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    quit·ter /ˈkwidər/ noun INFORMAL a person who gives up easily or does not have the courage or determination to finish a task.
  2. Sixgun

    He must be from out of town. Nobody from Chicago says biscuits
  3. Sixgun

    Very cool!!
  4. I'm offended! And for that I am going to bitch and moan and make someone else fix the problems! Wheres my Prozac!
  5. Sixgun

    Whats with all the Canadians! Welcome Idiot!
  6. Sixgun

    After all the years I spent in the military I have come across a lot of suicides. Actually 6 members of my unit over the last couple years have. I have attend many military funerals which I never want to do again. Of the remaining members of my unit I try to be a positive influence on them and listen to them when they want to express every feeling they are going through. I meet with active and nonactive members now and try to help them through hard times. I think the best think is to be there for them and support them.
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    Welcome. Always enjoy playing with you and chatting on teamspeak
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    when doesn't it fucking snow in Canada??