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Both Mordblack & I have been having a difficult time to join your server, we have the launder ready to go... but we cant figure out which mod it is....Any suggestions?


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First you need java 64 bit. If you have 32 bit installed remove it and then install this version



then the launcher is technic. there is an options page with the right java version you can allocate 3 or 4 gb ram for the launcher to use. 4 is best but remember you need at least 1gb for your system to use while the launcher is open


example 4gb computer assign 3gb

                 8gb computer assign 4 or 5gb



and the pack is  the1.7.10 pack

this can be downloaded when the launcher is open just type in

the 1.7.10 in the box at the top left. this will search their database you want the one with the gold bars stacked . click it the launcher will download and install the pack right in the launcher


here is a link to the pack online so you know it's the right one



Finally after you get the pack to open and load up this can be 3 to 5 mins depending on the computer

you  open multiplayer tab and add this ip for the XI Minecraft server



this will lock you into the server and see a green check mark if the version is right.

we use the latest one and it auto downlaods in the launcher so you should have no issues there

then just double click it and join in

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