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  1. Warface

    Thanks Guys!! It was great!
  2. Warface

    im down with a scrimmage, been freaking stuck in this freaking house for 2 weeks
  3. Warface

    in if i can get a time... ish
  4. Warface

    or turn her face around
  5. Warface

    personally i had a blast, played for a few hours, after the disconnect everyone left, there were quit a few people there though when it did. Maybe rugger or someone announce a time each week to suggest people go there then people will get in on that time? that way someones not joining an empty server just hoping someones stops by
  6. Warface

    went to get on the server and none of my favoritess show up, typed the IP in and it says its already in my favorites,bu theres nothing there, Any ideas??
  7. Warface

    tried to get on, added the ip to favorites, but it will not show up on favorites to join, tries adding again in case i typed it wrong, says server is already in my favorites,, but favorites is blank
  8. Warface

    Boy i sure would love to, opened my cod2 case to install on my new build and cd 1 is missing i have the other 5 (I know, right,lol)
  9. Warface

    congrats!! To both of you and him, its not easy keeping them on track these days, alot of effort goes in, i know
  10. I was just curious as to why if you can cook a nade and get shot, it kills you but if your getting ready to throw an emp and get shot, it wont thaw you, why not?
  11. Warface

    so sorry for your lose, i couldnt imagine and hope i never have to. Deepest sympathy to you and everyone in her life.
  12. Warface

    Production manager at a steel manufacturing plant
  13. Warface

    LOL, thats the only reason i clicked on it, i have no idea what it actually ended up being about
  14. Warface

    damn,,, yalls some talented idiots, great job all!
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