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  1. Well hello there!

    1. Icequeen


      Mastiff! Long time no see. 

    2. Mastiffking


      Indeed it has been. Hoping to start showing up more. 😀

    3. Icequeen


      Good. That would be excellent 

  2. Mastiffking

    Hey There Penguin! Hope all is well. I plan to start being involved but yes I will need some help getting COD 4 set up again. Looking into BUDMAN's suggestion.
  3. Mastiffking

    Hi There.
  4. Mastiffking

    Hello Everyone, I know its been a while since I have been in the servers or on the portal, but sometimes life throws a big ol' turd at you. Still in the process of cleaning that turd off, but I am ready to start being active again. Is there anything specific (beside donations) I need to do? Looking forward to see you in the servers. Oh and I might need some help getting COD 4 set up again as I only have a steam copy now. Mastiff
  5. Mastiffking

    Hello Everyone, I suck at graphics! Any Chance someone would be willing to make a Signature for me? I'll donate $20 in your name to the clan? Regards, Mastiffking
  6. Mastiffking

    Hey Everyone, Just wanted to drop in and say hello. I am still around just been working long hours in addition to trying to complete the deck and fence around our new pool. Add to that coaching lacrosse for my youngest. I should be back on the servers soon. See ya soon. Mastiff
  7. Mastiffking

    Sad state of affairs.
  8. Mastiffking

    Hey raiden
  9. Mastiffking

    Do we have a good showing? Are there many Xi olaying?
  10. Mastiffking

    Tell me where to get it!
  11. I don't care which way you lean. If a RIGHT is on the table we should really be thinking of every possible solution that doesn't restrict that right. How about we start enforcing the laws already on the books? For instance, you murder someone in cold blood and you are convicted by a jury of your peers just it's high time for you to ride the lightening! Sammy change for the sake of change is just disaster in waiting. If the left could come to the table with ideas to strengthen our laws rather than restrict, I and many others would listen. And rights have never been a majority rule thing.if that were the case, abortion, gay marriage, and health care would be vastly different. As for more restrictions look no further than the cess pool that is California. They have tried to restrict the tool into oblivion and still people do bad shit with restricted tools and anything else they can use to cause harm.
  12. Problem is banning someone's rights shouldn't even be up for debate. If it is welcome to the 1960's all over again!
  13. Damage... I respect your opinion and belief as protected under the 1st amendment. But let me offer a different poverty. Under the first amendment, you can do all sorts of things. Worship Satan, spew hate of other races, even yell fire in a theater. In fact you can even use your 1st amendment right to scream from the highest mountain of the constitutional injustice of not allowing a women to kill her unborn child, aka abortion. (Thats me exercising my 1st amendment right.) No one will can punish you for doing those things. Unless you cause harm. Should we make you do a background check to be able exercise that right, then wait anywhere from 30 minutes to 7 days before you can say what you want? Then we will also change the rules so that the permission to exercise that right in one state is different in another? No weapon is more deadly than another, it's all about the user! Fact is a hammer can become a deadly weapon but not of its own choosing. Again it's the user! Please stop thinking of the second amendment being related to hunting. It's not! Yes hunting is something that you can utilize your 2nd amendment rights to engage in but that is as far as the 2 are entwined! The 2nd is about personal ownership of Arms so that if needed you can bear them in service to the militia for the common defence and also self defense. No respectable gun owner nor American citizen would every want what happened in Orlando, Newtown, Aurora, or any of the murders that happen daily with weapons to occur! But let's stop holding the object responsible and place the blame where it actually lies, with the ass hat that committed the Violence! As for new laws...here is the problem with liberals...you give them an inch and they will take a mile! I hope I didn't offend you, but I am tired of having to defend my rights everything some asshole does something with a gun! And just remember, Of course I don't need 30 rounds to kill a deer, but the 2nd amendment isn't about killing deer! Regards
  14. Mastiffking

    People are nutz!
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