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  1. BobCalli

    I still see Crysis Warhead available on Origin here however I don't know if it still comes with Crysis Wars or not.
  2. What time do we want to start on Thursday? I miss getting the hell beat out of me by you guys.
  3. So it's almost like it is setting a VPN or something?
  4. So how does this work exactly? Is it a patch to the game or did they just find some workaround for the GameSpy thing?
  5. You should be able to find it here. You will also have to download Origin if you don't already have it. https://www.origin.com/en-us/store/free-games/game-time
  6. One problem is it does not come with any of the DLC, which means you can not play on servers that have the DLC maps on them, which would include the XI servers.
  7. BobCalli

    The only game I can think of that even comes kinda close to that would be a game called Grim Fandango, which has a Mexican day of the dead feel to it. Not sure if it has demons or anything like that though.
  8. Um, hey. Did someone forget to turn off the login servers at GameSpy? I seem to be able to get onto the hardcore server just fine. Come join me if you can.
  9. Update I was finally able to login and now I'm waiting on an email. Hopefully EA likes me.
  10. The Orgin login servers seem to have melted under the demand. Predictable, I suppose.
  11. With Gamespy shutting down, Crytek has decided that it is simply going to kill multiplayer in Crysis because fuck you apparently. The shutdown happens on May 31st. This comes from a post on their official fourms here: http://www.crysis.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=21&t=69126 We should probably have a big event on the hardcore server on that day to send it out on a high note.
  12. BobCalli

    Ok this is straight from the thread the link goes to: For the people who have no idea what you're supposed to do: Make an account Choose a game Put it into your cart Paste the code into the 'promotional code' area 'Apply' Follow on screen instructions Feel good you didn't have to pay 20 bucks for a game.
  13. BobCalli

    I was tweeted this link today. It goes to a Reddit thread where it has a coupon code for a free game from Orgin. The game has to be $19.95 or below and you have to be in the US or Canada (sorry Europeans) to get it. It expires on the 21st of October. http://www.reddit.com/r/freebies/comments/11f3tu/free_origin_pc_game_download_normally_priced_1999/ Have at it boys and girls.
  14. I like http://www.fark.com for irreverent and funny news, http://twit.tv for live streamed tech news and views, and http://www.bluesnews.com for a quick look at some gaming news.
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