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  1. Belle

    Thanks for everything GG,🥂 you'll be missed as admin but hopefully have more time to just kick back and play
  2. Belle

    oh what the hell lol
  3. Belle

    Congratulations !
  4. Belle

    Happy Bday Noears!! I was going to sing but well, you know.... been a long time, hope you're doing well B
  5. Belle

    Hugs CD and welcome back !!
  6. Belle

    Happy Birthday Pete!
  7. Belle

    One of the all time great songs!
  8. Belle

    Nice Weed ! Took you long enough
  9. Glad you made it Phuckit and hope you're feeling good now
  10. Belle

    Montana has medical but not recreational. I signed a petition last year to get legalization on the ballot and they had enough signatures but it never made it to the voters for some reason. I think somebody dropped the ball and didn't file in time or something like that. Anyway great pics here, you guys put a lot of work into your setups. I started a few seed a couple years ago and then just put the plants out in the vegetable garden and harvested quite a bit.. enough to last me a couple years. (made a bunch of butter). The plants got wayyy too big though and kind of made me nervous. Wasn't sure if I could play the old lady card and say I thought they were tomatoes lol. I didn't plant any this year.. maybe next. Here's a few pics from early on.
  11. Belle

    Happy Bday Chris!
  12. Belle

    Have a good Bday bear !