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  1. I think you have to install it through Steam maybe?
  2. Hey Hey Fire, checking in on ya man

  3. MoeBetta

    My wife watches that show, Ill have to keep an eye open for it. Isnt Siesta Key sand different then most beaches, supposedly alot cooler ?
  4. MoeBetta

    Sometimes lag isnt always attributed to internet speeds. You may have malware that can cause issues, i use Malwarebytes and Spybot both to keep things clean. Make sure you dont have wires plugged in to the router that arent plugged into anything. Cable providers not using fiber may be more vulnerable to upstream and downstream noise issues, usually youll see very erratic speed tests when that occurs.
  5. Happy Belated New Years !!

  6. MoeBetta

    OC MD or Jersey? I was in the one in MD
  7. MoeBetta

    Damn, I was wondering why I couldnt log in anymore, explains alot lol
  8. MoeBetta

    Is there a guide for the available commands, maybe I didnt see them..I know im an idiot
  9. MoeBetta

    Sorry to hear that Harry
  10. MoeBetta

  11. MoeBetta

  12. MoeBetta

    Like stated above, you get more bang for your buck from a desktop. The laptops you are looking at have older processors in them, the i3 has a second generation chip, while the amd5000 also is old. What price range you looking?
  13. MoeBetta

    We are all here if you need an ear.
  14. MoeBetta

    Weird , i could not find us using the search within tapatalk, though when i opened chrome mobile up it showed me mobile version of site then asked if I wanted to open site up in app, then the site worked , weird.
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