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    Call of Duty 2, Guns (More the better), Cars Oldies of the 50's, 60's.
    Traveling (looking at old Architecture) , Music and Photography.

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  1. yo teddy boy! Or UNderwear! what's up


  2. Hi Underwear.....how you doing?!!


  3. Hi Sherm.....how you doing?!!


  4. BlownAwaybyLewinski

    More on the Sanzhi Projects... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sanzhi_UFO_houses from BlownAwaybyLewinski!
  5. BlownAwaybyLewinski

    Thanks for that LoaderXI! Here is a link for additional information on this project....interesting read! https://www.bobshideout.com/view/the-strange-story-behind-taiwans-alien-housing-project/&page=1
  6. Yo! Underwear...how you doing? Just browsing around here and checking things out and chatting. 


  7. Yo Starfire! How you doing? I think your ping problem is over...you keep killing too much!


    1. Starfire


      I try to do my best.


  8. BlownAwaybyLewinski

    Thanks for the update Loader! My Prays for good ol MacDaddy that he gets better and gets back in the game! If nothing else at least gets home to recover!
  9. BlownAwaybyLewinski

    WOW What a Collection!!!
  10. BlownAwaybyLewinski

    I have the take down one stainless steel with carry case but I like your bull barrel on it and stock!
  11. BlownAwaybyLewinski

    Right now....listening to Fried Hockey Boogie by Canned Heat!!
  12. With My Good Looks....you don't need to look elsewhere!!

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