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  1. Hugs CD and welcome back !!
  2. Happy Birthday Pete!
  3. One of the all time great songs!
  4. Nice Weed ! Took you long enough
  5. Glad you made it Phuckit and hope you're feeling good now
  6. Montana has medical but not recreational. I signed a petition last year to get legalization on the ballot and they had enough signatures but it never made it to the voters for some reason. I think somebody dropped the ball and didn't file in time or something like that. Anyway great pics here, you guys put a lot of work into your setups. I started a few seed a couple years ago and then just put the plants out in the vegetable garden and harvested quite a bit.. enough to last me a couple years. (made a bunch of butter). The plants got wayyy too big though and kind of made me nervous. Wasn't sure if I could play the old lady card and say I thought they were tomatoes lol. I didn't plant any this year.. maybe next. Here's a few pics from early on.
  7. Happy Bday Chris!
  8. Have a good Bday bear !
  9. I'm in Casper Wyo for a few weeks so was here for the total. Didn't get any pictures but sure had a great time!
  10. Happy Birthday Rugger
  11. Thank you Bama for all you've done for XI and hope to see you in game again one of these days. So sorry to hear about your folks, hope you and the family are all doing okay.
  12. I played with Cobra for years and XI just won't be the same without him. I'm so sorry for your loss and hope you know that Cobra had many friends here that cared deeply for him.
  13. I had no idea.. I always enjoyed playing with him and he'll really be missed. My condolence to the family.