !!!   And at the same time it seemed out of character for him.  But one can only take so much shit talk and I imagined he had enough.  Like I mentioned I have played with him many many times and he has tried to help others with config settings and game play to try and help them get better, but it falls on deaf ears.    Bashing him in these posts, just because he is good ?  Some will bash me, saying "Oh no, not because he is good, but because he knows he is good and is being conceited".  Well, I have news, he isn't the only "conceited" clan member.  And I believe its all the "slamming him", that has made him defensive in his posts.  If he was a shitty player, there would not be any discussion.   Lets see how many "bash" me for my reply.   

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