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World of Warships is a free-to-play naval action-themed massively multiplayer online game.

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  2. What makes America great--in my opinion, and in my opinion only--is that we are indeed the "melting pot" for the world. "Give me your tired, your poor, your wretches, etc. (or something like that. Lol. We got @TBB--ONE TOO MANY WRETCHES!!!)." Our soldiers fight hard for this beloved country of ours. Soldiers from all denominations and skin color. They're happy to be here, and have proven to risk their lives for it. I tried to join the United States Marine Corps right outta high school to serve my country, but my perforated eardrum got me (got me?) disqualified. The Japanese and Nazis (notice I didn't say "Germans;" it was the frickin' psycho-Nazis that started the crap, and Hitler was Austrian, not German) didn't have a chance once the Great U. S. of A. got involved. Our sheer industrial might and brave fighting souls won the day, along with our never-say-die Brit, Canadian, and Australian allies. Some idiot once said here that the Russians coulda beat the Nazis by themselves. Without America's help, our staunchest allies--the Brits--would been starved and bombed into submission. America lost tens of thousands of lives trying to ship food and materials ("materieles," if you're French-Canadian) to the United Kingdom. I truly believe that the gutsy Brits--who twice tried to take us back, but we love them anyway--wouldn't have surrendered, either. What's cool, now, is that the Brits are always the first to "have America's back," and vice-versa. We love you, man!!! We stopped making cars and other durable goods to crank out tanks, bombers, fighter-planes, and soldiers to combat evil. With Britain bombing Germany by night, and the Americans bombing by day, the Nazis couldn't spare the air defense ("Defence" if you're Brit or Aussie) resources that they direly needed on the Russian front. The Russians enjoyed air superiority on Germany's "Eastern Front" because all of the Messerschmidt ME-109's, Focke-Wulfe 190's, ME-262 "Swallows," Arrado 234's, Heinkel 188's, etc. (might have numbers wrong--who cares, as long as you get the point?) were busy defending against the Boeing B-17 Flying Fortresses, Boeing B-24 Liberators, Avro Lancasters, North American P-51 Mustangs, P-47 Thunderbolts, DeHavilland Mosquitos, etc. "Enter" key doesn't work, anymore (just now), so I can't add spacing, so gotta stop educational diatribe here. Ayaq
  3. It is smart to only torp one side of that mighty ship so she would capsize to the side that was taking on water. I guess this was the tactic on all major BB's... Must have been a Grand explosion when those Turbines hit the Sea Water!!!!
  4. Leave it up the great U. S. of A. to sink that beast and fight the war on two fronts, too. Like the legendary (legendary?) Sly Stallone said: "He drew first blood, not me . . ." Yee-haw, you Yanks? And Southern Yanks, too? Ayaq
  5. Just finished watching....awesome heads up on that...it was really interesting!!!
  6. The USS Massachusetts is a 90 min drive from here... http://battleshipcove.org/
  7. You're welcome! I live a few hours of Norfolk and have toured the Wisconsin that is shown. You really can't fathom the enormity of those guns and the ship as a whole until you've been on one. Highly recommend touring a BB if you live close to one.
  8. Thanks for this, it was very good to watch
  9. Finally got around to watching this the other day. New series on PBS. Well done and worth watching for you history buffs. http://www.pbs.org/video/wwii-mega-weapons-battleship-yamato-8f4mtu/
  10. Here is something that does not happen too much.... Wargaming actually admitting they broke the game during a Patch, Yes call up Satan and ask how it is to have Hell Frozen Over!!!!!!!!! It was 7.2 when players started complaining of frame rate drops, so the investigated and actually are giving away 3 days of premium time for their Screw-up! Here is the story... Here is how to get your 3 free days.... Log into your account and Click where it says "Check" for your reward... https://worldofwarships.com/en/userbonus/# There you go.... Enjoy!
  11. Mission, so this was vs. AI....but still...820 hits.
  12. I also saw this and took advantage of this! Good Deal thanks!
  13. If you want to change any of your Captain points now is the time to do it. It's free!!! No gold required. I think it is good for only one more day so get on it. Wish you had the concealment perk for your DD and not the RDF? Change it for free!
  14. I will look for you. Come in TS when I'm in there...
  15. I'm down like Four Flat Tires!
  16. Woof woof!!! in human yes I'm in
  17. Let's try to do 3 days a week. Doesn't have to be for hours and hours. I am in, Bmoney is in....we have now have 3. Who will join!??!?!?
  18. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/clan-battles-s2/ Are we going to get in on any of these battles?? If someone sets up a time I will absolutely be in....lets get up there in the rankings...!!!
  19. I would like to play with some of our members if possible. I usually play in the mornings. If anyone also plays in the morning, please let me know. Same user name. Papithegun
  20. At first I found it hard to compare... but then I realized I had all those citadel hits
  21. 102 gun hits....nice...and love the double strike...
  22. Oh Man, this much damage with a tier 3 should be illegal! The second picture places me 3rd all time for the best match in this DD lol!
  23. I see the other Shimakaze got 5 too......their team wasn't much better.....close finish.....nice work though. But speaking of dopey teams....yesterday it seemed to be an epidemic. Like this...."BC?" "wilco" "wilco""wilco" "wilco" then I look at the map and the whole freaking team is at A....