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World of Warships is a free-to-play naval action-themed massively multiplayer online game.

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  2. That's 2 come on captains !
  3. I will be there
  4. Will do! I won't be in game for the next 6 days. I am working The regulars come on around 7 pm West Coast time.
  5. Spartucus posted this link in another thread, but wanted to start a dedicate battle one. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/yes-we-clan/ Can we make a plan to get 7 of us together and rule the next cycle? Some of the rewards are nice...Sierra Mike flags are my favorite and are hard to get.....
  6. I'm getting the hang of the division thing....need to be in the port to see all that....I got it now....!!! Try again...lol...
  7. Thanks!! I haven't been able to play in a couple weeks but I'm going to tonight! Not sure how I can earn oil but I'm going to do some research and figure it out.
  8. Ok those who want to participate in this should list what type of ships they feel they are Best at. -I can play BB's effectively and will burn down the world if I run the Cruiser Zao... I play Tier 10 very often and have Commanders with Max to near Max skills Interested in which types of Ships you guys are the most comfortable in so we can get an idea about who will run what on a roster.
  9. I know we have sent you a division invite a few times, but no response
  10. We should meet up and do it....I am good most afternoons and evenings....just say when and I'll make it a point to be there..!!!
  11. Ok, I played another round and glad I did. I got that 5th star. Looks like you have to get in the filth and blast away. BB's banging away with CA's hitting the radar. That's how we did it any way. Got another permanent camo for that 5th star. GL and HF all.
  12. I finished playing for the night but had 1 game with over 600 k damage! Got 4 out of 5 stars. You will get a bunch of neat stuff when you do it. You will get some special crates with camo, a bunch of free XP, and I even got 250 gold. I also got a cool permanent camo for my Tirp. So get in there and get your stuff!
  13. Yes you must play it with at least 2 mates.... Very tough to win with a random team...
  14. Let me research https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/yes-we-clan/ Times are 8:00 PM to 11:00 Eastern Time for Battles
  15. There is a new Halloween mission starting today. It is a BITCH too. I had 506k damage last round and we still lost! it is fun though.
  16. Yes...say when I'll be there.....I did get the clan ships but never got a chance to use em during this last clan battle cycle....lets organize and rule the seas....how do we setup a battle for the next round?
  17. Thx for placing me into the in game Fleet... Do you guys wanna do some in game Practice for Clan Battles some time?
  18. Been playing WOW since it came out, can somebody accept me into the clan please
  19. Not sure why someone would be refused, however I know there have been issues with the clan feature as of late according to JKM. For those two, I checked and they are indeed already in the clan. Additionally, I removed a few members of the clan because they had not been online in a couple of months and our clan is capped at 30 members at the moment. So if they get back into the game, they can reapply and be accepted
  20. I show both @XjCrAzY and @ozziesdark in the WoW clan member list. However XJCrazy won't get any benefits because he hasn't earned enough oil yet.
  21. Thanks for the speedt responce Phoeix what about the people having a hard time becoming members ? Here's one Here's another Anyway I've read a few where people are getting refused I don't think thats the case but a little clarification would be nice
  22. The "Access" required to benefit from the research structures is based on the amount of oil each member has earned towards the clan's oil reserves. Below are the clan level access prices: Clan Level Access Price 1 10 2 20 3 30 4 40 5 50 6 60 7 70 8 80 9 90 10 100 11 110 12 120 Right now the clan is level 2 which means the individuals wanting to benefit from the structures will need to have earned at least 20 oil themselves to get access. However, the clan is 115 oil away from level 3 which means once it reaches that, 30 oil will be required by each member to earn those benefits. @deerejon I show you as having earned 710 oil so you should be receiving the benefits of the research centers already created.
  23. @Phoenix911 @Terminator_77 Hey guys I was wondering if we could get a couple of issues solved about the clan side of this game ??
  24. So I notice something's are being built as we accumulate oil. Awesome...!!! But the research facilities are by granted access....who do we contact about access....I could use access to the German facility or actually all of them.... I am not sure how it all works yet but we are moving forward I see....!!!
  25. I tried to join the >XI< World of Warships clan and terminator denied my membership. Is there a reason for that? Thanks!