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  1. Sixgun

    look it has a small penis like @RobMc
  2. Sixgun

    scary that a man living by himself would know that
  3. Sixgun

    @SABRE I uninstalled COD4 because all the new changes suck. I miss you bro
  4. Sixgun

  5. Sixgun

    Nice Brother
  6. Sixgun

    Hell everyone calls @Sharpe a hack every single time he plays and you don't see him starting a thread crying about it. So if the admins want to ban and kick people for saying that shit then the server would be empty. @Wardogs411 I am sure there is a Christopher Columbus statue you can go tear down if you are that butt hurt.
  7. Sixgun

    Pelosi - That why you can just kick it all day
  8. Sixgun

  9. Sixgun

  10. Sixgun

    Yes thanks for your cash
  11. Sixgun

    I guess Isaias was not being social distant.
  12. Sixgun

    Why do you hit when the dealer is holding a 4!
  13. Sixgun

    need points
  14. Sixgun

    oh and that upsets you nobody fuck cares and you can go find a Christopher Columbus statue somewhere.



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