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  1. Happy Birthday Crazy. You were born on great day. Now I know why your so good at playing.



    1. CrazyGirl


      Happy Birthday Gunfire🎈🎉🎂

  2. Happy Birthday

    1. GuNFire


      Thank you Dot.


    2. Dot80


      you are welcome hope you had a great day.

  3. Hey Hey Fire, checking in on ya man

  4. GuNFire

    Happy Birthday Athena. You are a great player.
  5. GuNFire

    Thanks very much guys. Greatly appreciated to be remembered.
  6. GuNFire

    Thanks for the birthday wishes. I,ll make it a good day by starting with a free breakfast at Denny,s. I also want to thank the Lord for keeping me around for so long.
  7. GuNFire

  8. GuNFire

    Thank you very much my friends .
  9. I think all of the problems are caused by steam. It,s like game spy . Third party connections always cause lag and they are running in the background while you are playing. As far as the connection goes to get into our server may be caused by a bad port number. This is just my guess, don,t know for sure. Anyways I got the game and when I can, I will be in the server kicking some ass.
  10. Thank you very much for giving me a home. I am 62 years of age and plan on playing into my eighties so I plan on being around a long time. It will give me great pleasure to kill your youngens when they get of age for me to slaughter. lol. Being that your website is so big it"ll take me awhile to learn how to navigate it and the rest of the COD servers. Right now I love the viet nam server and most likely will play in it more than others. Again thank you for accepting me I will wear my tags with pride honor and respect.



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