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ARMA is a series of first-person tactical military shooters, originally released for Microsoft Windows. It features large elements of realism and simulation; a blend of large-scale military conflict spread across large areas alongside the more close quartered battles


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  2. I have the new instructions, DON'T DO IT!!. You will be forced to put up with me and FunkyJosh
  3. FunkyJosh>XI<

    Only if they are red, the launcher is glitchy and can corrupt the files if you verify them without needing to, so be careful with that.
  4. FunkyJosh>XI<

    go to your dayzlauncher click mods then the ones in red need verifying
  5. FunkyJosh>XI<

    I have merged the two topics now @LilAcorn so both guides are now in here.
  6. FunkyJosh>XI<

    what a nob aye?
  7. ShinyAbsol

    What the fuck is wrong with you ffs πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  8. Lewis

    I feel especially sexy now
  9. DuckyofDeath123

    So not on a headless client. That will make a big difference to responsiveness of the AI especially if the player count or the AI count gets high. We'll see, maybe we can get the group together tonight for some mild murderous mayhem. But, we only hunt players, not AI, so we may not be in these servers if there's nobody to murder but AI.
  10. ShinyAbsol

    Welcome back River! Glad to have you back in ARMA 😊
  11. SgT.Chris

    welcome back dude!
  12. ChknFngr

    u got wood ?
  13. roadkill

    River welcome back πŸ˜‚πŸ˜œπŸ€ͺ
  14. FunkyJosh>XI<

    w***er lol good to have you back
  15. You happy now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. Level 51 Baby on the #4 us server King of the hill vip come kick it! lets smash
  17. FunkyJosh>XI<

    And that's all the servers back up!
  18. FunkyJosh>XI<

    The roaming AI run from a separate directory called by the server in the init.sqf loaded from the dayz_server.pbo, the roaming ai just make it harder. I have been in the server just and all loads up fine and much much faster
  19. DuckyofDeath123

    We shall have to see. Roaming AI doesn’t add much to the game for me, and it’s going to borrow cycles from the server. I didn’t see a headless client account joining, did you hide it or is the AI running on the server?
  20. FunkyJosh>XI<

    im fixing the issue as we speak with that, because for each AI and each bullet fired it runs a script so im editing the server PBO turning the AI level down and the count down but I've just upgraded the hardware of the server too, 3.8ghz cpu's to 4.8ghz OC, 12gb ram per module from 5gb per module, m.2 nvme ssd from ssd, cpu extreme turbo boost. to run the scripts faster, I knew it would be a issue but shouldn't be after 10 mins from now.
  21. DuckyofDeath123

    Napf probably. Played sahrani and takistsn. And Chernarus... 4000+ hours or so? we tried the XI server yesterday but it’s virtually unplayable because somehow it has 1000000 AI on it and the lag is just appalling. we ended up on Die Spielewiese and I raised the XI flag with a 3man assault on a group of 6 with 4 vehicles. We made multiple victims each and are proud Vodnik owners now πŸ™‚
  22. FunkyJosh>XI<

    Chernarus, Sahrani, napf, takistan??
  23. DuckyofDeath123

    You're right, I was thinking of the other map that I havent played which is huge and I forgot the name of. It's working, I have to re-tune the visuals for framerate but it'll work.
  24. FunkyJosh>XI<

    Namalsk is a nice map, very small compared too the other maps you'll have fun im sure.
  25. DuckyofDeath123

    I'm good with all that, just need to know which mods so I can download them. Work laptop has blocked most shenanigans and I had to put Steam and ARMA2 on the "Corporate Approved Applications"-list in the "IT-Only, Development and Testing" category. I did that a year or so ago, but I think adding DayZLauncher now, while we're all in quarantine and I've been sending people emails to eff off installing crap on their company computers while working from home, is going to cause suspicion and a number of complaints. πŸ˜‰ Looking forward to what you do with Lingor. The small remaining player base makes me think Lingor is probably going to be easier to keep interesting since even with a dozen players or so it's crowded enough and small enough that you run into people a lot if you have even 1 mission running at a time. Until then, the guys are telling me we're going to Namalsk, which will be fun since I'm inexperienced with that map. I'm also curious to see what this laptop will make of a map that large and open. It's meant for kicking ass in Excel, not excelling at kicking ass.
  26. Another tip, if you want to search or need to narrow down the server listing, under filters you can type xtremeidiots and it will show you the listed servers that Josh has running. make sure you click on the stars to favorite them so you can just jump into fav next time.
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