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  1. Sixgun

  2. Sixgun

    He needs a rust medal
  3. Sixgun

    Welcome Bobby!!
  4. Coming from somebody who doesn't even play the game.
  5. Sixgun

    THIS IS BULLSHIT. PLAYED THAT SHIT FOR 5 MINUTES AND I WILL NOT PLAY COD4 ANYMORE UNTIL THIS SHIT REVERTS BACK. Not sure why someone who never plays gets to make a new node that people fucking hate. That is the dumbest fucking update to date. People need to speak up and say what they feel about it. I can see from the numbers that people are just leaving.
  6. Sixgun

  7. Agree. Why change something that is not broken
  8. Sixgun

    Welcome back
  9. Sixgun

    Great job.
  10. Sixgun

    I am not social distancing and I am driving to Florida for 2 weeks. Nice to leave the shitty state of Illinois and get to driver through the south!! Maybe I can get a fucking hair cut!



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