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  1. xCaliber

    I just has this shit yesterday and ended up formatting everything ..
  2. xCaliber

    i saw you running without any body and sliding in game..it could be game so u got ban but see your battlelog.. it was mistake on my side .. I will lift the ban...please join the ban and let us know if you have any problem joining us...
  3. Good post .. Let me know the conclusion haha ., not gong to read all that
  4. + 1 For Bf3 server get populated , you have to have certain players start the server every day... we need to head count how many of them are willing to play the game .. b4 we add the server
  5. xCaliber

    Good to see Rambo sons joining us .. Congrates everyone
  6. xCaliber

    For hardcore , I m not sure if it works SOB.
  7. Beauty !! Congrates !! I have g510 and it's rock solid .. Love the feature of having adjustable keyboard light ..
  8. xCaliber

    Finally you got on site .. Good to see ya bro!! As posted above those are requirements.
  9. xCaliber

    Lol kyon
  10. I have 770 2gb and it's great .. 4 gb will do great ..
  11. xCaliber

    Running water on electrical system is scary .. That's why I chose noctua.. Anyway, hope everything works out
  12. Also report us the temp your card while playing game .. Use gpu z or hw monitor to find temps Do you have another power supply at home ?? Thanks
  13. Agree .. I don't mind scrim and I am sure we have players who will interested .. We can set up this after week or so