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  1. Sure looks like a nice place. Been wanting to go to a Fest. I am on the road working through October. I might be able to make it last minute, if it’s possible to find a place nearby.
  2. Ironcity

    A healthier alternative would be plain sweet potatoes.
  3. Ironcity

    Welcome to the clan Fatzi-Sgt
  4. Ironcity

    Welcome back Digital. Hope you’re sportin’ a new rig now.
  5. Ironcity

    Love the black iron
  6. Ironcity

    Hey Loader, That's a real tough one man. Sorry to hear the news about your daughters health. Terrible. I have three daughters and can't imagine how you're dealing with that. It's heartbreaking when it involves our children when it's out of our hands. That's why you need prayer. God bless you bro. I will keep her in my prayers. You have a beautiful daughter and family. Thanks for sharing your story of her and this fight she has ahead and let's pray she will pull through. We're all a big family here and I'm sure a lot of us will keep her in our thought's and prayers.
  7. Ironcity

    I messed around wit it for a bit. Only thing I can come up with is that I need to change routers and get a new one that has more advanced options. Net gear is what I currently have connected. It seems limited on what I can do with the ports.
  8. Ironcity

    I’ll see if I can set all those up tonight. Thanks
  9. Ironcity

    just finished dl Cod4 mw 2019. Reconfigured the router port to 3074 didn’t help. does anyone know of a better way to resolve this issue? thanks, Ironcity
  10. Ironcity

    Hey Pacman, Welcome to >XI<. Enjoy the family.
  11. Ironcity

    Welcome to the clan a1rbud. Enjoy the gaming.
  12. Ironcity

    .223 is out there but it's $8 a round
  13. Ironcity

    I was reading that and thought you were confirming NVidia down the tubes. LOL They better come up with something bc AMD blows away what ever they have out now.
  14. Ironcity

    That's good stuff. You're serious about your pizza pie, eh? Is that how you make the dough?
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