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  1. Daskaid

    Happy Birthday Frenchi! Qui qui!!
  2. Daskaid

    Dannyboyyy and myself are going too! We would like to join the party at saturday and sunday! Is there already some sort of activity schedule? Or are we just gonna drink beer in the hotel lobby? haha
  3. Daskaid

    Hahaha you can say the same about PCs. You pay around 1000 bucks for a gaming PC and then have to pay for the game too. And the internet cost argument. I don't know the numbers exactly, but I think that there aren't a lot of people who just get internet for their console. Most of the times they already have a pc. So it's not like their paying extra or anything.. What I'm trying to say is.. both platforms have their pros and cons. I play both and like them both.
  4. Daskaid

    You don't get the appeal of playing on a console? Just a few reasons that could apply: 1. Your friends play console. 2. Console exclusives. PC has a way bigger library of games, but if the one you must play is only for console then what else can you do? Games like The last of us, Uncharted series, God of War are must play games (imho) and can't be played on PC 3. Consoles are slightly cheaper, but as soon as you want to play online or buy some games that pretty much goes away. Still, its a consideration for some people 4. Its what they have always done. Lots of people only play consoles cause they have never had a PC and they don’t like change. 5. Believe it or not some people prefer playing FPS games on consoles. I agree with you, PC is way better for FPS games. 6. Some games, like Sport and Race games, play better on console then on PC. Why not enjoy both? Stop hating on people who like playing on consoles. Let them have fun.
  5. Daskaid

    I will add you. Maybe we can play some other games together. Me personally, I like both Fornite and more realistic looking PUBGs (I've played H1Z1 and Rust), but tastes differ. I'll add you. Even Ghost of sparta and Chains of Olympus? Let me know what you think of Dishonored, okay? Haha not my fault that you can't handle a controller.
  6. Daskaid

    Ohh me too @Crack GOW is awesome! Played them all. Do you like dishonored too?
  7. Hi guys, I know we are a PC gaming clan, but there must be some idiots who play on console too. As the title suggests I own a Playstation 4 and I'm looking for some XI friends to play games with! Besides that, maybe it would be nice to create a list of all XI members who play on PS4. Currently the game that I play online the most is Fortnite. So I would be really cool if I could play that game with a fellow idiot My PS4 gamertag is DazKayD92, so feel free to add me. Drop your Playstation 4 gamertag below.
  8. Daskaid

    On which platform? PC or console?
  9. Daskaid

    Gefeliciteerd Drimpie!
  10. If there still is room, I would like to participate too. Ofcourse I am in Team ROTW! If the team is full, then you can put me on the back-up list.
  11. Daskaid

    Happy Birthday Roxy!! May you have a beautiful birthday.
  12. Daskaid

    Congrats Stormy!
  13. Daskaid

    Thank you all for the birthday wishes. I had a great day!
  14. Daskaid

    Is that your sexy own belly? :p
  15. Daskaid

    Thank you all for the birthday wishes! Indeed..long time no see! Everything allright buddy?