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  1. Installed win10 earlier this morning...then all my games would not work properly...was like a slide show....had to restore win7....been looking online for info on this, nothing found yet.
  2. Thanks Rugger ! I suggest using the Excessive Mod, (used to play with some of you xi guys years back) and there are a HUGE amount of Custom maps for it..
  3. _rAzor__

    Congrats Maz ! Pics remind me of when my son was born...best day of my life by far...
  4. The more you try to prove your not hacking the worse your making it. We all know video doesn't show us what you, yourself actually see on screen, (wall hack, etc...)...only thing a video will show is that your probably not using an Aim-Bot (snap to target effect) so most of us will assume your just trying to show-off or brag by posting video. Simply put, you were banned, then unbanned and now allowed to play, you will never change the minds of people who still think your cheating by posting video. .....just saying
  5. I'd be interested in 1 of them...let me know, thanks
  6. _rAzor__

    Happy Birthday Tom! Hope you have a good one...
  7. _rAzor__

    Happy Birthday !! Hope ya have a good one
  8. _rAzor__

    Prayers for your father and you & family, he was from "The Greatest Generation" that fought and died to make our country great !
  9. Looks like I have to do a HD re-format....can someone tell me exactly what files from COD4 and COD5 should I save so I don't loose all my settings, classes, ranks, etc. Problem I'm having is trying to go from a Nvidia GTX vid card to a Radeon R9 card. I've tried every solution I could find to uninstall old NVidia drivers which are causing huge problems with new Radeon R9 card....any help will be greatly appreciated....
  10. Hi Cobra, my post in no way refers to getting rid of anything, it only suggest a simple way to enforce the XI rules already inplace ( no betties in spawn, no betties in choke points, no spawn camping, etc.) without putting the extra stress on the Admin Team, which in turn frees them up to enjoy actually playing the game. I truly believe that all Dean has ever wanted was that the XI rules be followed and enforced fairly.
  11. I share in Dean's frustration and chose to quit playing DM server (I've popped back in maybe 3-4 times in 60 days to see if things have chilled, but no, not yet) I believe this post proves my point. Years back on our Quake/COD servers we (Admin Team) got tired of trying to please everyone's complaint's so we implemented an "Auto-Script" that was easily scalable with perimeter adjustments, to cover our "Set in Stone" Rules. It simply worked like this: 1st offense = 2 on screen warnings that your action would lead to Temporary Ban. 2nd offense = 1 hour ban 3rd offense = 4 hour ban 4th offense = 48 hour ban 5th offense = Permanent ban but could appeal the infractions were cumulative. It seriously took care of 98% of our problems. One of the best ways to kill a good Server is for it to appear the Admin Team is playing favorites by succumbing to the "Grey Area" while enforcing rules.
  12. I just picked up a "Gigabyte Radeon R9 280X 3GB 384bit GDDR5 Windforce" 3 months old with full factory warranty for $156.00 These cards still sell for $290 to $310.00 new.
  13. One more thing....the HD 7770 2gb is a nice mid-range card, but if your planning on playing BF4, you might want to step up to at least HD7950 3GB card, or the newer R9 280x 3GB...(they are going for between $125.00 to $190.00 on ebay right now...a lot of guys are selling off there bitcoin rigs since the price for bitcoin went down so far and most still have factory warranty) The one you picked will play BF4, but over time with the stress these new games put on vid cards, you'll be better off Yes...3.0 pci-e is backwards compatible too.
  14. Cat, go to belarc.com and download "belarc advisor"....it's a free little program that will tell you all the specifics of your pc system, ('motherboard', ram, all drives, video card..... etc.)
  15. I have to say I totally agree with Dean. I finally got tired of playing DM1(my favorite server) because of ' betties on spawn' or in ' bottle-necks' where these guys know there pushing the rules but will always say "what? me? oh I didn't know ..duh, bullshit!! Or they say nothing and hope no one will go get an admin. And the guy who's whole game is picking up 10-20 betties from kills and rigging every useable path he can get to before being killed (we all know who I'm talking about) Everytime he is playing these problems with the betties start getting perpetually worse because guys get pissed off and don't say anything, they just start throwing betties down everywhere, and when he's not in the server, the game is pretty normal and fun. I also have problems with getting ahold of an Admin when things need attention...I don't run xfire during a game either, I'll hit the windows button, minimize the game, start xfire and see who's on, but have only been successful finding an Admin maybe 3 of 20 attempts to catch a Admin for help. My suggestions: 1) Use Auto-script warnings that kick/ban players who won't follow rules( we used them years back on our Quake and COD servers and I know WYD servers use them now, they work great!) 2)GIVE DEAN ADMIN RIGHTS...He is always around and very fair in my opinion.(noticed we have lost a few admins too) 3) Adjust the Betty perk so a player can't pick up another players betties after a kill. I know it's impossible to please everyone who plays the game , but this problem pisses off more guys than I think the Admins are aware of. Most guys won't speak up and usually just leave, seen the server nearly clear out over this many times and it has killed the fun for me for sure.
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