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Survive, Cooperate & Raid. Everything wants you to die. You need to find food, shelter and weapons to prevent it.


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  2. Bogleg

    The problem is I spend literally all day every day on the phone for work, so the last thing I want to do after I get done slogging through my day is talk to people. I don't mean that to be offensive - I love you idiots - I just am tall talked out by the time 5pm rolls around.
  3. Lunkster

    IMHO the wipe is good as it is, it gives people time to get in, get going and have a good base, I think if we wiped twice a month we would lose more players than we already do. I agree with the clan ganging up part, personally everyone should be out in the wilds on their own, many other servers I've played on only allow single or duo play and as for the "Don't raid me, I got a rustic sign on my base" please don't get me started... That is not what RUST is about, it's about surviving so sorry... Everyone should be able to raid everyone else... Yes be open to helping other players but also open to raiding their base once you've built it up!! @Bogleg - You need to get in the server when it's quiet, maybe just 1 or 2 others and ask for help!! It can be very frustrating having to start over but if only you asked there are plenty of us to help you get started, build a small 2 x 2 base to begin with, gather hemp, build a sleeping bag to spawn into, make a TC and ensure you have enough stock in it to stop your base decaying... We have 3 channels in TS now so come in and one of us will take you into an empty room and talk you through how to get stuff etc, maybe even give you stuff to help you along...
  4. Bogleg

    I'm still just trying to figure out how to play the game in a manner where I can log off, come back and play the next day, and not be starting completely over. I haven't even killed an animal with an arrow yet. lol It's highly frustrating to be racing around looking for damn mushrooms after a respawn because you are starving and not anywhere near fresh water, and then you get killed by someone just after you eat two mushrooms and finally have enough health to consider trying to get some hemp for a sleeping bag. I like the game. I just don't like that I'm spending all my time wearing wooden armor and hemp clothes, carrying a bow and arrows, while everyone else seems to be running around with automatic weapons.
  5. Phoenix911

    Last few nights have been dead my time when normally theres at least 1-2 others online, sometimes 3. Have others lost interest? Or is it just because it's during the week?
  6. Timmah!

    Oh yeah, & regarding the wipe cycle: That's an inherent characteristic of population fluctuation that occurs across most servers: 2 weeks into a wipe, a player gets raided... he's gonna most likely leave & join a server just freshly wiped so that he's rebuilding on a level playing field, rather than stay where everybody that hasn't been raided has a leg up... no way to avoid that, really.... except implement a 2-week wipe schedule. I've looked at several polls & threads across many different websites & forums, and 2-week cycle is about as popular as monthly wipes.
  7. Timmah!

    I tend to agree with most of those suggestions; I especially think it's downright counterproductive for every single XI member to join the server & congregate on one single island in a group of up to eight, agree to not attack each other & only raid & contend with the other players who aren't XI.... effectively chasing them off...then complain "I'm bored". Well no shit; if you agree not to play against 1/2 the players on a new server & team up to go after the others, not gonna be many left against whom to play. With literally thousands of servers from which to choose, would you choose one where the members mob up & only come after you?
  8. Phoenix911

    Gents, I know I've only been playing Rust for a few weeks now, but after playing on our server as well as some others, I would like to make some recommendations: - Wipe twice a month...monthly forced wipe w/ BP reset and then mid-month cycle wipe w/ no BP reset - Scale back on some of the plugins to a more vanilla experience with the exception of InfoPanel, DeathNotes, and maybe levels - Make it a Solo/Duo/Trio server to limit the teaming to no more than 3 individuals sharing a base - No immunity/alliances/teaming (ie, no signs to prevent raiding, etc) I think providing a more vanilla experience may bring some more individuals on and think a 2-week wipe cycle will keep things fresh. Limiting it to solo/duo/trio and preventing immunity/alliances outside of your solo-trio team will increase the competitiveness a bit and make it a bit more fun. I also thinking having an entire clan on the server with only a small handfull of randoms makes it intimidating for them and kind of lopsided if the clan isn't against themselves and only singleing out randoms. Thoughts?
  9. Timmah!

    "Ides" 😃
  10. Mountain_Mann

    Yes its a great game and I seem to be doing a little better now.
  11. Mountain_Mann

    Ya well it don't help to be murdered by your friends. I guess Its the eyes of March...again
  12. Wardogs411

    Just to inform players from XI aswell, if u make a base, and u don't wanna get raided by XI members, place a sign Saying Rustic on ur base. This way we know u are part of XI and we can leave those bases alone. If this is not done, then there are no excuses if we pass by a base and raid it, because we will.
  13. Timmah!

    Here comes the March update!
  14. MenTaL

    Between 2 and 6 PM est I think.
  15. Bogleg

    What time today does the map reset?
  16. Phoenix911

    Damn, Bazza and MountainManDan barely been in the server a minute and already got their skulls
  17. Timmah!

  18. Lunkster

    Finally got the pic to share!!
  19. Timmah!

    Sheesh... It's THE TOP GAME on our server list, on the left side of our main page....
  20. rusothenoob

    We have a server you can see the ip address if you go to game tracker.
  21. Bazza

    Ijust got the game. Do we have a server, or just go anywhere?
  22. MenTaL

    Team work I kill Team members and hang there heads from signs. LOL
  23. Eclipse

    Nice to see New players on rust just in time for the wipe. come join us on rust XI.
  24. Eclipse

    Going to Las Vegas be there 3-9 to 3-14 Tuesday or Wednesday be free for lunch to say hi to any xi.
  25. Timmah!

    If you don't know the password, just poke someone in the channel & ask for the password.
  26. Gunny

    did any of you idiots consider coming on TeamSpeak to ask questions We already have about 8 idiots on TeamSpeak the more the merrier