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  1. tried to get on, added the ip to favorites, but it will not show up on favorites to join, tries adding again in case i typed it wrong, says server is already in my favorites,, but favorites is blank
  2. Boy i sure would love to, opened my cod2 case to install on my new build and cd 1 is missing i have the other 5 (I know, right,lol)
  3. congrats!! To both of you and him, its not easy keeping them on track these days, alot of effort goes in, i know
  4. I was just curious as to why if you can cook a nade and get shot, it kills you but if your getting ready to throw an emp and get shot, it wont thaw you, why not?
  5. so sorry for your lose, i couldnt imagine and hope i never have to. Deepest sympathy to you and everyone in her life.
  6. Production manager at a steel manufacturing plant
  7. LOL, thats the only reason i clicked on it, i have no idea what it actually ended up being about
  8. damn,,, yalls some talented idiots, great job all!
  9. i also would like to check this out as well, seems like a different concept as far as object of game, curios about the controls...
  10. sure hoping the best for you! Its only get better from here
  11. yes it is on day 15 i believe is the day to click to get the free games, all of its free but the other days are wallpaper, n such, click on them all and get them all for free if you want. create a ubisoft account, then download uplay, theyll be added to your library. its not temporarily, their yours
  12. i appreciate all the thought's and suggestions, i went with the following and am exstatic with how it performs, titan fall 2 max settings and the hottest its gotten is 25.7 C.probably get another matching gpu in the future and 16 more g of ram. Its good for 32, buti do not see the need as of yet Apevia X4 dreamer case gigabyte G1 Sniper B7 Mother board Intel i5-6400 processor Nvidea Geforce GTX 950 16 g PNY Anarchy DDR 4 2133 Ram PNY 480 GB ssd with a windows 10 home premium OS And went ahead and got a 27" AOC monitor Im happy and thanks to your input i changed quit a few things and got a better pc for my $
  13. whats your thoughts on the gigabyte G1.Sniper B7 ? Still saving $20
  14. OK, so noise isnt an issue, i have a room in a finished basement that i play in and use headphones, so i think im going to go with theThermal take 500 w, which is 80+ bronze certified. I can get the MSI H110M LGA 1151 for $70, so that drops the over all mobo price $50, and seems to have decent reviews and enough for what i need.I coould put the savings to the 960, but i think ill be fine with the 950. I appreciate all the help and suggestion,,,(except for boom's request to stop sipping penis coladas,,you wont stop and shouldnt expect others too)You guys are awesome
  15. yeah, it was pretty much just trying to not get too silly with the price on a toy, but after watching a few comparisons on youtube i have to agree on the I5-6400 in terms of the extra cores and longevity for only $60, good call and thanks. The windows 10, id just as soon have a hard copy