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  1. Sixgun

  2. Sixgun

    when doesn't it fucking snow in Canada??
  3. Sixgun

    ROLL TIDE!!!!!
  4. Sixgun

    Snowflake pussies. So tired of people so being so damn sentative to fucking everything. Hey assholes go join the military and see what its like in 3rd world country. See what socialism is really like fuck tards. So fucking tired of PC bullshit. Damn cork suckers!! I dare someone to be sentative to this because I would love to reply. Fucking cry me a river bitches. Oh and have a nice day.
  5. I have no idea What the fuk anyone ia saying. Sounds good though
  6. Sixgun

    !FU Timmah Where's my damn popsicle
  7. Sixgun

    Once when I was in the Marine Corps we are in a heavy firefight and after a couple confirm shots someone came over the radio and called me a hacker. We are playing way too much Call of Duty on our down time
  8. Sixgun

    Yes we were all laughing on TeamSpeak when you Rage Quit
  9. Sixgun

    Welcome back idiot
  10. Blame the liberals
  11. Sixgun

    Looked like a lot of fun!
  12. Sixgun

    Welcome!!! Why so serious?
  13. Sixgun