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Survive, Cooperate & Raid. Everything wants you to die. You need to find food, shelter and weapons to prevent it.


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  2. Timmah!

    Facepunch wipes the servers with their update the first Thursday of each month between 3 & 5 pm EST. Our server will wipe shortly thereafter with a fresh map. Oil Rig Monument is coming!
  3. Timmah!

    Sounds like a good candidate!
  4. Greetings Fellow Carbon-Based Life... As we (hopefully)gather more people, it may be nice to have a place to discuss what we all think of in terms of map selection. What aspects do like to see in a map? What are your suggestions, and why would you prefer them? My first suggestion was generated by me using my favorite number, 3, and 9. 4500/93939393. I am experimenting with other repetitive integer choices as well. Large numbers seem to create complexity, while using the same numbers repeatedly seems to act as a mechanism for more even distribution. Could be wrong, but the empirical observational evidence points that way. The criteria that I am currently using to choose a map are... number and distribution of rivers, mountains dividing biomes, well-placed/evenly-spaced monuments and scrap runs, outer areas of less importance that may shelter those who wish it, and good biome mix. My first selection has little Tundra biome, but has more going for it in other areas. TEN rivers, evenly spread around the map edge. Dividing, centrally located Mountain Range. Upper NE corner has a possible XI-land. 😃 Nice large island with land bridge. Outpost is not very centered, but Bandit Camp is. The monuments have a good spread. The number of roads and power lines means uber scrap runs. Share your choices and reasons behind them. A vibrant, informed discussion improves everyone's knowledge and enjoyment. Thanks for your attention, Blue